When You’re There

Creating and capturing Disney memories while you are there.

I was really excited to hear about some of the unique character encounters Heather and Tanya had while they were at Disneyland Paris! How many new characters did Heather meet?? […]

Disneyland Paris Characters – CM109

Tanya and Heather are back from their first trip to Disneyland Paris! They are here to give us the lowdown on the entertainment including all the new shows and the […]

Disneyland Paris Entertainment – CM108

The last stop on our food tour photo ops is Disneyland! There are quite a few iconic Disneyland photo ops you must get. Plus we are talking about some of […]

Disneyland Dining Photo Ops – CM100

Some of our favorite magical memories are made with Disney food!! Today, we are talking about some of our very favorite food photo ops in Disney World (great places to […]

Disney World Dining Photo Ops – CM099

Disney Food and Dining Photo Tips
Panel Steph (Capturingmagic_ on Twitter and Instagram) and ModernPhotoSolutions on Instagram and Facebook Heather (I Love Characters. heatherw25 on Twitter and Instagram. ilovecharacters on FB) Tanya (everymagicmoment.com. Tanyah666 on Twitter […]

Disney Dining and Food Photo Tips – CM098

Tanya is well-known for her great character selfies, even with some really large characters! She is sharing some really great tips today to help all of us get some great […]

Disney Character Selfie Tips – CM095

Heather is sharing some of the new looks we will see on characters in Disney World and Disneyland. Steph: Hey everyone, welcome to Capturing Magic. I am Steph from capturingmagic.me, […]

New Looks For Some Disney Characters – CM091

Capturing Great Water Ride Photos at Disney
I LOVE the expressions my kids make on the water rides, but capturing those expressions in a photo can be difficult. For starters, cameras and water are not friends. Here […]

Capturing Great Water Ride Photos at Disney

When I saw these adorable photos from my friends’ recent Disneyland trip, I couldn’t help but use them with the new Disney themed Project Life cards available in the app! […]

How I Made These Pages For My Disney Album