Check out the new Magic Shots

Heather and I have been working together to keep her original “Magic Shots” post updated with what is currently available in the parks. A lot of changes were made recently at Disney World, so bookmark that post (or pin it, if you are like me) and check back often.

Remember, all Magic Shots are included in your purchase of Memory Maker, which I highly recommend! Just ask a PhotoPass Photographer if they can add some magic to your photos, and if they can, I'm sure they would love to help. After telling a PhotoPass Photographer in Animal Kingdom how much my youngest daughter was loving Magic Shots this trip, he surprised us both and quickly did all of the Magic Shots he had available at the time in just a couple of minutes (no one was waiting behind us). She was so excited and giggled with delight! If I wasn't sold on Magic Shots before, I am now!

  • Gabrielle McCann

    Thanks for the updates Steph

  • Remember when I first brought up magic shots on the podcast and you didn’t like them at all!? Glad I was able to bring you around. 😉

    • DailyDigiSteph

      YES! I was just telling someone about that today! LOL!! You made a believer out of me! 😉