Capturing Your Disney Trip with the Project Life App: Where to begin?

Disney Project Life scrapbook page layout idea with Pooh and Tigger


After my youngest son's first trip to Disney, I was determined to get those memories in a format he could enjoy and SOON.  And he loved it–still does.  But since then we've made a few more trips and all of those photos and memories are still hiding on my hard drive.   Seeing Steph's latest posts motivated me to try scrapping our most recent trip using the Project Life App.  But to be honest, I was overwhelmed and didn't know where to begin.  A few weeks later I have some tips to share.

If I were organizing my photos on my laptop, I'd sort them into folders by event/ride/location etc to scrap them. Then I'd go through each folder and choose the best photos to scrap.  Then I pick a template with enough photo spots to match my number of “good” photos.  From our last trip, I have 1088 photos on my camera roll, not including the photopass photos.  Sorting them into folders on a phone isn't that simple.  But I used a similar concept:

First I picked an event/ride/location.  Then in my photos, I sorted through the photos.  If they were “good” I wold save them to my favorites. This makes the “good” photos easier to find in the Project Life app.


I also opened the Disneyland app and downloaded any photopass photos from that event/ride/location.

2016-03-31 23.01.11_web

I have learned that I don't like to have to go back and upload my “outside Project Life” cards when I am ready to use them, so I have all of them in dropbox in folders.  Before doing a page I open dropbox and look for cards I want to use and cards I might use–just to familiarize myself with them.

Now I'm ready to begin. So I have 6-7 photos I would like to use on this page/spread.  Plus 2 cards I really want to use, a spot for a title, & journaling.  So I'll use Big Shot #8 on the left  & Big Shot #3 on the right.

I usually start by adding my photos, beginning with the photos I want to use most.  This is where it comes in handy to have “favorited” my best photos.  The Project Life “System Picker” let's you choose photos from your “favorites” album, which only contains the “best” photos you've picked out.  When I am working on 2 sides of a spread, I go back and forth between the 2 layouts.  Fortunately the Project Life App automatically saves each as a work in progress.


Then I'll add the cards I'd picked out.  Again, in the Project Life app's system picker, I can scroll down to dropbox when I want to add pocket cards not native to Project life, including my favorite digital scrapbook papers.

Tigger_with_cards_web Pooh_with_cards_web

You can enter your journaling by typing or using speech to text within the Project Life app.  I usually use speech to text in my notes app so I can use the journaling in Project Life or on “outside” cards in other apps.  You can find details on adjusting your type in this video from Project Life.


Finally I added the character autographs as titles.  For details see this post.



Credits: Project Life App, Honey edition, StuffwithFluff by Brittish Designs, Zoo Crew {Animal Prints} by Chelle's Creations.

OPTIONAL:  Before going onto the next layout, I go back into my favorites and “unfavorite” the pics I used on this layout.  That make the new “favorites” for my next layout easier to find.


  • Gabrielle McCann

    Cute pages … love that you got the autographs on there!