Capturing Christmas Magic at Walt Disney World


Twelve days ago, I was wrapping up just over a week at Walt Disney World. It has been a long time dream of mine to see Disney World and Disneyland during the holidays! When they announced the opening dates for New Fanatasyland, I knew I would need to get location information for the app, so I booked a trip. The fact that New Fantasyland was opening during the holidays, was complete magic for me!

For Christmas Eve, I thought I would share some of my favorite photos I took while I was there. I'm not a super-star photographer, by any means! If you listen to The Digi Show, you know that I just moved to manual mode (after SEVEN years) last February. I did have a lot of fun practicing though and love some of the photos I took.

Projections on the Castle:

Osborne Lights:

Candlelight Processional with Blair Underwood as the narrator):

Grand Floridian:

Animal Kingdom Lodge:

Dinoland, Animal Kingdom:

If you look close at the photo above, you can see my husband holding my daughter up, under the “Let the Memories Begin” sign. We just happened to be entering the Magic Kingdom for extra magic hours and the fireworks were going off. Instead of hurrying in to watch from Main Street, I decided to grab some photos over the train station. Then, my husband entered and the two of them were dancing, jumping, and everything else to get my attention. It was truly magical and was a perfect way to end our vacation!

We are taking this week off from the Capturing Magic podcast, but will be back next week with a brand new show!


  • Aaron

    I believe you forgot a VERY important part of your trip!!!

    • Steph

      Haha! Saving that for the highlight reel! These are just my fave photos *I* took. The highlights of the trip will be in a different post and it was a highlight to meet you! Just ask Katie, I emailed her about it.

  • Gorgeous photos Steph! giggling over Aaron’s comment 😉

    • Steph

      Me too!

  • Gab

    Talk about brilliant photos ! An d I love your podcast and blog. I’m a long time listener to the digi show (although not a digi scrapper ) and a huge Disney fan! I purchased the boom you recommended – “A-Z of Disney” second-hand through better world books and love it! I’m just about to move to Hong Kong from Australia and one of the first things I will do when I get up there is buy an AP to HK Disneyland

    • Steph

      How fun!! I can’t wait to see some pics/pages from your visits! My dream is to someday see all of the parks!