Episode 78: Interactive Adventures

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Images in collage courtesy of Disney


Terri-Lynn Torrez joins me this week to share details and tips for participating in the interactive adventures at Disney World (and Wildnerness Explorers at Disney California Adventure).


Terri-Lynn Torrez (on Twitter)
Steph (Capturingmagic_ on Twitter and Instagram)


Show Notes

Picks With Pixie Dust

Terri: Monster Binder
Steph: RealBokeh (MacAndroid)


  • Just an FYI that there’s an also an Agent P kiosk in Norway 🙂

  • There’s a new temporary adventure in the World Showcase Epcot for the Muppets. It ties into the new movie and is a scavenger hunt where you’re trying to find Constantine. There’s a kisok when you enter the World Showcase and you pick up a booklet with clues. There’s 2 missions, Team Napoleon or Team Eagle. One is if you are going towards Canada, the other is if you are going towards Mexico. You can do one after finishing the other, they are each on the other side of the book. Each mission has 3 stops. When you finish you get a sticker, paper badge, and watermelon seeds (with the Muppets Most wanted on it, of course.) A friend from onthegoinmco told me it goes until May 11 (so of course I’m just missing it!) but it seems fun!

  • Gabrielle McCann

    So great to hear Terri’s voice! And what a great episode – you could easily devote several whole days just for adventures!
    And if you’ve been/planning on going on the Disney Dream and Fantasy there are some really cool interactive adventures on board!