Episode 74: Tips for First-timers


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Suzanna from Zannaland.com joins Steph, Heather W, and Tanya H for this much requested show topic, and share their top memory making tips for Disneyland and Disney World. The memories they think everyone should create while in each of the parks and some tips for capturing them as well.

Picks With Pixie Dust

Suzanna: Pixie Pouches (Etsy Store)
Heather: Disney Running Costumes
Tanya: Disneyland Tips
Steph: DIY Mickey Glow Necklace

  • AnnaRobyn

    When my best friend and I decided to make the trip to WDW (this will be my first visit) I knew that Capturing Magic was the place to go for tips and I was not disappointed. We both live in Northern California and visit DLR often and your tips for those parks were dead on . . . “great job”. With your tips and the other research I’ve done, I feel ready to go on this adventure in November. Thanks for all you do to keep the magic alive between visits to the parks.

    • DailyDigiSteph

      Thank you SO MUCH!!! This is all really great to hear! 🙂

  • Stephanie

    To “piggy-back” on Tanya’s tips I found this article that talks about fun little extras at Disneyland that are so on my list for the next trip. I’ve told my husband I will be running to the train station to try and get a reservation to ride in the Lilly Belle car, and for he and our son to ride on the tender seat! Getting a map of the Jungle Cruise & a Death Certificate at the Haunted Mansion?! Oh the scrapbook page layouts are already running through my brain! You can also ask to “pilot” the Mark Twain, and you get a special certificate too. So check out the article on Buzzfeed http://www.buzzfeed.com/peggy/awesome-hidden-gems-you-must-experience-at-disneyland?sub=2696335_1870727

    Also if you want to find out when Sunset is based on your location their is an App for that too! MagicHour alerts you to the “Magic Hour” for lighting at sunrise and sunset. The settings allow you to specify when and how you want to be notified. I myself don’t feel the need to photograph at dawn. This is great to let you make it to Carsland for the Neon lighting and to take any shots you want with the natural light that occurs around sunset.

    • I heard that they will no longer be allowing guests to ride Lilly Belle (other than Club 33 members or tours.) I’m hoping that’s wrong 🙁

  • krizbee

    Steph, Can you post a link to which trent charger you have? Thank you!

  • krizbee

    ok, another question from me….Is PhotoPassPlus still available at Disneyland? But not at DisneyWorld Orlando?

    • PhotoPass is still available at both Disney World and Disneyland. I don’t see them really pushing Photopass at WDW now, everything being in the stores is Memory Maker. BUT, the card they give you when you get a picture still says Photopass, and the site is still called Photopass, lol. You can still order Photopass+ online and in the parks. I would imagine they will eventually discontinue Photopass+, but right now, you can still get it. I will have a post soon about my experience with Memory Maker.

      • krizbee

        I ended up calling guest services. The agent told me that PhotoPass is no longer available at WDW. I was able to purchase PhotoPass for Disneyland tho.

        • DailyDigiSteph

          I logged into my MyDisneyExperience account. I have the option to by the PhotoPass CD OR PhotoPass downloads (for $169). I can also choose the MemoryMaker Advance Purchase for $149. So PhotoPass is definitely still available, but PhotoPass+ is not.

  • Gabrielle McCann

    This is another episode that I’ll be keeping and listening to again. We are hoping to go to DL in late September – I haven’t been since 1992! And it will be DS’ first time!