Episode 25: Magical Story Hour

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Brittney Leavitt

Magic Stories


Britt & Josh tour the Dream Suite
Josh & Britt's Dream Ears

 Britt's BIG groups at Disneyland
Britt's Brother and Sister-in-Law getting engaged


Disney Kiss LO
Layout about all of the buttons:
Partners and first trip:


Jack Sparrow and my daughter flirting:
Lost Boy for a day:

Picks With Pixie Dust

Stephanie's Pick:  Disney Scrapbooking Idea Book
  • WOW!! Guys… I LOVED this episode. Sigh. I was a sappy mess of tears through the whole show!! My heart was so happy for each of your magical moments! How special. Disney is truly a master of creating “magic”.

  • Heather J

    I’m in between trips to work so I haven’t finished but thought of a magical moment to share (loving the stories so far!)

    Wes and I were winding down and slowly making our way back to the gates when we were casually looking for pins. (We both are pin traders. This trip was my first to trade and he was rebuilding his collection.) we popped into a shop in DCA and a Ast member noticed I had a few of the vinyl family with ears. We started talking about them and how many I had left to complete the series. He couldn’t quite remember so ran into the back to grab (what I can only call) the holy binder of pins. It was a 2-3 inch binder full of every series ever. We flipped through it looking for the family, found it, and started comparing. He then excused himself for another moment, ran to he back, and came out with a handful of family pins. He said something like, “you can have these.” I was so excited and started looking at my lanyard to trade with him. When he noticed he then said, “not to trade, to have. And you already have this one so take it to trade with someone else for another.” What?! He was giving me these?! We found out he is also a family collector and he told us the pig (in the pet series) is the hardest to find. His family is on high alert (as we are now) whenever they go to Disney.

    It was so simple but so sweet and thoughtful, it really made our night that much more magical. I ended up getting every pin in the series except for the pig. But now when I go back to Disney ill always be on the lookout and remember the sweet cast member who helped me further my collection.

    Thanks for a great show ladies!!

  • StudioWendy

    You guys are so lucky to have so MANY amazing memories to share. They were all so special! I instantly knew as I was listening what my magical Disney memory would be. I was 5 and my mom took me to Disneyland. Just me and her and my aunt. That felt special in and of itself to be taken without my brother and sister. I was dressed up really sweet in a pretty yellow checked dress. (So funny what I can remember.) Something about it must have stood out because somehow, I was picked to be in one of their shows. I don’t know if they even do that kind of thing anymore. But it was a show with a burning building and all of us “extras” had to run out on stage and cry fire or something like that. It was so fun to be picked and they told me I had to wear the same dress when I came back to be in the show the next day. They gave us all a reel-to-reel recording of the show too. It went missing for the longest time, showed up again once in high school or college and I haven’t seen it since. I don’t know if I still have it in my box of old ephemera or not but if I ever find it, I’m going to get it converted to digi for sure!

  • I had so many “happy tears” while I was listening to this.. and I automatically thought of my “magic moment” too– it was my first trip to Disney when I was about 2 1/2 and a HUGE princess fan. We were watching what I think was the Electrical Parade– I was on my dad’s shoulders and when Cinderella’s carriage went past she leaned out, waved to me and said, “Why HELLO little princess!”

    It’s one of those moments that I can still remember, and still completely cherish.

    And now I need to go scrapbook that moment!

  • Tiffany

    LOVED this episode! I totally know what you mean about getting emotional during Fantasmic…for me it’s always IllumiNations in Epcot that gets me everytime! There’s something about sitting around that beautiful water, with the lights of all of the countries surrounding it. Epcot is so huge, and the vistas across the park are so beautiful. When that music starts, I can’t help but tear up! Sometimes I listen to the music while I’m scrapbooking, and it gets me every time!!! Thanks for a great show full of Magic Memories!

  • Gab

    What an amazing episode – I just loved all those fantastic magic moments. I was oohing and aahing out loud as I listened!
    I also really love all your picks this week!

    • Steph

      Thanks so much! It was one of my favorites too! 🙂