Creating Your Own Photo Magic Shots at Home

Every trip to Disney I come home with new things that I want to do on the next trip.  This past trip I was completely unaware of the ‘magic’ that is available from the Disney photographers, until I got my Photopass images. 

I don’t even remember this picture being taken, but I just love it. 

To check out all the cool magic that you can get in the parks, read Heather’s article on Photopass Magic Shots.

Now that I know about Photopass Magic Shots, it is definitely on my list for our next trip.  But, I thought that it would be fun to try our hand at making the magic at home.  I was inspired by an article that Steph wrote about using real Disney images in scrapbook pages.  Here's a “Magic Shot” she made:

Created using Cars stickers from and a photo taken by PhotoPass at Disney California Adventure

First, I downloaded the stickers from, an official Disney site.  Then, I posed the kids.

This is one of the photographs without any characters.  (Gotta wonder what the neighbors were thinking!!)

I took this picture into Photoshop and added the Character.  And Voila.

Next picture was a little harder.  I wanted Art to look like he was “posing” with Sydney.  But the perspective was off.

To make the character more a part of the picture, I used the Perspective tool in Photoshop.

While on the layer, Select Edit>Transform>Perspective ( In my PSE it is Image> Transform> Perspective). Then grab any one of the eight handles and move the image.  Once I have the character in the place that I like, I accept the change. (Another way to transform the image is to hold the Ctrl key and move a corner on your image.)

Then I changed his size.  I liked this much better

Finally I loved the little frog that is one of the Fairie sticker pages, so I got my daughter to pose for this picture.

Added this little froggie.  I love this image.




We had a blast taking the pictures and playing with the stickers.


Have you tried to recreate the PhotoPass Magic Shots at home?  I would love to hear what you are doing!

  • Jeanne B.

    Awesome job! Filing this one away for the future!! Thanks!

    • Alison P

      Thanks Jeanne! We had a lot of fun creating our own “Magic Shots” and I know you will too. I would love to see your pictures, so come back and share!

  • I have to laugh as I just had this conversation with my daughter the other day. She is a great digital artist and I was talking about magic shots and she says very matter of fact “you know you can do that yourself right.” Thanks for giving us all some tips to “do it ourselves”. The possibilities are endless. I think I want a magic shot with eeyore.

    • Alison P

      I bet your daughter could create some “Magic Shot” art! I would love to see what you and her create. And a picture with Eeyore sounds so cute! Come back and share!

  • Cristen

    That is sooo cool! Love the explanation. Now to find time to do it.
    You rock!

    • Alison P

      Awe Thanks, Cristen! So glad you liked it.
      Your “You Rock” made my day!!

  • Caroline Tuten

    You need to show me how to do this!

  • My grandaughter and I did our first magic shots at Disney this weekend, it was so fun. We were able to get 2. Now, you have me thinking that it would be even more fun to spend the day at Disney, taking photos to make our own Magic Shots at home. Thank you.

  • Erica1982

    Hi! I also didn’t know much about Disney World when I went for the first time in 2014. Although I had done tons of reading and research, there is still a huge learning curve once you arrive. So, I took some of our favorite shots and added some magic of my own. None of these were posed for like yours, with the intention of adding something later, so no one is really interacting with the characters like with yours. Did they still turn out okay? Tell me what you think!

    • DailyDigiSteph

      They are so ADORABLE!!! Thanks so much for sharing them!!!

      • Erica1982

        Thank you so much!

  • Hello! Here are some more I made since my daughter was begging to do more with my camera. She thought it only happened at Disney with any camera. I had to help her believe . . .

    Disney DIY Magic Shots, created after getting back from Disney. #DisneyDIYMagicShots #DisneyMagicShots #MagicShots