Episode 1: Introductions – Capturing Magic the Podcast



In this first episode of the Capturing Magic podcast, I introduce my co-host (who is it?!!?) and we share a little of our vision for this show. What you will find on the show and a little about what you won’t.

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Picks with Pixie Dust

Steph’s Co-Host: Mobile Me (official Disney app), Mousewait, Instagram

Steph: JustFamily, Lines app by Touring Plans, RainAware

  • WooHoo! I can’t wait to listen to all of it but it is to late tonight – excited about who your co-host is though! You guys will be great together – of course!

    • Steph

      Thanks! 🙂

  • I was hoping Britt would be your co-star! I couldn’t imagine a better person for this show!! (waving) Can’t wait to ‘hear’ whats to come.

    • Steph

      Thanks Krista! Britt has been super fun to work with! 🙂

  • Aww Thanks Krista & Krisi! I was a little nervous to be a “co-host” but so far its been a total blast! Yakking about Disney is something easy for me to do! HAHA!

  • Shanell

    ACK!!! I LOVE this!!! So fun!!! This is going to be a great new adventure!

  • Shantell V.

    I’m a HUGE Britt fan and so excited for this new podcast!

  • FINALLY, I’ve started listening to the podcasts!! We’re going Disneyland (again) in March and I’m pumped. I finally have an iPhone and can use apps!! Yahoo for me!!

    I’m a little bummed out that as a Canadian our roaming charges are so outrageous to use our phones in the US, but I’ll pay for a plan and hope I buy the right amount of data to use. If only Disneyland would get wi-fi….

    Off to listen to show #2!!