runDisney, Dumbo and Disneyland: A Memory Keeping Plan

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Author’s note: Polaroid style photos created using PicMonkey. Handwriting font used is Ali Edward’s CK Ali’s Hand.

I consider myself a WDW verteran and have a couple of runDisney experiences under my belt thanks to the Princess Half Marathon. But coming up at the end of August is a unique trip I booked months ago, and it is now time to get my act together with a solid memory keeping plan. I am running two races at Disneyland – a challenge that comes with a special medal called the Dumbo Double Dare (10k on Saturday, half marathon on Sunday). It will be my first runDisney event at the west coast park and my first two-race challenge event; I will be both solo and with my sister (no kids or husband will be there); and it will be only my second time visiting the Disneyland Resort. I want to make the most of the trip, and I know I will treasure any and all photos I manage to take while I am there. Below is an outline of my approach to document this special trip.

Pre-Trip Photos + Notes

  • Continue with my training – I follow the training schedule outlined by Jeff Galloway, found on the runDisney site. Photo ideas: screen shot of the training plan, screen shot of my actual runs (I use MapMyRun+), running selfies (especially when I wear my runDisney shirts!).













  • Pull together running outfits for the two races. Shop, sew, craft; add finishing touches. Photo ideas: supplies, Pinterest screen shot of costume ideas, #flatrunner (the hashtag used by anyone for any racing event of their outfit laid out for a photo, usually pre-race).













  • Packing – use Evernote or other list-making app to make sure I have everything. Photo ideas: screen shot of my packing list; the actual packing process; my suitcase and other items when packed in the car. 













  • Miscellaneous notes – my MUST HAVE items besides my iPhone and Nikon camera for capturing my memories:
  1. folder or bag to hold ephemera
  2. iPhone external charger
  3. hashtag for trip for Instagram
  4. PhotoPass+ voucher
  5. Capturing Magic App


While at Disneyland | a photo wishlist
  • Paradise Pier Hotel – staying on property means I’m doing a happy dance – pics galore!
  • from where I stand perspective, from multiple locations
  • food and drinks – specifically Starbucks, unique dining, and snacks!
  • runDisney – expo, race events, medals
  • commemorate the Dumbo Double Dare – Dumbo ride, Dumbo statue
  • with my sister, and any friendly encounters
  • Elsa and Anna meet and greet? (I need to find out, would be fun with my sister being there!)
  • modeling with special jewelry, accessories
  • character selfies
  • fireworks and World of Color
  • random details
  • balloons! (I have no balloon photos in my Disney photo archive – oops!)
  • magic shots and ride photos

























Writing this post has helped me get my thoughts in order so that I can better prepare for my trip. It is a great exercise, so consider writing your own list and action plan for your memory keeping strategy before your next Disney adventure. And notice that I wrote my photo list as a wishlist. This helps me frame my expectations, since I may forget in the excitement of it all to get every single shot. After all, it is a vacation and I don’t want my head looking down at my phone the entire time. (I will add that I tend to post to Facebook and Instagram mostly at night when I am settled down and relaxed – it’s just a process that works best for me.) Below are a few other posts by Capturing Magic writers sharing their thoughts and strategies prior to their next Disney trip. Plenty of insight and great suggestions for getting ready to capture magic on your next Disney vacation.


Do you have a memory keeping gameplan for your trips to Disney? What are your “must have” photos for your vacations? Share with us in the comments below.


A scrapbooker and collector since childhood and long time fan of Disney parks and media, Beth ventures into the blogging world at Any Happy Little Thoughts where she shares her approach for preserving personal Disney memories, one story at a time.


Sisters Disneyland Trip for Halloween – part 2

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Earlier this month, I shared Day 1 of my Disneyland Sisters trip from last fall (check out that post for details on how I was able to get it all done FAST). Today, I’m here to share Day 2. The highlight of the day was absolutely our first visit to Club 33!! It was AMAZING!!! Take a look:

Disneyland Sisters Trip Day Two Scrapbook page layout idea

Supplies: Kraft paper, chalk board paper and Printing Primer font are my own; Chelles Creations Roller Coaster; Other fonts are KG Defying Gravity and Things We Said; Wendyzine Chalk It Up Actions, and Lightroom templates

Disneyland Haunted Mansion Holiday Scrapbook page layout idea; Halloween

Supplies: papers by me, fonts are Haunted Mouse and Traveling Typewriter; Disneyland Haunted Mansion Holiday images downloaded from Google search on internet.

Disneyland Club 33 scrapbook page layout idea

Supplies: Kristin CB, Shawna Clingerman, Erica Zane; fonts are Mouse 33, Samantha Pro

Disneyland Club 33 Scrapbook page layout idea

Supplies: Kristin CB, Shawna Clingerman; template by Janet Phillips; fonts – Font 33 and Traveling Typewritere

Disneyland Scrapbook page layout idea: Small World, Splash Mountain, Buzz Lightyear

Supplies by Crossbone Cuts Designs and Down This Road Designs; font is Traveling Typewriter. Template is Janet Phillips adapted for Lightroom by me.

I’ll be back soon with the last part of the photo book, which includes Mickey’s Halloween Party, lots of characters, team members Tanya and Heather, and some last minute pics before leaving the parks (it will cover two days). I have had so much fun working on this project and cannot wait to start working on another Disney trip!

Capturing Magic in between trips – part 1

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This year I’ve discovered some really fun ways to keep the Disney magic alive even in between trips! Some of these ways are created by Disney themselves and some are created by fans just like us! Curious?? It’s quiz time! In this post I’ll talk about some of the fan created quizzes and in the next post I’ll introduce you to some that Disney has created (including a really, really tricky Frozen quiz!)

If you’re on Facebook I’m sure you would have seen the myriad of quiz options offered by PlayBuzz? There is anything from “Which of the Seven Dwarves are You Most Like” to “Which Disney Couple are You and Your Significant Other” . There is something magical about just answering all of these questions that brings out my inner child and makes me want to do more! 






The one I did today is” Which Quote from a Disney Movie should be your Life’s Motto“.


The thing I like about all of these quizzes is that they are all very family friendly and easy to share. If you are planning a Disney trip, how much fun would it be to do a quiz each day or week (depending on how far away your trip is) leading up to your departure date. I can also picture this as a fun family activity after a trip to re-live the memories.

By the way, if you’re curious about any of my answers, read on:

Which of the Seven Dwarves am I? “You are Doc! You are the most level-headed of your friends. People seek you out for direction and advice. You are a nurturer and a natural born leader! “

This is interesting because the last time I did this quiz I was Happy! I guess I must have changed a few answers this time around!

As to the relationship quiz: “Your relationship is like Aladdin and Jasmine’s! You are madly in love and have an exciting relationship! You love adventure and being spontaneous.”

And I’m happy to share my motto: “Your life’s motto is: “Just keep swimming.” You are a positive

person with a pure heart. You have learned when life gets tough, you have to keep going! There are always brighter days right around the corner!”

What about you? Have you tried any of these quizzes? Do you have a favourite?


Gab has been a Disney fan and scrapbooker of sorts ever since she can remember. She lives in Hong Kong with her husband Anthony and 11 year old son Conor and has a Magic Access Pass to Hong Kong Disneyland. She can be found on Facebook and Instagram (as gabmc) where she shares Disney (and other) memories.




Disney Family Saves The Day For Us

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We (our readers, listeners, and team) were all so SAD when Disney announced that they were closing down Spoonful!  We LOVE using Spoonful on our scrapbook pages, with Project Life, in other pocket scrapbooking, crafts, and fun things to help us create and capture magic! We didn’t want those great resources to go away!

I was THRILLED when I got an email yesterday from Disney Interactive that they were announcing a NEW site called Disney Family, and guess what!? Many of the same projects, printables, and downloads that we loved on Spoonful are on Disney Family!!

Here’s what Disney says:

Disney Interactive has launched a new site, Disney Family, to house thousands of Disney-themed recipes, crafts, and activities in one modern, easy-to-use site. The site is sponsored by Smucker¹s® Uncrustables® Sandwiches and features tips and ideas on making the fun and magic of Disney easy and convenient.  The site’s offerings will let fans bring the Disney characters to life at home.

Go check it out and have fun bringing some Disney magic home!

Magical Vacation Chain Countdown

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Magical vacation countdown chain

Getting to the 60 day mark for me meant we could do a different count down.  Counting down with a chain is not a new idea, but I wanted to do something to get the kids involved.  If you remember back in January I made an electronic countdown to WDW, that is because I am not so good at remembering to change things daily.  So for this project we took the time to put the dates on each strip of the chain, just in case we miss a day. You can see the dates in the pictures below.

Since I wanted to put the dates on each page I used a simple year on a page calendar found HERE) - to mark the dates with the right color chain so we didn’t mess it up.

Magical vacation countdown chain

The girls helped mark the calendar and helped cut the strips.  I would have had them staple everything together (they did help with the black ears) but I ended up doing it late one night after they went to bed.  I added the white dots with white stickers – cut from the edge of that letter sheet.  I did use my silhouette to cut the black paper with the ears on it.

Magical vacation countdown chain

I had to hang it in the stairway – it was to long to put it where I wanted to!  I will move it when it gets a little shorter – it goes down the to the landing (the picture just shows the railing at the top).
Magical Vacation Chain Countdown

I added a little sign at the top – it is hard to see in the picture, that says “Countdown to Disney”.  I put bling dots on the top two “bodies” and just the white circles on all the others.  Seeing these cute little Mickey’s when I go up and down the stairs just make me smile.Magical Vacation Chain Countdown

This chain would not only be great for a countdown but also for decorating at a birthday party or your resort room!  What would you use these cute chains for?

My girls are really looking forward to going and this chain brings happiness and memories to them each day!  We are currently getting our clothes together and making a few fun shirts so watch for them in my next post.

  Krisi is a memory keeper and Disney enthusiast, planning her first trip to Walt Disney World
after 40+ trips to Disneyland. She can be found at Krisi’s Kreations, on Facebook, and Instagram.


Capturing a Magical Parade

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My son loves to watch Disney parades.  His favorite is the Pixar Play Parade.  And the next best thing to watching it in person, is reliving the memory by watching videos of the parade.  I’ve used QR codes to add video clips of the parade to my scrapbook pages.  If you are using Adoramapix to create your photobook, you can see Steph’s instructions for adding a QR code here.  I create my layouts in Photoshop and my favorite QR code generator is   I simply paste the URL for my video (from my blog, you-tube, etc) into the box, pick a color that works well for my photos, and download the code. 

Then I open the code in photoshop (or photoshop elements) and change the mode to RGB:  IMAGE>MODE>RGB  Then I can add it to my layout.  Here is what it looks like in Photoshop:

And here is what it looks like in Photoshop Elements:

And here is my completed layout:

My little guy loves to relive these parades by watching them as we look through his scrapbook.  I’m sure in years to come with the parade changes he’ll love them even more.  Give it a try!

P.S. Check out Steph’s post on adding QR codes to a photo book as well.

Simple California Adventure Land Signs

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Today I have two quick land signs from Disney California Adventure. These are more inspired by the signs instead of exact replicas.

First up is Condor Flats. I used the oval tool and cut three ovals in grey, red and yellow. I ran the grey oval through an embossing folder to create a metal like texture. The font used is High School USA Sans, cut once with a normal setting and then with a shadow. When I adhered the red and yellow ovals I used pop dots to create dimension. I didn’t create the glider or the condor shadow, that may be a project for another day!

Next is a simple title inspired by the Pacific Wharf sign. This is the Bernard MT Condensed normal and then a shadow that I made sure to weld the letters together. I used Typhoon and French Vanilla cardstock for the letters. I also used pop dots to get the dimension for the sign.

Stephanie is an avid paper crafter, scrapbooker, and lover of all things Disney. She also enjoys playing with geeky toys to create her paper creations! When not creating scrapbook pages about her husband and son, she can be found at making handmade paper crafts for parties and events.


Updates on My Recent Posts

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If you follow the Capturing Magic blog regularly, you probably already know that my family and I are readying ourselves to embark on our first Disney Cruise. Over the last few months, many of my posts here have been about my planning process. Over the course of time, some things have changed and I thought it would be good to share a few updates.
  • Our trip is longer – Disney got us, man. Originally, we were going on the four day Bahamian Cruise, with an additional three days in the park. That was until they announced the Villains Unleashed party. With it being right after we left Disney, we did a little maneuvering and we have extended the time we will be in the parks so that we can attend the event. Our trip now has seven days in the parks following our cruise!
  • Capturing Magic While at Sea – I had long debated what I was going to do to waterproof my camera/phone on the cruise. I looked into all three options (purchasing a waterproof point and shoot, getting a waterproof housing for my DSLR, or purchasing waterproof cases for our phones and using them), and eventually decided on using our iPhones with waterproof cases. I went ahead and purchased the Lifeproof cases. They do a great job for keeping water out of the phone. I’ve had some trouble, however with the film that covers the camera lenses. The film covering the back camera has some marks on it, and is making most of my pictures hazy. The casing around the front facing lens constantly has dust trapped in it. Overall I’m not happy with the Lifeproof cases, and ended up getting two new Otterbox cases. They are not waterproof, but there is no issues with the case and the camera lenses.
  • Capturing Magic from A Child’s Eye – When I wrote this post, it opened up my eyes to the fact that I was the sole person memory keeping our trips and the girls may have some different memories they want to include. That being said, each girl will be taking their own camera with us on this trip. They will be encouraged to document the trip the way they want to, with the memories they want to share in addition to my main album.
  • Why I’m Not Taking My DSLR on my Next Disney Vacation – This post generated so much discussion! It was great! When I wrote the post, I had pretty firmly decided that I was going to rely on my phone to take pictures and was leaving my DSLR home. I’m not going to lie, the discussion on the post started me thinking that I may regret that decision, Then, when we extended our trip, I really started to waiver. While I’m not 100% decided right now, I may be leaning more towards taking my DSLR with me and using it along with my phone. I guess I won’t know for sure until I start packing.
So that’s where I stand now. Have your ideas on these topics changed since I last posted them?

Check Out All of My Disney Scrapping (and see how FAST it was)

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A few weeks ago, I recorded a Daily Digi Digest episode with Wendyzine (a team member here as well as on The Daily Digi). I knew she had a few tricks she was using to speed up her scrapping and I wanted to share them with our listeners. Before we recorded, Wendy put together a post that included a tutorial and more information for implementing her tips and techniques. I went through the tutorial and was BLOWN AWAY with how simple, yet life changing it would be for me to start using myself. Before we even recorded, I started working on my Disneyland Sisters Trip 2013 album,  using Wendy’s techniques and couldn’t stop!! I share in the podcast how many digital scrapbook layouts I was able to get done and how quickly.

It’s been three weeks since I recorded that show with Wendy, and I’ve scrapped 30 (THIRTY!!!) layouts! But, I’ve also taken a 5 day trip during that time, where I didn’t scrap at all. So, I would say that I’ve easily done 30 layouts in less than two weeks! I’M HAVING SO MUCH FUN!

Here are a few of my pages from day one, some of the products I used on some pages have not been released yet, so they are not shown (watch The Digi Files though) (note: I’ve saved spots to add some QR codes when I create the photo book):

Blue Paper by Megan Turnidge; White paper by Megan Turnidge; Plaid paper by me. Banner by Bella Gypsy Fonts: Things We Said and Traveling Typewriter

Gray and doodle paper by me. White paper by Megan Turnidge. Word Art by Bella Gypsy Fonts: Traveling Typewriter and Things We Said.

Supplies: Kraft paper is me all others are Bella Gypsy, Down This Road, Crossbone Cuts. Font: Things We

Supplies: Kraft paper is me all others are Bella Gypsy, Down This Road, Crossbone Cuts. Font: Things We Said

Supplies: Kristin Cronin-Barrow and Erica Zane

Supplies: Shawna Clingerman and Erica Zane

Supplies: Zoe Pearn, Erica Zane, Cindy Schneider; fonts are The Things We Said and Traveling Typewriter

Are you a digital scrapbooker?  Are you ready to give it a try??

If you are interested in getting started digital scrapbooking, check out my friend Janet’s class on The Daily Digi. It’s a GREAT way to get started FAST! I’ve had people tell me that they spent a few hours going through her class and were off and running!

Quick, Easy, Adorable Autograph Book That Everyone Will Fuss Over (especially the characters)

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If you have listened to the Capturing Magic podcast, you have probably heard us talk about the Chua family. Ginger is a digital scrapbooker, Jon is a super geeky tech guy, and together (along with their three kids in tow) are SUPER Disney fans! Almost a year ago, I got together with the Chua’s, Tanya Hickman (and her other half, Chris), listener/reader Tammi, and my sister for dinner in Disneyland.

Ginger had told me about her kids autograph book before, but she brought it with her, this time, to show me. She had created themed pages for every character that signs autographs and then had them printed in a photo book format.  It was such a beautiful, beautiful book and I was drooling over it!! I knew that I wanted….NEEDED a book like this for my kids for our Disney World trip. Being the lazy, yet resourceful person that I am, I enlisted my friend (and team member here), as well as digital scrapbook designer, Tanya Hickman to help. She agreed to create some print ready pages that I could upload to my favorite photo book printer AdoramaPix to create an autograph book.

I’m so excited to share with our readers these products that Tanya created, as well as an exclusive coupon code for them AND an exclusive coupon code to get them printed at Adoramapix!! I was able to get 2 autograph books uploaded and ordered in ONE HOUR!!! Everyone that saw this autograph book in the parks asked about where I got it…especially the characters! Watch Drizella in the video below (or click here if it doesn’t show up for you):

Here are the goodies!!

Grab the autograph book that Tanya created here. It is currently on sale for 20% off and our readers can get an additional 10% off using this code: ccd_signit_10CM (EXP: 8-31-14).

My favorite photo book printing company is AdoramaPix (this is after doing a thorough review of 12 different companies for The Daily Digi). I have sent many, many readers their way over the years and NEVER heard anything but praise for the extremely high quality! They are beautiful books and they WILL make you gasp (in a good way), when you see them!

AdoramaPix Exclusive coupon code

You can use the code pxautograf to get 50% off 6×7.5 photo book at AdoramaPix through 8/16/2014. Tanya’s pages are designed to go with the 6×7.5 books. Or, you can also use the code pxanys35 to get 35% off any size photo book at AdoramaPix through 8/16/2014.

My autograph books were 56 pages each and the total was $62.40. The 50% off would make it $31.20.  It will take us a while to get them completely filled up, so they will be going on many Disney trips to come! My kids loved the books as much as the characters!!!  Totally worth it!


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