Change Up Your Photos by Posing Like The Characters!

Have you ever looked through all those awesome character photos you took while in the parks and notice that you are doing the exact same pose in every photo?  I know I have and recently I have tried to make it a habit to try and switch up the way I take character photos.  There are only so many photos with my hand behind my back or linked through the characters arm that I can handle.

My favorite way to switch up my photos is to pose like the character!  Every character has a signature pose.  Sometimes it is a simple pose, sometimes it is a bit more dramatic.  Just take a look at what they are doing and then mimic the pose.  Easy peasy and you will have a super cute photo!

My bestie Heather is AWESOME at remembering to do this technique and had way more examples for me to show you than I did, so here are some photos of myself, some of Heather and some of Heather and I together!

Carl, Russell and I doing the Wilderness Explorers sign!  I specifically asked them to do this pose with me and they were more than happy to oblige.  If you have a fun idea for a pose, just ask the character!  Usually they are more than willing and I am sure they would love a little break from THEIR normal pose =)

Heather and I with Sully

Quite a few of the princesses do this pose!  Luckily Heather was wearing a skirt!

This photo of Heather with Zam Wesell is one of my favorites!

I can't even begin to tell you about all the fun poses Jack Skellington had up his sleeve!  Such a fun character.

This one with Peter Pan is super cute!

Howdy Partner!

The incredibles almost always do this pose whether you are doing it or not.  Why not join in the fun!

I really need to get this Green Army Man photo for myself!

Evil Queen pose.

Mexico Donald having a fun time with us!

Oh man.  How awesome would it be to do the fish face with Ariel?!

Another classic princess pose.

I am almost positive that I did NOT do this one on purpose.  LOL!  I have a habit of putting my hand on my hip anyway and this time it just happened to work out for my picture with Merida!

Heather has a AWESOME character site showing photos with the crazy amount of characters that she has met over the years.  If you haven't seen it yet, then stop by her site appropriately named I Love Characters!

Have you done any fun poses with the characters?  We would LOVE to see them!!  Link us up in the comments!!


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  • Going through my pics to find these, I’m definitely going to make sure I do more of these poses next trip! They make the cutest pics 😀

  • Reina

    My sister & I posed for our pic w/ Lilo & Stitch as if we were all surfing, it was so much FUN & turned out AWESOME!!

  • Alicia

    My husband and I have one with us and Buzz Lightyear doing the “muscles” pose. And on our honeymoon, when we saw the Incredibles, the paired up in a sweet couple pose, and paired us up to mimic them. It was super sweet, and one I’m sure not many people have!

  • Brandy

    Love this! My kids. all did the “Think, think, think” pose with Pooh. My whole familly stood just like Maleficent, those are some of my favorite pics!