Episode 83: Disney Memory Keeping News


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 HeatherW and Tanya join me in this episode as we share some news for Disney memory keepers: ride videos, new magic shots, what happened to the text/email ride photos at Disneyland, MemoryMaker day passes, the Project Life app, and Disney Infinity.


Heather (heatherw25 on Twitter and Instagram)
Tanya (Tanyah666 on Twitter and Instagram)
Steph (Capturingmagic_ on Twitter and Instagram)

Show Notes

Picks With Pixie Dust

HeatherW: ferdalump on instagram
Creation's Love on Etsy
: Target Disney Tees

  • Stephanie

    Loved that the show was back! There was so much great information. The project life app might be able to do a drop shadow. I have a collage app that has a slider for the shadow just like opacity for other items, so it might not be as difficult a thing to include. I wonder if Minnie T will have a collection of character selfies too? Perhaps some simple iPhone lens attachments could help get the shot! I also checked out the Instagram of the toddler who has a costume for everything — ADORABLE!!!!

  • Melissa

    So glad the show is back…I was having major withdrawals. I so hope you have an android version of the capturing magic app soon! Love your shows and blog, lots of great information! Can’t wait for more!

  • Gabrielle McCann

    I’m a bit behind in my listening but wanted to let you guys know it was so good to hear you again! We bought Conor Infinity 2.0 for Christmas along with a whole stack of Marvel/Guardian characters and he admits to liking it even though he’s now 12!