Disney PhotoPass Can Now Be Linked To MagicBands

 Update 12/29/13: I have since wrote a post answering questions about MagicBands and PhotoPass and we did a podcast sharing lots of details about MemoryMaker and MagicBands too.    On Tuesday, Heather W (from the team), tweeted me this message:

RT @heatherw25: @CapturingMagic_ RT @JohnMagi: Beginning this week photopass will be accessible on magic bands

I immediately started sleuthing around to find out more information and was able to get some “official” information from Disney PhotoPass. Here's what I found out:

  • Starting yesterday (Sept. 18th) Disney World PhotoPass Photographers started scanning MagicBands for photos taken.
  • PhotoPass photographers are still issuing PhotoPass cards (MagicBands are not being issued to every guest at this time).
  • Guests can combine PhotoPass cards and MagicBands into one PhotoPass account.
  •  Ride photos are not added to MagicBands at this time, they do plan on rolling that out, “when it's perfect”.  Guests would need to use their PhotoPass+ or Attractions+ card for ride photos.
  • All MagicBands that are issued to your group, and on your account, will be connected to your PhotoPass photos automatically, as the MagicBands from your group are scanned by photographers.
  • If you want to add other MagicBands (maybe your trip overlaps with extended family, etc.) you just need the 12 digit ID number from their MagicBand and you can add it to your PhotoPass account. All photos will expire 45 days from the day they were taken, “so all photos have different expiration dates and will drop off.”
  • Your travel plans do not have to be shared or linked through the MyMagic system in order to redeem the MagicBand photos, you only need the 12 digit ID from the MagicBand.


Another tweet from @JohnMagi said:  Coming soon – Memory Maker – full access to photos, ride photos, videos, etc

We have seen other indicators that there might be video involved somewhere, somehow. I was unable to get any official information on “Memory Maker”. But, a Google search did reveal a few interesting items. I want to wait until we can get something more concrete and official, but it is all VERY EXCITING!

Both of these announcements were made at Disney's Earmark conference for travel agents.

  • Heather

    Do you know if the linking other magic bands will be when it fully rolls out? now if you try to link magicbands to photopass it tells you they are already linked to another account.

    • Steph

      I would call them and I would bet they can add them for you manually.

  • leelee

    I’ve been having a problem with linking the magic band and the photo pass. If I go through My Disney Experience I can get my photo pass card and Magic band pictures but can not upload my pictures from my camera. If I go to Disney photo pass website, I can only get the picture that were on the card not the band. I can upload my camera picture to this site. I’ve tried for 3 days to contact Photo pass, just to be put on hold for over an hour each time. I called Disney and the person told me that they would put me on hold and call them and do a conference call, I was on hold for 45 mins. I just would like to put all my pictures together and then order cd, calendar and exc. Does anyone have an answer to how to do this or how to get in contact with someone that does? Thanks

    • Steph

      I’m so sorry you’re having so much frustration!! I haven’t ever uploaded my own photos to PhotoPass. Try calling them at a different time than you did before. I’ve had good luck at about noon ET and only had to wait 15 min or so. I would also suggest sending them an email to the address listed on their contact info. The more detailed and specific information you can give them, the more helpful the can be. Tell them exactly what happens and any errors you get. Good luck!!

  • leelee

    Thanks, Steph. I’ve e-mailed and tried to call again. Still can not get a live person. I’ve been trying to get a number to Magic Band, but no luck.

  • Diann

    I used photo pass+ and had the photographers tap my magic band almost every time we had pictures taken. I am missing several pictures!! I also don’t have ANY pictures from our rides! Please help!!! I am waiting to hear back from customer service…

  • Kelly

    I’m having the same issues, I’m actually on hold as we speak waiting for someone to talk to me on how to get all my character photos that were taken over the weekend. I have my attraction ones but not my in park ones. It’s annoying they make you purchase a separate attraction photo pass for $15.00. It should all be included since you have to pay $15+ for each photo. I did receive this link to use if you don’t want to wait on the phone. I’ll be trying it if I can’t get thru in the next 10 minutes:
    The guy on the phone said that they answer all your questions within 24-48 hours.

    • Steph

      Hi Kelly! If you buy the PhotoPass download CD OR PhotoPass+ then everything IS included in one price: all of your ride photos, in park photos, dining photos, etc. are included in the one price. I hope they got it all worked out for you!

  • Vincent Good

    How do I view and purhase photos that were taken in Disney World a few weeks ago. They were linked to our wristbands, but I can’t find the site to view them. We did not sign up for photo pass.

  • Shannon

    We were there in Oct and used our wristbands. I linked our bands with the account but couldn’t find my pics. It wasn’t until yesterday when I got a reminder email from them telling me my pics were going to expire. In the email there was a link to view my photos and they were all there. However, when I try to claim them or download them it won’t let me. It won’t let me purchase them either.

  • @DaveMinella

    I ended up here while looking for a solution to a problem, but I can see the PhotoPass problems are greater than just mine. I purchased a PhotoCD before our trip, and now the credit won’t show up on my order form. Disney has basically shut down its PhotoPass customer service center and aren’t answering phones or emails. I’m curious as to whether or not the previous posters have had any luck getting their problems resolved.

    • Steph

      I was able to get some issues resolved with my PhotoPass+ without any problems at all. I know others that have also had issues after the Memory Maker roll-out.

      I just always call the number and wait on hold. I’ve never had anyone not be able to help me.

    • Steph

      Oh, the credit doesn’t just show up in your account. You have to enter the voucher that came in your CD case. There are instructions inside the CD case that tell you how to redeem it.

  • David

    no……….you get photos downloaded to your wristband with no instructions or help as to how to access…..boo…

    • Steph

      Log into your MyDisneyExperience account online and there is a button on the sidebar for your photos. If your MagicBand is linked to your account, they will show up. If it was not linked to the account, you will need to add it by clicking on the button to add photos.

  • Alejandra

    It is truth that if you want a photo with the characters you have to pay i mean that you cant take the photos with your cellphone or camera only with the photopass package?

    • Steph

      No, that is not true. You can use your own cellphone or camera as well.