Episode 27 Magic Surprises


This week, we are talking about ways to share the Disney Vacation news with those that will be traveling with you. After all, you have to tell them you are going, why not make it FUN!?


Krista Sahlin

Brittney Leavitt

Scavenger Hunt Clue Wording:
Your present from mom and dad this year,
stated quite simple isn't here.
Not under the tree, where it's easy to see
But hidden somewhere, where could it be?
To find your gift you'll have to look
Maybe you should start… where we cook.
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  • What a fun episode! We just surprised my kids with a trip to Disneyland. It was so hard to keep the secret. My husband and I started planning in early November and then we didn’t tell them until the night before we left in January. I wanted to wait to tell them when we got to the airport, but I just was too excited. To tell them, I gave them both a little Disney-themed candy pack and then told them what we had planned. My daughter said, “Can I scream?” And when I said yes she squealed in delight. So fun.

    But we only told them we were going to Disneyland, we left out the part that their cousins and Grandparents were going to meet us there. We “bumped” into them picking up our rental cars and it was so fun when my daughter saw her Papa get off the rental car shuttle bus and she realized he’d be joining us.

    I totally recommend surprising someone. It’s so much fun.

    • That is soooo adorable Kimberly! I love that she asked if she could scream! hahah!!!

  • Robin B

    LOVED THIS EPISODE. (But then, I love them all!)

    Since we’re DVC members our kids pretty much expect all our vacations to be Disney. So pulling off a surprise Disney trip isn’t very easy, but we managed a good one last summer.

    As usual, our kids (7yo son & 5yo daughter) went to grandma’s for lunch on Saturday. What they didn’t know was that while they were there my husband and I were loading up the car with suitcases I’d packed. When we picked them up, we told the kids we were going out to dinner to reward them for being so well behaved the night before at a friend’s house. They spent the car ride trying to guess where we were going. Eventually our son realized we were heading to the parking lot at the airport. But he guessed we were going to visit cousins in San Antonio – since I’d mentioned trying to do that over the summer. My husband and I just looked at each other and kept quiet.

    We were sure the kids would figure it out once we got to the gate and our son read the sign at counter. Nope, he didn’t even notice.

    We were sure the kids would know once they heard the announcement at the beginning of the flight. Nope, neither one was paying attention.

    We were sure they’d get it when they heard the landing announcement at the end of the flight. Nope, still not paying attention.

    We were sure they’d see the Mickey welcome sign as we got of the plane. Nope, again.

    It wasn’t until we were almost at the train to the main terminal that our son saw an ad for Universal Studios that he realized we were most definitely NOT in San Antonio. It was hilarious. We offered to get on a plane to go to our “correct” destination to see cousins. It was no surprise we got a resounding “NO!”

  • Nicole

    My in-laws surprised us October 29, 2011 with the news that they were taking the whole family (all 15 of us, including 6 children) to Disney World in November 2012…It was an amazing surprise but I wish they would’ve waited to tell us. Telling us a full year before the trip resulted in endless “How long before we leave?” from my kids. I also had my then 3 year old on an endless spree of questions about the plane including “will there be a restroom?” The excitement was even higher when my second oldest found out we were staying at the Caribbean Beach Resort in the Pirate themed rooms…

  • Kristen

    Great show as always! We’re in the process of planning our WDW trip and plan to surprise our kids (ages 8 and 5) by using the Project Mouse cards. I’ve bought all of them and will be picking a few to include in the surprise by placing one card in each envelope. The envelopes will be numbered 1, 2, 3, etc and hidden around the house. Their job will be to find them and then open them in order.

    I plan to pick a very ‘plain’ card (e.g. red and white stripes) for the first envelope so that they have no idea what it is. Each card will gradually start to give more and more hints about where we’re going with the final card being ‘We are going to Walt Disney World!’.

    Like Britt, I debated about what would be more fun — telling them ahead of time or surprising them the day we are leaving. We’ve decided to tell them a couple months before so we can include them in the planning. However, we’re not telling them that we’re flying until the morning we leave and pull into the airport parking lot. They’ve never flown before (we always drive on vacations), so it will be quite a surprise!

    • Oh WOW!! This sounds like SO much fun!! What a fun way to announce your trip. I want to be a fly on your wall.

  • Just listening to this podcast now….FUN Episode. Here is our surprise story:
    It was the year that you could get in FREE on your bday. So we gave each of our children the choice if they wanted to go to Disneyland for their bday. No friends party, just them and either mom or dad, you know it can get expensive.
    Well, our 4 yo wanted to go. Her bday is the end of May, the day before her daddy’s bday. So we planned a trip for the family to So. Cal. We did a day at Legoland, a day at San Diego Wild Animal Park and then the day that the bday girl and her daddy were going to the park, the rest of us were going to spend time in Downtown Disney, and playing in the pool. The oldest was so mad as we watched the fireworks from our hotel (our hotel base was near Disneyland) he said, “that its not fair we could not be happy being so close to the happiest place on earth!”
    We walked over to the park together the day of the 4 yo bday, because Mom had to get the bday girl’s ticket, etc…and then it happened. Mom bought all 6 tickets (ok, one was Free) and started walking to the park entrance…and Mom said let’s go!
    “Go where?” was answered back.
    “To the park!”
    And we ALL walked in.
    All the way down Main Street the older 3 kids could not believe they were actually there, especially the oldest. He kept asking who knew. And when did we decide, etc.
    It was the best surprise to see the surprise on all their faces, but the oldest was absolutely the best, pure amazement and joy!