Magical vacation countdown chain
Getting to the 60 day mark for me meant we could do a different count down.  Counting down with a chain is not a new idea, but I wanted to […]

Magical Vacation Chain Countdown

Creating Magical Luggage Tags -
I knew when I started thinking about our family trip to Walt Disney World last August that I wanted to do all kinds of fun projects.  Projects that would not […]

Creating Magical Luggage Tags

Our 180 day mark passed a couple weeks ago, and while trying to figure out timing for dining I created a spreadsheet I wanted to share for those planning a […]

Creating your own planning spreadsheet

I am back this month with a way to make your pre-trip magic start just a little bit sooner.  Our trip is not until the fall but my kids have […]

Saving Up your Disney Dollars

We are not short of posts and even a full podcast on counting down here on Capturing Magic.  Here is a summary of them:

Digital Countdown to Disney