Episode 50: Photo Tips & Tricks with Effie Snow

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Photo tips and tricks in the parks with Effie Snow! If you are a Disney fan on Instagram, there is no doubt you've seen Effie's photos!  Effie shares some really great tips that can be applied to any kind of a camera and some of them really blew us away!  Come share your ideas in the show notes on the site: http://capturingmagic.me/50


Effie Snow (EtsyBlogInstagram)
Brittney Leavitt

From The Show

Disney Letter Art Portraits
The Dimpletons Blog (coming soon)
Paint FX App

Picks With Pixie Dust

Effie: Shooting Dark Rides
Britt: Light Saber Popsicle Cozy (Aunna JamesEtsy)
: Zoom Disney (App StoreWebsite)

  • Laura

    The link to Effie’s Instagram account doesn’t work. Thanks!

    • Steph

      She changed her username in the past couple of days. I’ll get it fixed.

    • Steph

      Sorry. She’s been having problems with her account 🙁

  • YAY!!! Congratulations, Britt!!!!!!

    P.S. I really enjoyed listening to this show. It reminded me that I really, truly need to get out my manual and learn how to use my camera (which is a high-end point-and-shoot)!

  • I’m also having a hard time getting to her Etsy store. Is there a different link?

  • I’m catching up on episodes and loved all the tips, thank you. I’m having trouble with the Etsy link and I’d like to know more about the Scavenger Hunt book. Are there any updates???

    • Steph

      I think the Etsy store is actually closed. 🙁 I haven’t heard any updates on the book either) 🙁