Episode 16: Capturing Magic In Cars Land


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This week we are talking about Creating and Capturing Magic in Cars Land in California Adventure. We also share a few tips for avoiding the crowds (which will make for better photos).


Brittney Leavitt

Show Notes

Check out the official Cars Land site (it's super fun)!

Picks With Pixie Dust

Britt's Pick: Flickr (Inside The MagicSets)

Steph:The Circle Sessions:The Music of the Carthay Circle CD

  • Krista

    So Steph, Where was the magic spot (or the bench) where you watched the lights come on in Carsland? I would love to do the same thing we we go. Getting a few snacks and waiting for that moment would be amazing!! Great tip! I’m so glad you daughter was amazed.

    • Steph

      Hey Krista! For the Cars Land lighting: there are benches all along the right side (as you look into Radiator Springs from the main entrance). Sit as close to the Cars Land main entrance as you can so you can see all the way down Route 66 as they turn the lights on. Maybe video it, if you want, but don’t try to take pictures. Just BE in the moment and soak it up. It’s truly magical and worth the wait!

  • Krista

    One more comment. 🙂 You can find the Circle Session on Spotify as well. After Steph’s pick, I quick hopped on to see if it was there and it was! So you can listen to it for FREE on your home computer.

    • Steph

      WHAAAAAAT??? That’s AWESOME!!! My sister is going to FLIP!

  • Love all your thoughts about Carsland. I AM GOING TO WATCH THE LIGHTS COME ON next trip!!! Thanks for that.
    Also, I love RED. I would get a photo with any Car’s character. I actually just made a page about him at Mouse Scrappers. He was very animated and my little one loved the interaction. I will agree, the place he was at is kinda outta the way, and hardly anyone was waiting to see him.
    We also got pics with LIGHTNING…NO LINE. It was after WofC…actually all of Carsland as pretty bare by then. Racer’s line was fairly short too.
    Thanks for the fun podcast. I like your interaction. fun fun 🙂

  • I’m still listening, but I had to pause and comment about Luigi’s Flying Tires. I couldn’t disagree more about it – it’s SUCH a fun ride! I do agree that you need something to “do” on the ride – we always race against someone else to try to get to a designated point on the opposite side and it is an absolute blast. We’ve lucked out with short lines by going first thing in the morning, so maybe that makes a difference in your enjoyment of the ride.

    • Cindy that is such a fun idea to race someone else to a designated spot on the other side. Now I really want to ride it again to try that!!

    • Tanya

      That IS a great idea!!! I can totally see how racing would make it fun again =)

  • Sara S

    I’m anxious to take a photo of Red. My BIL is a fireman so Red is one of our favorite characters. Thanks for the tips girls! I took lots of notes for our upcoming trip.