Episode 22: Capturing Magic Minnie


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In the Capturing Magic Minnies, we are sharing YOUR tips for creating and capturing magic. These will be short shows once a week as long as you like them and listen! 😉 As always, you can share your thoughts with us here in the show notes!

  • Joyce

    Cute little show. I have taken photos of menus but they don’t always come out well because I don’t really care – I just wanted one part of it and that was fine. I think now I’ll try to do a better job on this next trip to WDW. Maybe I’ll practice at restaurants here at home until I get my technique down. Thanks for the entertainment and the education – the edutainment!

    • Joyce you are a crack up! I can just see you at Applebees or some such place taking pictures of the menu while the staff gives you a funny look! HAHA

  • Laura

    I know this isn’t the case for every Disney restaurant, and I can’t tell if this is something new or being phased out, but if you forget to snap a pic of the menu, it may be worth googling the restaurant name + “menu pdf.” I’ve found Kona Cafe and Tony’s have pdf’s available online that can be downloaded; they are just like the menus they hand out. Based on the urls of the one’s I’ve found (one of the subdirectory names is wdw_nextgen), it looks like this may be fairly new. On the other hand, I could have sworn a week ago that Kona pdf was linked from the Disney dining page, and now it doesn’t seem to be. Anyway, it may be worth a shot!

    • Great tip Laura! THANKS!!