Episode 2: Tips for PhotoPass+



We are sharing our PhotoPass+ tips and tricks. Some of the ways we found to get the best bang for our buck, mistakes weโ€™ve made, what we will do next time, and most importantly, how itโ€™s different.


Brittney Leavitt

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  • Laura (Hpgirl)

    Thanks for sharing these photopass tips. Great idea about using the stock photos for a cover page – it would have taken me an embarrassingly long time after printing to realize that they’d be perfect for that. Especially some of the seasonal Halloween party ones, as they are a lot better than the ones coming out of my camera at night.

    About the photopass frames – I have a goofy story about those. My sister and I took a sister trip to WDW last year, and one of our tasks was to take a Christmas card photo for out mom. The Photopass site has a few Christmas frames available to put on any of the photos, so the two of us went through after the trip and added the Christmas frames to all of the candidates for the card picture. We sent off a copy of the cd home to our mother, with the instructions to pick a photo from the disk. Somehow, our parents totally misunderstood why we would add Christmas frames to Halloween pictures, and ended up picking an entirely different photo (although to be fair, there was one day when the two of us decided to dress matchy-matchy and take the photo on that day; she picked from one of those photos).

    • Steph

      That’s a funny story! ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for sharing!

  • Hi girls!!! thank you for the show and tips! I am having a great time listening to you. Congrats on the new site too! I haven’t been to Disney in 15 years but I dream about taking my hubby there one day, I know he’ll love it. And I’m sure the show will give me a lot of resources for that.
    I have to say that I’m totally laughing because when you said that you had 200-400 photos for the week and that was a lot (I guess you had more if you count the ones you took on your camera), I was thinking, really? that’s it??
    One of my scrapping problems is that my hubby takes TONS of pictures… for example, we spent a week in Philadelphia over the summer and I came home with 1517 photos he had taken!!! And it’s the same with all our trips and just regular life.
    I hope some day my I’ll be able to have it all scraped. I don’t do all the photos at all, maybe an 8th of them, but still it takes a lot of time to go through them and decide which ones to scrap and print.

    • Steph

      LOL! Yeah that was JUST the pictures the PhotoPass photographer had taken. I had over 1400 photos from our family Disneyland trip in August. I have over 1000 of my trip to WDW with my mom and dad, but I haven’t finished importing them all yet, so I don’t have a closer figure.

  • Erin

    Congrats on the new site! Lovin’ the podcast too! Thank you for all the tips on PhotoPass – it’s been a few years since we’ve done Disney and PhotoPass has changed quite a bit (well at least from the sound of it!). Can’t wait until our next trip and the opportunity to use PhotoPass+!

    I also wanted to add that I’m jealous of all the couples that get to use the PhotoPass to capture their engagements! My husband proposed in Disneyland in front of the castle and had his brother take the pics of him asking. While I love that I have pictures – it would have been nice to have a “real” photographer taking the pics!

  • Shantell V.

    Just wanted to let you know that the photopass+ link for Disneyland is not working. Thanks for a great show. My life has forever been changed. I know see the wisdom in photopass+ and I’ll be getting that from now on ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Thanks for letting us know about the link Shantell. We’ll get that working! (that darn link is tough to find anyway). And yeah – Photopass really is awesome and I’ll definitely always be doing it from now on!! Glad to have passed on that bit-o-wisdom! haha!

  • As a Photopass addict, I’m so sad I had to miss the podcast, but I loved listening to it! Just a heads up on a few things, if that’s ok ๐Ÿ™‚

    You *can* order the Photopass+ during your trip (really good if you changed your mind, or you didn’t realize it until less than 14 days before your trip), but you will pay more ($149 preordered vs $199.95 for WDW & $69.95 preordered vs $99.95 for DL.)

    Also, the price for the regular Photopass CD is different than Photopass+. Preordering the regular Photopass for WDW is $119.95 (vs $169.95) The price for the Disneyland I believe is the same as the preorder for the Photopass+.

    Also of note, as I was working on my pics for this trip, I noticed they got rid of the 7 day extension, and the 15 day extension doubled in price to $20. ๐Ÿ™ I’m the opposite of you guys, I add a lot of borders (though once I got into digi, I hardly use those pics, lol), so I need extensions often. Also, if I go to several trips over a short time, it’s usually cheaper getting a few extensions vs getting another CD.

  • Melissa L.

    Hey, guys — thanks for the great podcast. Your timing was perfect as we’re heading to WDW next month and while I put purchasing the Photopass+ on my to-do list last July, I had completely forgotten about it. Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party is one of our stops so I’m hoping for lots of stock photos from the party and parade as I’m not too confident in my night-time photography skills. I can’t believe our trip is only about a month away — there are so many things yet to do and plan before we leave. I’ll be listening on a regular basis. Your new venture is very exciting, Steph – best wishes!!

  • What a great show!! I loved listen to all of your stories and adventures you all have had. It makes me want to go to Disneyland SO much more now!!

    Also, Britt, you girl are the sweetest. I can not believe you mentioned my post and kit. Thank you!! It was such an emotional one for me, and it was really great of you to share. Thank you!! MWAH!

  • I love your new podcast! I’ve been a faithful listener of The Digi Show since the very beginning, and although I love the information you present there, my favorite part (and what sets it apart) is the interactions between the different participants. I’m loving this one for the same reason.

    I also wanted to comment that I’ve ordered the Photopass CDs a couple of times in the past. A Disney-loving friend suggested it a few years ago. Both times I had a coupon code so I could get it for $100 if I preordered ahead of time. I didn’t know about the Photopass Plus CD until this podcast, and I’m excited that it includes some of the rides and dining events. Where would I find a list of locations it covers? I couldn’t find it in the link you provided. Thanks for the valuable info!

  • Tracy G

    Great show! We went to WDW for the first time in June 2011 and I wish I had known about Photopass Plus. We used the regular photopass card throughout our trip and when we got home ordered the cd. I was thrilled with all the great pictures and my kids loved the stock photos of the characters. I will definitely be doing the plus option for our next trip.

  • Krista

    Hey ladies!! I am planning our next trip (to Disneyland, EEK!) So I came back to “re-listen” to all of the shows again to be a little more prepared. I will definitely be doing the Photopass Plus this next time… but I’m a little confused. Sorry for my novice question. You mentioned a few special moments that the Photopass photographers captured, but how do you know that they’ve captured them? Do you just keep a look out? Do they come to you? Also, how do you be sure you get your photos added? Do you go over and be sure you get the numbers of the photos, OR? (i.e Steph: You mentioned your little one with Jack Sparrow, and Britt, Scarlett with Flynn Rider) Thank Disney experts!!

    • Sarah Woodworth

      Once they’ve taken the pictures they scan a barcode on your photopass card and that adds the photos they’ve just taken to your card.

  • Sarah Woodworth

    Britt I just wanted to mention that you can add bibbidi bobbidi boutique photos to your photopass if you purchase the imaging package. If you decide to purchase a photo they give you a little paper with a barcode on it and you can take it to a photopass counter and they will put the pictures on your photopass.

  • Becky

    Just got back from our trip to Disneyland and I’m so happy I got the Photo Pass Plus. I’m working on ordering all the goodies right now in fact! I got about 100 photos from the PhotoPass+ (not including the stock photos). I was happy to have it but a bit disappointed that there weren’t more photo pass people around. I expected that every character would have a photog with them and that wasn’t the case. Even so, I got some great captures and several of the photographers were some of the friendliest cast members we met. I’m also kicking myself that I didn’t get the special Tinkerbell photo for my daughter. Totally slipped my mind. At the end of my trip I went to CA Adventure and they merged all the photocards for me and were very helpful. Thanks for the great tip to purchase this! It was worth it.

    • Steph

      I’m soooo glad you are happy with the purchase of PhotoPass! I LOVE it!

      Not all of the characters have PhotoPass people with them. It kind of depends on if the characters are roving or in a specific spot.

  • Rachel

    We are planning our first trip to Disney World and I am super excited. I have downloaded all of the podcasts and am really enjoying what I am hearing so far. Thanks for all of the tips! Regarding the Photopass+ program, am I understanding correctly that with this program you can download every picture taken by the photographers, and participating rides, without additional cost? If so, that is an amazing deal!

  • Shannan RN