Episode 30: Magic Minnie

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In the Capturing Magic Minnies, we are sharing YOUR tips for creating and capturing magic. This week’s tip is “Special Tours” As always, you can share your thoughts with us here in the show notes!

Wild Africa Trek

Epcot Seas Aqua Tour

Disney World Tours

Disneyland Tours

  • We took an awesome tour, the Cruizin’ DCA Segway tour, it doesn’t look like they’ve brought it back after all the construction. It was so much fun to be in the park with just a hand full of guests and cast members at the start of the day. I really hope they bring it back it was a blast!

  • Soraya

    Oh my gosh! I was excited to listen to the latest Minnie podcast, but it made my day when I heard you read my email! (And Britt and Steph– you pronounced my name PERFECTLY!) I just love your podcast and it was really fun to be able to “participate.”

    I only have one thing to add about the Wild Africa Safari Trek that I forgot to mention in my email. I recommend scheduling it either early in the morning or in the late afternoon, since these are the times when the animals tend to be most active (they are usually quieter mid-day when the sun is out and it gets hot). We went early in the morning, and it was great — we got to go into the Animal Kingdom before it opened. The park was empty, quiet, and relatively cool at the beginning of our tour, and I think that’s why we got to see several Okapi in the public area of the park — they are shy, and often will hide when there are lots of visitors. Plus as we were walking in and to our tour we were able to take a few pictures with no other people in the background.
    Have fun, and thanks for the awesome podcast!

  • The Wild Africa Safari Trek is one I’d love to do some day! I’ve done the Keys to the Kingdom Tour and loved it. As a scrapper though, it’s hard because you aren’t allowed to take pics backstage, lol. So I took as many as I took onstage, including of the places where they led us to go offstage. Close enough. 😉