Capturing Magic – The Perspective from Behind

Capturing Magic from behind - snapping photos from a rear perspective |
















This may be a no-brainer for some photographers and memory keepers. But for those new to photography, or as a refresher for an experienced photographer prior to their next vacation…don't forget to snap those photos from behind! I have been looking through many Disney vacation photos and have found that some of my favorites are taken from the standpoint of standing behind my subjects. Here are a handful of suggestions for capturing your memories from behind.

Character Interactions | Have yourself or another member of your party stand out of line and to the side if possible during a character interaction. I have a handful of great PhotoPass pictures of this interaction with Snow White, but love the expression and bashfulness of my son when he first met Snow White – at the time it was one of his favorite movies and he was a little star struck! And I love how you can see a full shot of her signature dress.Capturing Magic from behind - snapping photos from a rear perspective |
















On Attractions | Take pictures of the people in your group while on an attraction if you are sitting behind them (keeping in mind safety and flash restrictions of course!). The Carousels, Dumbo, and the Speedways are some great choices for this perspective. I have also seen some fun photos taken from behind on Big Thunder Mountain and the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. 

Capturing Magic from behind - snapping photos from a rear perspective |
















Taking in the Views | I actually used this photo in another post, but I love it because it captures the age of my two older boys at the time, and their interest in seeing such a cool Lego creation. When I see this photo, I always wonder, “What were they thinking at this moment?” In the fast pace of a Disney vacation, it is nice to capture those moments when our family and friends have slowed down to take in their surroundings. 

Capturing Magic from behind - snapping photos from a rear perspective |
















Mouse Ears | This is one of those classic Disney vacation photo opportunities: our favorite people wearing their mouse ears. Whether you get the shot right after you buy them, sometime during the day (as in my photo below), or during a night time parade or fireworks, you just have to get that photo! And getting it from behind can give adorable results. 

Capturing Magic from behind - snapping photos from a rear perspective |










Holding Hands – Relationships | Don't hesitate to snap a few photos as you trail behind your group. They may never realize you've taken their picture, and honestly it can be some of the most candid and relaxed moments. My husband took the photo below while we were walking into Downtown Disney. I actually take these shots all the time now and love how they can capture the relationships between people. 

Capturing Magic from behind - snapping photos from a rear perspective |










Get Their Reflection | Take advantage of mirrors and reflective surfaces that you come across. A funhouse style mirror is hard to pass by without taking a look, and getting a photo from behind offers two perspectives: the back side of your subject, and then their front side as it is reflected in the mirror. 

Capturing Magic from behind - snapping photos from a rear perspective |














Magical Moments | Because I like to take pictures of my family when no one is looking (they can't complain that way!), I am often snapping a few photos here and there as I bring up the rear. I especially love pictures of the kids when they are small enough to ride on my husband's shoulders. When I realized our youngest was on his dad's shoulders after a full day at Disneyland, I had to capture it! The photo tells a story about a relationship (father and son), the magic of our day (Yoda Mouse Ears), and that exhausted but (hopefully) contented feeling of being on a Disney vacation when you are exiting the park. I had cropped and edited the photo to share on Instagram. 

Capturing Magic from behind - snapping photos from a rear perspective |














Next time you are in the Parks, try to get at least a few shots from behind. This perspective is easy to practice at home, too. Including uniqure perspectives will always enhance the photo record you have of your Disney memories.


A scrapbooker and collector since childhood and long time fan of Disney parks and media, Beth ventures into the blogging world at Any Happy Little Thoughts where she shares her approach for preserving personal Disney memories, one story at a time.



  • Kathy

    Great tips, Beth! I love taking shots from behind, too! And we are just starting to plan our first every entire family visit to WDW next year with our grandkids, so your tips on capturing the magic are perfect….thank you!

    • Thanks, Kathy! Sometimes you don’t realize your own photography patterns until you take inventory of what you have already, and then it can offer ideas and reminders for future photo opportunities.

      And I am so excited for you about your big upcoming WDW trip with your grandkids! It was a bucket-list vacation for me and we did it in 2011. It was one of my favorite vacations with lots of magical memories with my parents and my kids together. My top three memories of that trip include dinner at Ohana during Wishes (they dim the lights and pipe in the music, we watched from our dinner table); my mom, daughter and I on a shopping date in DTD; and going to the Not So Scary Halloween Party (even my dad was excited about the trick or treating!). Happy planning!!

  • Gabrielle McCann

    Really great post Beth. I love pics from behind too. I’ve never thought of going behind the character though – I love the shot you captured with Snow White.

    • Thank you, Gab! 🙂