A Look At The New PhotoPass Site for Disney World

Walt Disney World launched a new website to retrieve PhotoPass photos taken there last week. I made a video showing some of the changes and new features of the site. I love some of the new additions and I am really excited to see what integration their might be with all of the new technology they will be using in the parks at Disney World.

In addition to this video, we talked about it quite a bit on our podcast that will be released on Wednesday, so watch for that too.  I also updated Heather's post on Magic Shots with a new Mike W. Magic Shot that can be found in Hollywood Studios.

  • SaraG

    I travel with extended family under different reservations but at the same time. Have you heard if we still can combine our Photopass pictures to one CD?

    • Steph

      All of that is still possible. As far as I am aware, they aren’t using Magic Band with PhotoPass. Everything that is out there at this time about how things will change with Magic Bands, is mostly speculation.

      The only thing that has officially changed about PhotoPass, is what is shown in that video above.

      You can still enter in several PhotoPass cards into one account.

      I would recommend linking up your families’ trips and reservations through My Disney Experience. Especially if you have been sent Magic Bands!

  • Terri Torrez

    How was performance? The old system was slow and totally unusable at times.

    • Steph

      I know Terri! The old site can be very difficult! I didn’t experience that at all with the new site. No timing out, etc. But, there aren’t as many people using the new site either. So, if the old site and new site are on the same server, then that’s a good sign, because there’s a lot of traffic already on that one server. If the new site is on its very own server…then we have to wonder if it will get worse over time as more people are using it.

  • Jodi

    Do you know if you can still preorder the CD?

    • Steph

      Yes you can and its much easier to find on the new site!