Episode 47: DIfferent Ways to Document Disney


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Capturing Magic team member and writer, Kim Lund joins Britt and Steph to discuss different ways of documenting our Disney memories. We share what we've done, what's worked, and what hasn't. Come share your ideas in the show notes on the site: http://capturingmagic.me/47


Kim Lund (Miss Kim)
Brittney Leavitt

From The Show

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  • L Squared

    YEAH – loved pulling up your show within my Sticher App

    • Steph

      I knew that would make you happy! 🙂 😉

  • Karen

    Do NOT like the touring plans network. I listened to the other podcasts and don’t care for any of them. I listen to many (nod-Disney) podcasts other than yours and did not like having to clean out the touring plans shows that I will not listen to from my i-tunes. Did I understand correctly that your show will update at your old i-tunes location after 30 days? If so I’ll just wait for it to show up there. If not, I probably won’t listen any more.

    • Steph

      Yes, they will be posted through our regular feed after 30 days. I’m also working on getting a player I can put on the site here (as they are released) for people that like to listen that way.

  • Andrea

    Maybe I have missed it but, have you guys covered the idea of scrapping disney in other ways besides by trip?

    I am toying with the idea of just doing basic photobooks to document the specific trips we’ve taken, and then as far as scrapbooking is concerned just scrapping those stories and photos that I am head-over-heals in love with and combining them all in one scrapbook regardless of date.

    I would love to have an episode where you have some guests that approach their documenting in ways that aren’t trip-specific.

    Thanks for a great show as always 🙂