Small World Paper Dolls using Cricut Design Space

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I’ve previously set you up with a PDF with the specs for creating the Disney Characters found in the Small World attraction. Now with Cricut Design Space I can share the file directly with you and you can create the images yourself!

This is a great set up. The Design Space will separate out the layers by color. As you are cutting out the layers I suggest first laying out post it notes with the names of the characters so you can keep all the pieces together.

Use the instruction found on the PDF to add some stamping or trimming some pieces for a few of the characters. In no time at all you’ll have a complete set of the Disney Characters found in “it’s a small world!













Stephanie is an avid paper crafter, scrapbooker, and lover of all things Disney. She also enjoys playing with geeky toys to create her paper creations! When not creating scrapbook pages about her husband and son, she can be found at making handmade paper crafts for parties and events.

From Where I Stand in the Disney Parks

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On my trip to Disneyland last Labor Day weekend, one of my photography goals was to take #fromwhereistand photos in as many places as I could (without keeping my head down the entire trip!). Because I would be using my iPhone for these photos, it was a pretty simple project. Most of the photos were taken when I was by myself, so it is just my feet in the pictures.

After going through the 45+ photos taken from this perspective, I grouped them into three categories for the purpose of this article: park space, attraction space, and resort space. But taken as a collective set of images placed in random order, one can get a great sense of the Disney Parks experience from this particular perspective. There are plenty of magical details in all of Disney’s ground and floor space!

From Where I Stand – The Parks#fromwhereistand - The Disney Parks | Capturing Magic Blog #fromwhereistand - The Disney Parks | Capturing Magic Blog











































You can easily snap shots at almost any point in the parks to help tell your story. Walkways are often themed for the land they are located in with some sort of textured surface. Flower pots, gated greenspaces and flower beds, merchandise bins, curbs, inlaid markers…they all offer clues and memory cues of the parks. These could include some of your most iconic photos looking down, showing a glimpse of your favorite land, snack, or park-going buddy.

From Where I Stand – The Attractions 

#fromwhereistand - The Disney Parks | Capturing Magic Blog #fromwhereistand - The Disney Parks | Capturing Magic Blog 






























Taking pictures while waiting in attraction queue lines are like a double edged sword: on the one hand, this photo prompt offers a fun challenge of seeing an attraction in a different way. You might be a guest who spends a lot of time waiting in lines throughout the day, so this is a great way to pass the time. But on the other hand, the timing can be tricky because you need adequate lighting to get the pic to turn out – and we all know that many queues are dim, dark, or cramped for space. And, you might miss your chance if you get caught in a loading sequence that prevents you from getting a photo. But I have learned that by looking at where I stand while waiting to board a car, boat, theater, or other mode of ride vehicle, I catch more details that I would have otherwise missed. The styling of the numbers you are assigned for loading, for instance, are unique to each attraction. One of my favorites was a shot I took waiting my turn to ride the Matterhorn Bobsleds. Lots of a great alpine details to be found there! 

From Where I Stand – The Resort 

#fromwhereistand - The Disney Parks | Capturing Magic Blog

#fromwhereistand - The Disney Parks | Capturing Magic Blog



























I think capturing the perspective of looking down at your resort can add a creative touch to your vacation photos. This would be a fun photo activity on the day you arrive or depart; for when you need a little bit of alone time away from everyone; or simply when something catches your eye as you make your way around the resort. I particularly love getting the mats at the entrances that have the resort name, and the decorative carpets (always with Hidden Mickeys!) that you find down hallways and in lobby areas. Don’t forget any special theming elements, and the plants and flowers.

tips for taking From Where I Stand photos

  • it helps to like your shoes, or have a nice pedicure/clean toes if you wear sandles or flip flops
  • it might feel really awkward and silly, taking these pictures in public, but you just can’t worry about it – I actually have noticed many guests with cell phones or big fancy cameras stalking different parts of the park or their favorite things to get the shot they want – and hello! …half the people in the park are walking around in goofy hats and mouse ears on their head anyway, so as Elsa would say, let it go….
  • check out Holly Clark’s blog post about her photo project from this perspective that feature her daily ritual with a mug of coffee – her posts are a main inspiration for me
  • I try to avoid shadows and other distractions, so I sometimes position myself in what initially looks like an upside-down image (wording or an image may be upside-down in the original picture based on how I am standing next to it); to correct the image, you simply use the rotate function of your photo editing app
  • experiment with varying heights from the ground up – sometimes I hold my iPhone above my head to capture more ground space, and other times I lean down to get a closer look; of course, there is always zoom and crop tools to help



I created a hashtag for this specific photo project, and you can see what I have shared so far on my Instagram feed using #fromwhereidisney. I take a lot more pictures than I post, so I am thinking of compiling my “feet pictures” (as my kids call them) into an album or small photobook.

Do you have any unique photo projects that you aim to shoot when you are in Disney Parks? We want to hear about them – leave your project ideas in the comments below. And be sure to tag me if you try your own feet picture at Disney – I would love to see what you come up with!

A scrapbooker and collector since childhood and long time fan of Disney parks and media, Beth ventures into the blogging world at Any Happy Little Thoughts where she shares her approach for preserving personal Disney memories, one story at a time.



Thor & Iron Man Title Styles

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Taking two teenage girls to Disneyland meant we were certain to spend some time in Tomorrowland checking out Thor: Treasures of Asgard & Iron Man Tech presented by Stark Technologies.  It took some research to find/create titles that helped me capture those memories.  Here’s what I did:  Each title was in multiple layers with some layer styles I created.  You can download the layer styles in .asl format here.  <<<<LINK UP TO SHADOW STYLES BEFORE PUBLISHING


  • Top Layer:  I used the  Iron Man of War 2 NCV Regular font in a brick red color
  • Middle Layer:  (same font) with a gold metal style
  • Bottom Layer:  (same font) any shadow style


  • Top Layer:  I used the  Modi Thorson BOLD BOLD font.  Then added a silver/blue metal style.
  • Bottom Layer:  (same font) any  shadow style


And here’s my finished layout:

Supplies used: Lay It On There {Doubles} #4 Template

Snow Days Disney Style

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Hi Disney Friends…

I don’t know about ya’ll, but we have been stuck inside for a couple of days.  They are calling it ‘Snow Days’, but for us it is more like Ice days. Just too cold to play outside.  And after a day or so of sibling squabbling, I asked the kids to make a Disney list of things to do …

This is what I got..

  1. Movie Marathon.  Suggested to do it in a particular order like alphabetical, by release day or number of characters in the Title (I know… crazy, right?)  All this to make sure that one child doesn’t have the movie selection advantage.
  2. Disney Infinity.  This in and of itself could keep them busy for hours, but you might want to suggest they build something specific in the toy box.   My little man spent quite a while trying to build our neighborhood.  Of course it had to be way cooler.. because that is the Disney Infinity way.
  3. Pick a number, plan a trip.  Have the kids pick a number between 1 and 12.  Then, go to and start planning a trip.  The number represents the month.  Then pick another number for the length of stay.  Then pick another number for the resort.  You might just find a great time to travel!  And the kids can ‘help’ plan an imaginary vacation.

    Another version of this is “Get me the best deal”.  Start with a budget, and then have the kids look up potential vacations.  (Learn from me on this one… one requirement is that everyone in the family is included in the budgeting.  Like I tell my son, “Of course the trip would be cheaper if we didn’t take your little sister, but that isn’t how we roll!”)
  4. Name that Disney Thing.  This is a variety of the old Botticelli game.  Think of something Disney… Now answer three questions… Is it a Character, Movie or Park Attraction?  Classic or Pixar? Male or Female?  Then have the other members of the family ask yes or no questions until someone can guess correctly.  Might need to play in pairs with little ones.
  5. Play Where am I?  This is a game where someone describes from memory a Park Attraction.  Others take turns guessing?  Person who guesses correctly gets to go next.  Example:  I am walking in between large rocks.  I turn this way and that way.  I hear music.  I see something move while I stand.  I point to something.  It moves again.  It was a crab.  It grabs what I point to. Now I see a large sea shell… (“Under the Sea – Journey of The Little Mermaid”)


I think they came up with a lot of great ideas.  Keep the camera ready.  Funny things can happen when you and your family are having a good time.

How do you spend your Snow Days?


Keep Warm,

#DisneySide Cars Theme

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Once again we hosted a #DisneySide @Home Celebration. This year they had a few different themes based on the answers you provided on the application survey. Our box was chuck full of items for a preschool play date focusing on Cars fun. To see more information about what came in the big box of Disney then check out this post.

I previously did a Cars party for my son’s third birthday, but this party was more of a Piston Cup day.

Pit Passes

I used the generic invitation that came with the DisneySide kit but I decided to plus it just a bit. I found a great template online to create a pit pass for all the guests. Once the invitations arrived I heard from parents that the kids LOVED them!!! I also made some for my “crew” helping with the party!




Since this was a preschool play date I kept things pretty simple for food & activities. The food was simple fair with some creative labeling. We busted out all of our Cars themed toys and goodies, I was surprised at just how many we had, and let the kids have fun. In the background we queued up Mater’s CarToons on Netflix.



For the decorations, I added many items found on the Cars Cricut cartridge to the party products in the box to create the banner, photo backdrop and assorted decorations. For the photo-booth, I hung a black table cloth on the front porch and secured it with checkered Duct Tape. As a memento of the event I used the Party Party app to create a photo square and then slipped them into a small portfolio. The parents thought they were a great treat.



I supplemented the goodies in the box with a few things from the dollar store to fill the swag bags for the guests. I created the images for the travel mugs using some clip art and the arch feature in Sure Cuts A Lot 4 and then did a print then cut with Cricut Design Space and my new Explore! I also found Cars Kleenex packs at the local Dollar Tree.




Everything fit nicely into a simple gift bag with a Lightning McQueen lightning bolt on the side.






I was thrilled to be able to host another #DisneySide event and hope that we can do another one again soon! I received free products in order to host the Disney Side @Home Celebration. The opinions expressed here are my own.

Stephanie is an avid paper crafter, scrapbooker, and lover of all things Disney. She also enjoys playing with geeky toys to create her paper creations! When not creating scrapbook pages about her husband and son, she can be found at making handmade paper crafts for parties and events.

This #disneyside app is pretty AMAZING!!!! Can you tell that’s me?? It scares my youngest! Bwahahaha!

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[iframe width="400" height="498" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" allowtransparency="true" src=""][/iframe]

Having soooo much fun with the new #disneyside app!!!!

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[iframe width="400" height="498" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" allowtransparency="true" src=""][/iframe]

Paper Pieceings for It’s a Small World — including a Holiday Overlay!

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To recreate the Small World marquee I used two Cricut Cartridges, the George Basic Shapes and the Alphalicious font. For all the elements on the layout I used the Bazzill  Bling paper. There is just something about the ride that goes so well with the bling paper. I alternated the colors of the boxes between two shades of the same color and then adhered every other letter with pop dots to add dimension.

If you are looking to create the rest of the Small World Dolls for the title, or to highlight pictures from inside the ride you should check out this cartridge if you have a Cricut. You can also add more landmarks to the layout using this cartridge as well

The paper dolls were all created using the Paper Doll Dress Up cartridge. For the rest of the layout I made polaroid style frames for my pictures and used an old label maker to add the character names to the frames.

I have created two spreadsheets with the files used organized by character if you want to make individual characters and then by color to make the most out of your cardstock. Download:

Small_World_Paper_Dolls by character

Small_World_Paper_Dolls by character

Now if you want to add your own version of the holiday overlay, you can achieve the look with the Cuttin’ Up & George Basic Shapes Cricut cartridges.

Have fun creating your own versions of this iconic attraction!

Stephanie is an avid paper crafter, scrapbooker, and lover of all things Disney. She also enjoys playing with geeky toys to create her paper creations! When not creating scrapbook pages about her husband and son, she can be found at making handmade paper crafts for parties and events.


Creating a Jungle Cruise title & the Jingle Cruise overlay

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You just got to love the Jungle Cruise, it’s an original attraction with a classic look. I found a font that closely matched the attraction sign, Brian James, and cut it out of vanilla cardstock and shadowed it with a deep red. I then cut 3 strips of olive green cardstock to mimic the plank slats in the sign.

Now to create the holiday overlay. This time I cut the lowercase “i” out of vanilla cardstock and then cut a small piece of red with thin layers of vanilla to make the frame. I used an svg set from Miss Kate Cuttables to create the string of lights, there are lots of sets to choose from to make the look complete.

I’ll continue this series with more attraction signs and if there are Holiday Overlays I’ll do my best to recreate those as well.

Stephanie is an avid paper crafter, scrapbooker, and lover of all things Disney. She also enjoys playing with geeky toys to create her paper creations! When not creating scrapbook pages about her husband and son, she can be found at making handmade paper crafts for parties and events.

Everything is Awesome at Legoland Florida

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When we went to Disney World last June, my kids made me promise them that the next time we were in Florida, we would visit some “off site” attractions and Legoland was at the top of the list. I was worried about doing Legoland with my 14 year old and 8 year old because so many people had told me that Legoland really was for littler kids. Let me tell you right now, THEY WERE WRONG! We all loved LOVED Legoland!!

My two kids that were with me for this part of the trip are pretty big Lego fans; so that could have been part of it. I enjoy Legos, nothing like Katie, but I think they are super fun! If I didn’t struggle with arthritis as much as I do, I would build more. Back to Legoland….

We rented a car for our entire trip and drove from Disney World to Legoland for one day, arriving at opening. My daughter’s number one priority for the day was to meet Laval and Cragger from World of Chima. We headed to World of Chima very first thing and were easily able to find out when they would start meeting people. We were able to come back later in the afternoon and catch them together. My daughter was super nervous when she was meeting them, but did the most adorable ‘happy dance’ after she had her photo taken with them. Here’s the photo from our Digital Photo Deal, that I will share next.

Digital Photo Deal

We purchased the “all inclusive digital photo deal” for $49.99, which included one 8×10 printed and in a Legoland paper folder/frame and digital downloads of our photos. We only had 6 digital downloads, three of which were on ride photos. There were a lot more ride photo ops, but we spent more of our time watching shows and looking at Lego creations. This is one of the BIG reasons I think Legoland is worth TWO DAYS!

My favorite ride was “Lost Kingdom Adventure” but I wasn’t very good at it…lol (it WAS my first time on this ride, so keep that in mind)! It was fun to have our scores right on the photos though:

Learn From My Mistakes

  • Leave Cameras and Bags Behind – I figured that Legoland would be like Disney World and I would be able to take my bag and camera on the rides, not so. When we went to ride our first ride and I found out that I needed to LEAVE my camera and bag behind in a cubby, but the ride exit, I decided not to ride. We ended up walking back to the car to drop my camera, lenses, etc. off so that I could ride without worrying about all that expensive stuff walking off. I used my phone instead. Walking to the car and back to the park ate up pretty valuable park time.
  • Allow More Time – I would LOVE to do Legoland again and have two days! My kids really, really wanted to have two days as well. I did tell them that next time we go, we will plan for two days; they are hoping this will include a night at the Legoland Hotel (opening June 2015). This would give us enough time to see all of the shows AND ride all of the rides, maybe some of them twice!
  • Ride More Rides with Photos – I was letting my kids take their time looking at things and just enjoying the experience. I didn’t want to hurry them a long or rush them (ANOTHER reason we need TWO DAYS), so we didn’t get as many on ride photos as we could have.

Photo Ops

There are soooo many fun photo ops in Legoland!! This was a favorite for my kids! They were jumping next to Lego creations and BEGGING me to take their photos! I was in HEAVEN!!!
My daughter seems to find team members (or cast members) that are crush worthy and Jake was it this trip. He was super patient with my daughter as she chased him around the driving course. Look at her smile!
There were so many things that we LOVED about Legoland, but one of my very favorites was this:
YES!!!  Diet Mtn Dew, on tap, at the Pizza and Pasta place!!!!!!!!!
We closed Legoland down, and as we were walking out, and the kids were talking about how much fun they had, and how they wished we could come back the next day; I was trying to figure out in my head how to make it work. But, the rest of our group was flying in the next day, and we just couldn’t do it. Next time, I will plan TWO DAYS for Legoland!


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