Five Memories Captured – September 2013

As some of you probably know, my family and I just returned from a trip to Disney World in September. Between our iPhones, our new DSLR, and PhotoPass+ we had a lot of pictures to sift through and account for. Today, I wanted to share with you five of my favorite memories captured, how I went about doing that, and why they are important.

Memory #1: My Girls and the Castle

How I Captured It: This is outside of The Crystal Palace, by the bridge. I lined the girls up in the photo, and then got down on the ground with my DSLR and started snapping away. My wife thought I was crazy, until I showed her this shot.

Why It's Important: Getting a shot of someone in your party and the castle without other people around is often tricky. This spot, however, prevented anyone from photo bombing us. Also, the crane was on site because they were starting to install the Dream Lights on the castle, so I was able to position the girls and myself so that the crane would not be part of our photo.

Memory #2: Kissing on Main Street

How I Captured It: PhotoPass photographer right on Main Street. We didn't even ask for a “magic shot,” he just had us do this on a whim.

Why It's Important: When you are going to the parks in a big group like I usually do, it's easy to overlook some of the relationships between people in your party. My wife and I are so often busy posing for group photos that we don't usually get ones that are specific to us. I also love the fun of having everyone close their eyes. This quickly became one of my favorite photos from the trip.

Memory #3: Our Interaction with Jack Sparrow

How I Captured It: PhotoPass photographer, they snapped photos from the time we walked up to meet him to the time we walked away.

Why It's Important: My wife wanted to meet Jack. She has a major crush on the fictional pirate, so we waited a LONG time in line to meet him. I'd heard stories of how good Jack was at interacting with guests during the meet and greets, but I knew my wife would be too shy to say anything to him. So, from the minute we walked up, I talked to him. I told him I had to accompany my wife because I thought for sure she would run off with him. He told me he would only be interested if she had some good booty (gasp! tee hee) and then went on to talk about how clearly I could catch them with my jet pack if they were to run off. It was awesome, and my wife loved it. These interactions are often lost as memories captured, so I was glad the photographer got so much of it on film.

Memory #4: The Seven Dwarfs – Together

How I Captured It: PhotoPass photographer after waiting in a VERY VERY long line.

Why It's Important: Let's face it, getting a character shot with The Seven Dwarfs together is pretty much the Holy Grail of character shots. Since they are only out at parties, we knew this would be our only chance. It was late, the line was long…and everyone in the picture looks like Sleepy, but we got it.

Memory #5: Representing Capturing Magic in the Parks

How I Captured It: iPhone 4s – full on “selfie”

Why It's Important: I was so excited to have a shirt to represent the site while I was in Disney World, that I had to take a picture to share with the Team here to show that I was “repping.” I took this while I was waiting for everyone else to finish up in a gift shop, all on my own with my camera high over my head. You can even see my outstretched arm in my sunglasses.

As you can see, I really used a variety of methods for capturing the memories on our trip. This time around, before we left, I reviewed the photos from my last trip. I took note of the things that were missing from my photos, and made a conscious effort to include some of those things in this trip's photos. I'll do the same the next time I go.

How do you make sure to capture memories while you are in the parks?


  • I totally love that kissing on Main street shot with the kids covering their eyes. Priceless!

  • The main street shot is fabulous! I hope you plan another blog post with a list of things you realized were missing for you to fix for the September trip (and even things you might have missed in September too). We have a trip planned for Sept/Oct next year and don’t want to miss anything!

  • Gab

    What great photos. And I really love the stories behind them

  • Beth

    Loved this! Great assortment of stories and photos, all meaningful in their own way. I will try to remember to do the kissing shot – we have 4 kids and it would be hilarious to have this kind of photo for our album!