Adding a QR Code to a Layout in the Project Life App (without ever leaving your phone)

Today, over at The Daily Digi, I have a post all about how I scrapbooked an entire vacation on my phone BEFORE the vacation ended (non-Disney vacation..I know! GASP!)  It was super FUN and FAST and I loved every minute! I was able to get 55 pages done in about 4-5 hours total (this was done while the rest of the family was sleeping, on the plane, etc.). I wanted to go into more depth here about how I added QR codes to my pages in the Project Life app, without leaving my phone!

  1. Save the video to a dedicated folder in DropBox (this is so you KNOW not to delete or move them later; if you do, the QR codes won't work anymore).
  2. Go the video in DropBox app and tap it. Click the share icon (square with an arrow shooting out of it).
  3. Tap Copy Link
  4. Go to QR Maker or QR Creator app and create the QR Code, using the link copied from DropBox. I select LARGE size and save it to my camera roll.
  5. If you have a blank digital journal card, use that next. If you you don't have one, you can export it from the Project Life app by adding the journal card to a photo collage and then exporting it (I like the cards from “It's a Man's World”:

  6. Open Phonto and add the card. Crop the card to just one side. Then, tap the three little lines in the lower left corner and tap “Add Image”. Tap on your QR code; now, you can resize it and position it. Don't go smaller than 1/2 inch printed size, or the QR code won't work.  You can also tap and hold anywhere to add a bit of text, if you want. Export and save to camera roll.
  7. Open the Project Life App and create your page. Use the journal card with the QR code on it in a 3×4 spot. Export and save a copy of the page. If you want to test the QR code, pull up the page, zoom in and use another phone to scan it. OR you could email it to yourself and scan it directly on a computer or other device with your phone. This way, you know it's working before you pay to have it printed!

Creating QR Codes

Supplies: Project Life products from Project Life App

That's it! Just a few taps and you will be adding videos to all of your Project Life pages directly in the app, using only your phone!

Want to see how it works? Watch the video below::

  • Gabrielle McCann

    So cool! And good on you for getting all that scrapping done on your phone and while you were away!