Episode 64: PhotoPass+ and MagicBands Trip Report Capturing Magic Style


This week, Aaron joins Steph to share his experience using PhotoPass+ with the MagicBands. He also shares a lot of other tips for capturing magic; things that were successful for him and some regrets too.

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  • Jennifer

    I loved Photopass+ but we had so many photos missing that were not able to be found. We depended too much on the Photopass and weren’t taking as many pictures with our camera. Now I regret it. We are missing about 5 different sets of pictures.

    • Aaron

      That’s too bad Jennifer. I would be upset as well. I was really afraid of that happening using both the magic band and the card, but we were lucky it didn’t.

  • SaraG

    Hi Aaron! Loved listening to your update on the podcast. So the ‘Plus’ part (ie the dining and ride) photos did you still have to scan the plus card or could you use the magic band?

    • Aaron

      Hi Sara! So glad you enjoyed the podcast! In theory, you can replace the “Plus” card with the Magic Band, however my experience is that not all of the cast members are completely comfortable with that technology yet.

  • Becky

    I’m trying to listen to old episodes and I can’t find this one on iTunes and I can’t figure out how to load older episodes on Stitcher. Can you help?

  • Becky

    Ignore previous comment! Found it iTunes under the Touring Plans podcasts. Thank you!

  • stee

    Hi! Episode 64 isn’t available on iTunes. Can it be added to the network, please? I really want to hear about the Magic Bands. Thanks!

    • Steph

      Thanks! Not sure how I missed that! It’s there now and here on the site as well.

  • Melissa Mayhew Grandt

    RE: the comments about when you have photopass+ and the photographers seem to take more photos – I noticed this with the old PhotoPass system (2012 was our last trip, so before magic bands, etc. Next trip planned for 2017!). Whenever I told a photographer I was “getting a CD” as I handed them my card, I always noticed that they took more and more pictures. Of the whole experience, not just the posed photo. And I always used the photopass a lot when I was doing that, hitting every photographer in the park some days, because different spots in front of the castle returned different images. Or a photo taken in the morning looks different than one in the evening, etc. I will be doing the same thing next year when we do photopass+.