Creating Custom Disney Maps

Create Custom Disney Maps

As a seasoned veteran of Walt Disney World I'm always looking for ways to improve my travel route while in the park, but I also want to show off my personal favorites with family and friends. Before I found this awesome service Disney offers I had to resort to just using my personal descriptions to people that have never been to Disney, and you can imagine how hard that may be. Finally I found this service while researching for the vacation my wife and I are planning on taking later this year. She has been to Disney World before when she was young but doesn't remember much or hasn't been since a lot of the changes that have been made, so I wanted to find a way to show her what my favorite rides and parades were so she could get an idea of what she might enjoy based on my choices. Now I've been to Disney World at least seven times so I remember it like the back of my hand. I know where all my favorite rides are and all the little shortcuts to get places faster but this outs it all on paper, beautiful printed paper.

Create Custom Disney Maps

Full map of the Walt Disney World Resort.

The process of customizing the maps are very easy. You pick the parks you want to add and then select the rides and attractions you love, even restaurants and parade routes. The great thing about the maps is that they also offer suggestions on things to do while I the parks based on the selections you made. So if you chose Hollywood Tower of Terror and Star Tours it would assume you are a thrill seeker and recommend Rockin Rollercoaster as well. It definitely helps if you have only been a couple times or even if your kids are growing up and want to start experiencing different rides. The maps are great for this as well. In the package you receive extra stickers so that you can mark any new attractions that you didn't have on the maps previously that you discovered on your last trip.
Create Custom Disney Maps

Favorites for Magic Kingdom.

The next step is to choose the theme. The website features two different templates for the custom maps a character set and the other, the one we chose, is called Classic and looks like an old style map. I chose this look because I knew that we would be keeping these at home and not taking the to the park. ‘But why would you not take them,' you may ask, we'll personally I don't want these to get damaged. My wife and I being attached to our phones all day have downloaded the official Disney app so we have a map and wait times in our hand. Before all this I would get the paper maps at the parks so we could find our way around, but as you may know if you ride a water ride or if you don't know your way around these maps get a lot of wear. And you usually trash them at the end of the day. And in this case the maps have all the attractions on them that I don't like to ride so they are not worth keeping in my opinion.
Create Custom Disney Maps
The last step is to have the maps shipped to you and if you want you have the ability to print them for yourself as well.  The maps take a couple weeks to ship to you and you can order one set every six months.  When you receive the maps they come packed in a great envelope that goes along with the theme, ours looked almost like a leather bound sleeve.  Once opened you'll find a letter about the maps, the stickers i mentioned earlier, the maps you customized, and you also get a map of the whole Walt Disney World Resort with all the different parks and hotels.  There are a few pros and cons to these maps. The great things about them are the ability to share your Disney obsession with family and friends as well they look amazing.  The cons, in my opinion, are if you plan on bringing these to the park they are pretty big and bulky as well they are double sided.  The fact they are double sided makes it hard to frame them and if one gets damaged then you have lost two maps.
How-to Create Custom Disney Maps
How-to Create Custom Disney Maps
I hope everyone takes advantage of these awesome maps and use them to remember all the amazing memories you and your family had at the Walt Disney World Resort.
  • Nicole

    I did this after returning from a trip with my kids, I marked all of the things we did on the maps & they are beautiful…the only problem I have is you can only order a set once every 6 months & I want to get a set for each of my kids which is going to take me 2 years.

    • Heather J

      I bet you could speed up the process with some willing friends or family members. 🙂

  • Rebecca L

    I would love one of these for Disneyland… Disney, are you listening? 🙂

  • Joe Sandlin

    how can i create a map of disneyland california? i have custom maps of disneyworld. i need disneyland. but see no options anywhere