Capturing Traditions

Capturing Disney Traditions

Capturing Traditions at Disney

For our family, all Disneyland trips must begin with a ride on Pirates of the Caribbean.  But that's not the only Disney vacation tradition we have.  A handful of them include photos.  And some of them capture our silly personalities.  A few years ago i spotted a package of stick-on mustaches in the Target dollar spot and thought they would be a fun way to show off our silliness on our upcoming trip.  We quickly stuck them on for one of our family photopass photos.

Family mustache photo at Disney: tradition

And again for the next trip…

Family mustache photo at Disney: tradition


And the trip after that…until now it's become a tradition.

Family mustache photo at Disney: tradition

Credits: Project Life App & Magical Memories Themed Cards, Photostamps Everyday2 by Cindy Schneider

What are your traditions?  Perhaps it's an attempt to remove the Sword in the Stone, or a family photo with Mickey, or sharing a turkey leg for dinner.  Capture those traditions!