How To Get The Best Disney World Photos Ever – CM087

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How to get the best Disney World photos ever

How to get the best Disney World photos ever using Photo Pass and Memory Maker plus updates on Magic Shots for Disney World and more.

Steph: Hey, everyone. Welcome to Capturing Magic. I'm Steph and I'm here today with Heather Winfield from Hi, Heather.


Heather: Hi.


Steph: How are you?


Heather: I'm good. I'm up to two hundred fifty seven characters now, so-


Steph: Whooo! I remember when you were just trying to break two hundred.


Heather: I had a trip when I didn't have anyone, and this part trip I got four


Steph: That's great. Congratulations! We're also here today with Tanya Hickman who is going to tell us her new website because I didn't write it down. Every Magic Moment, is that it?


Tanya: Yeah,, yes.


Steph: Okay. Yay!


Tanya: Yeah, we hear her writing it down now.


Steph: I know, I'm typing it. I'm typing it, yes. Yay! Okay, where you're talking about every magic moment, all kinds of magic moments.


Tanya: All kinds of magic moments. Disney magic moments and normal life magic moments.


Steph: Perfect. Alrighty, today we are going to be talking about changes at Disney World related to Memory Makers, Magic Shots, all this kind of stuff that we love and get so excited about. Okay, what new Magic Shots do we have down there in Florida?


Tanya: Wait, I know one! I know one. Can I talk about it [crosstalk [00:01:23] because it's the only thing I know.


Steph: Okay, let's hear it, Tanya.


Tanya: The Headless Horseman Magic Shot.


Steph: For Halloween. Whoohoo! [crosstalk [00:01:29]


Heather: At the Hallow- [crosstalk [00:01:31] That's at the Halloween Party.


Steph: I was going to say, is that party only?


Heather: Yeah, party only. It's at the entrance to the park, although I did see, when when I was going through Instagram and trying to see examples, I did see one in Liberty Square. I don't know what the deal is, but all the other ones I saw, and what I had heard it was supposed to be was at the main entrance. It was really cool.


Steph: That's cool. It's really cool. It's so fun that they're doing some new and different stuff, I think.


Heather: Yeah, because they don't have anything else new at the party.  Poor party.


Steph: Let's finish talking about the Party Shots, then. There are a couple of other Magic Shots. The Grim Grinning Ghosts at the Haunted Mansion.


Heather: Yeah, there's the one on the hearse. It's driving the hearse. Sometimes you can get that during the day, it depends, but I haven't seen that lately; although, they have had, during the day, different hitch-hiking ghosts. There's the three of them, but you get one of them in your picture and it's when you're leaving the Haunted Mansion. THey've been doing that during the day which is pretty cool.


During the party, they have the hearse one and then they have the one with the three hitch-hiking ghosts. Not a hundred percent sure where they're doing it this year, because they keep changing it around. I think last time it was over like in the Splash Mountain area, so it's probably still around there. Then they have the poison apple one, that's a fun one.


Steph: That's supposed to be by the main entrance, too, isn't it?


Heather: I'm not sure. I haven't heard anything about where it is this year, because the first year they had it, it was impossible to find. You had to really track down someone to do it and then I think the next year, they … I don't know. I haven't found it since that first year. Maybe it is by the entrance. That's also hard because, if you're going to the party before the party starts like a lot of people, then you're going to have to come back out to go do that. I have to remember, because I need that Headless Horseman shot.


Steph: Yeah.


Heather: At some point, I have to go make sure I get that.


Steph: Yes, and then they also have a couple of animated shots as well that are … One's on Main Street. It looks like-


Heather: Well, if it's on Main Street, but it's also sometimes … They have the Hub, so sometimes you'll get a photographer that can take it in the Hub area because sometimes they're roaming around, but it's mostly on Main Street. They have some … The parades, the-


Steph: The grave diggers.


Heather: The waltz dance … Oh, yeah, the grave diggers, that one's at the pumpkin area when you're first coming in in the Town Square area. That one, they add the grave diggers and that's fun because the Boo to You Parade is the best thing.


Steph: That's my favorite parade, I think, in all of the parks. [crosstalk [00:04:32]


Heather: That's my ring tone; that's how much I love it.


Steph: Awww!


Heather: I love that and the best part of the parade is, of course, the grave diggers. That's fun, that they come into the shot, and you also get the regular Magic Shot with them standing there. Then they also have, further down on Main Street – and like I was saying, sometimes around the Hub, and sometimes they'll do it during the day; it's another of those iffy things – the waltz dancers from the Haunted Mansion and they dance into your picture. That's another fun one.


Steph: Fun.


Heather: That it?


Steph: That's really fun. They, Disney World at least anyway, usually has, if it's an animated shot, it also come with a jpeg, a non-animated version of it. If it doesn't show up, I've had it added before.


Heather: Yeah. They usually do that and they also have, during the day, because I think we're done with the Halloween Party, right?


Steph: Mm-hmm (affirmative).


Heather: Also from the parade, so from the Festival of Fantasy, they have the Lost Boys dancers and so they have the same type of thing, where they're dancing into your picture. It's on Main Street, and then they have the still picture with them in it.


Steph: Awesome, yeah. Okay, so what other Magic Shots updates do we have? I know you sent me a few to update and then you updated some as well.


Heather: Yeah, and I still think I had some that were on a site that were the ones that the site had posted, the Disney site that I have, but I was able to get them, so I have to submit to you but-


Steph: Okay. You can swap them out?


Heather: Yeah, I know – they're not really new, but in the Norway area now that they have Frozen stuff – they have the Sven Magic Shot and they have the snowflake Magic Shot which had been retired before when it was at the Hollywood Studios. They're doing that, and I've actually seen pictures on Main Street, too – maybe that's just like a random thing – of the snowflake.


Steph: Okay.


Heather: That's kind of a fun one. Then they have a bunch of new animated Magic Shots. There's the same one that they have at Disneyland which is the Mickey and Minnie one where Minnie's taking the picture and Mickey's kind of scooting his way into the picture with you.


Steph: At the partner set too?


Heather: No, that's at Hollywood Studios.


Steph: Oh, sorry.


Heather: It's sometimes on Main Street. I know one time I got it on Main Street, but I don't know if that's officially there or not, but I think the main thing is Hollywood Studios. It could be at Min Street, too. Then, at the Magic Kingdom entrance also – and apparently at Hollywood Studios because I couldn't find this one – but they have this Zootopia one. They have Nick and he has it on his phone, a picture of you that you just took. It's a little weird-


Steph: Cute.


Heather: It's like you're small, like the main thing, but I wasn't able to catch that one this trip. Hopefully, next trip I'll be able to find that one. They had one at EPCOT at the seas with Nemo area, you know, the statues. They have really cute ones at Finding Nemo, an animated Magic Shot. I went over there just for that and I was talking with the photographer for awhile about it and then, of course, I never had it added, so-


Steph: Oh, no.


Heather: Yep. That was one of the ones I had to contact them about and thankfully, they added it. That one is really cute. Then they have – this is, of course, my kind of thing – they have a new Magic Shot when you meet Cinderella.


Steph: Yes, it's adorable.


Tanya: What?


Steph: Really cute.


Heather: They have – it's either at Cinderella's Royal Table, I mean there at the beginning, or in her meet-and-greet area in the princess fairy tale hall – and they added to the last picture of you set of pictures … Unfortunately, with mine, my last picture wasn't a pose shot; it was, I think, we were hugging or talking or-


Steph: Oh, noooo.


Heather: You know, the way my meet-and-greets go, I don't just-


Steph: You don't [crosstalk]


Heather: Get a picture. No, we're still chatting so it's like there where the mice come in. It's really cute, but [crosstalk [00:08:57] going to have to-


Tanya: I haven't seen that one. The mice come in?


Steph: Yeah.


Tanya: Awww.


Heather: Yeah, it's really cute.


Steph: [crosstalk] percent her, it's cute.


Heather: I'll have to get that one again. I'll have to go meet the princesses again.


Steph: Yep.


Tanya: Now, now. [crosstalk]


Heather: Then, I think the last new one is the Buzz ride has a new Magic Shot. It's an animated Magic Shot. That one's really cool and, again, I rode the ride just for the Magic Shot, and then of course, I didn't have it, so I had to contact them, so I don't know what the deal is with these animated Magic Shots. You have to ask them, but they did end up all getting added.



That's good.



Ride animated? That's brilliant.









It's really fun, too.



That should really be on like every ride.



Well, they have it on the Mine Train, too. They do the video and then, don't they have an animated Magic Shot, too, or is that just the video? Am I making that up?



No, it's just the video and they made a whole compilation and you're in slow motion.



Yes, you're right.


Heather: It's not an animated thing, but … speaking of animated Magic Shots, I'm not a hundred percent sure, but I think the Lumiere one isn't animated anymore, only because when I went in both April and July and I got shot and I got shot, neither time the animated was added. I don't know if it's just my kind of luck, which is possible, [crosstalk [00:10:35] or if it's just they're not doing the animated part of it anymore.


Steph: Right.


Heather: That was always a fun one. That was actually the first one, I think. Right? That was the animated shot they added?


Steph: I think so. Yes, it was, actually. Yeah, it was.


Heather: Yeah, so-


Steph: That was the very first one.


Heather: I've grown to liking them … At first, I wasn't sure with those animated ones because you don't move but they move, so sometimes it has to be kind of the perfect balance of the two.


Steph: Yeah.


Heather: I think I like them now.


Steph: I love them. Yeah, I definitely love them. For sure. I do want to mention, though, that in order for the animated Magic Shots to be added, you do have to have Memory Maker.


Heather: Or PhotoPass. Oh, for PhotoPass … Annual Pass.


Steph: Yes. I'm like, they don't have Photo Pass anymore at Disney World.


Heather: Yeah!


Steph: An annual pass.


Tanya: Get with the times, Heather.


Steph: I know you don't like change, but … Yeah, you need to have either Memory Make or an annual pass that includes Photo Pass.


Heather: Yes.


Steph: Your annual pass card will say right on it if it includes Photo Pass. It says it right on there. Yes. Okay, and then there's also an animated Zootopia Magic Shot.


Heather: Yeah, we talked about that.


Steph: Did we?


Tanya: The animated one.


Heather: Yeah.


Steph: Oh, okay.


Tanya: She did. She glanced over it.


Steph: You did. I remember now. Okay, yeah, sorry about that. That's all of them? What about [crosstalk]


Heather: There's a lot of info.



What about Anger? Do they still have the Anger, which is the funniest thing to me.


Heather: Yeah, I'm not sure, but that was in April that I got that one. It's possible. I'll have to see, because now they have the Food and Wine, so they could always change it up. It was really weird because, when you're going to Disney, you should be, I would think, Joy-






Instead, you're taking a picture in front of Spaceship Earth, and then Anger pops up-



You're smiling.



Yeah, you're smiling and it's like-



Anger comes in and throws a fit.



You should get your choice because I would totally want Sadness because she is so cute and I would totally like make a sad face-



She is so cute. Oh, she's so cute. That would be fun, too, and maybe they need to tell everybody to act angry, I don't know.


Tanya: Right, yeah. It would make more sense that way.


Steph: Mm-hmm (affirmative).


Heather: It was one of those things where they didn't even tell you and it wasn't until I was looking through my pictures and I was like, “Oh, there's [crosstalk]”


Tanya: They don't tell you because they're not positive it's going to show up and then you'd just have an angry photo if it doesn't.


Steph: For sure. Then, new ride photos. There's the Frozen ride. How's the ride photo?


Heather: Yes, the Frozen ride has a ride photo. [crosstalk]


Steph: We have the best example.


Heather: I had a really bad experience with the ride. Long story short, it took me three tries to actually get through the ride without it not being broken down and run through the pouring rain to get to it, or having to be evacuated after being on the ride for thirty minutes and then having to jump out with an injured knee. By the third time I tried it and I got through the thing, and I was like, “That's it?” Then there's like other people in the picture that are really hilarious to see. It was like great reactions, though.


Tanya: It's always fun with new rides like that because people don't know where the photo is yet and you really catch them off guard. It's hilarious.


Heather: I do, I had seen and then I completely forgot with everything else that was going on about the ride photo, until I was like, “Oh, there's a flash. I forgot the ride photo.” The picture itself is not that-


Steph: It's not that great.


Heather: Decorative, or [crosstalk]


Steph: It's not that themed.


Heather: Yeah, it's like, “Oh, there's, you know, boat.” It's the same boats that were in Maelstrom.


Tanya: Again, could made into a totally cute animated Magic Shot.


Heather: Yeah.


Steph: Or at least out of order.


Tanya: Right? Give me something.


Steph: Honestly, it's just like a log. Unless you know, you might mistake it for Splash, because sometimes the front of the boat doesn't even show up. The front of the boat is the distinguishing feature.


Heather: Yeah. Like if you're in the front- I know in Mine Train, your picture is dependent on where you're sitting, so if you're farther back, it's focused on you. If you're in the front, you maybe you have more of that, because with the Disney World ride photos, it's based off your Magic Band. I think they kind of crop it to your picture.


Steph: Yep.


Heather: You know, the time that I got evacuated, I was in the front row, so that wasn't great.


Steph: You were angry in the back row.


Heather: Yeah, like that was the angry Magic Shot.


Steph: If you're telling people why do they have to Photoshop you out in order to post it on the site-


Tanya: I say we sneak the original onto the site when she's not looking, because it's worth showing-


Steph: Send it on over, Tanya.


Heather: You know that one that went viral on Splash Mountain where she looked so angry?


Steph: That was you.


Tanya: You were totally making like a Michael Phelps anger face.


Heather: I don't really want to get into it, but you know, I thought there was so much more after the ride when I was evacuated, and it was like two seconds afterwards. Yeah, if you want to know where the ride photo is so you don't have the same look I did, it's after they have like the Marshmallow, and you're going down on the-


Steph: Fall?


Heather: The fall, yeah. It's like I said, the exact same ride, system, track and everything. I don't know why they're having so many problems if it's the same one, but that's one of those things that hopefully gets fixed over time, because it breaks down a lot.


Steph: Yeah, Radiator Racers did that a lot too when it was brand new, but it seems to be working well now.


Tanya: Yeah, doesn't break down as much anymore, I guess, huh?


Steph: We have a post on Capturing Magic that shows examples of all of the ride photos in the parks, Disneyland and Disney World, and also tells you where you want to sit, which is super helpful if you've got a big group or kids or things like that, because it's not always intuitive. Where you think maybe that your kids isn't always where they should sit to be able to be viewed in the photos.


Heather: The Frozen one, I would definitely say if you're wanting that for the picture, you want to be in the front, because it's not really staggered that well. The Splash Mountain one, because it's going really-


Steph: Down a hill.


Heather: The angle-


Steph: Yes.


Heather: You see everybody, but this one you don't really, which is why I was kind of-


Steph: Yeah, you were a little bit.


Heather: Not enough.


Steph: No, because I'm the example that's on the sitet right now, I photoshopped you out so you're not even in there at all. Okay, is that all? Do we have any other new PhotoPass, Magic Shot, anything else that we need to talk about?


Heather: Not that I can think of.


Steph: I can't either. How are things with you getting your PhotoPass photos in the app and all of that kind of stuff down there, Heather?


Heather: I love it. It's working great. If the picture doesn't show up, that's one thing, but I haven't had as much problems with that as I had my last Disneyland trip. I've had a couple pictures not showing up, but not too many, and like I said, I had a lot of these Magic Shots not showing up, but that was a separate issue I think; because maybe it's not going through as a Magic Shot.


It's great to just be in the park and it's almost instantaneous [inaudible [00:18:58] take the picture, and you look in the app, and, “Oh, there's my picture.” You just download it, and post it. It's great.


Steph: Good. Kind of how it works, maybe we should just go through this a little bit. For the PhotoPass Magic Shot, there is a setting that the photographer is supposed to change in their camera, so that the people behind the scenes know to add the Magic, it kind of gets flagged and they can see it more easily, but sometimes the photographers don't do that, or something happens to it-


Heather: Yeah, even when I see them change it, sometimes it just doesn't get shot-


Steph: It just doesn't get added; it gets missed in the Magic department. [crosstalk [00:19:39]


Heather: Yeah, when you contact them, they're just, “Oh, you've been added,” so it's not really a huge deal unless you needed it immediately.


Tanya: Which we do. Which we do. Need it right now.


Steph: We do.


Heather: The good thing too is, you can download the animated Magic Shot too. I think when it first started through the app, you couldn't download it unless you downloaded everything, but now you can- if you have Memory Maker or the annual pass with pictures-


Steph: PhotoPass.


Heather: Yeah. Well, see, I was just going to say PhotoPass, [crosstalk [00:20:13] anymore. I don't know what they call themselves, PhotoPass photographers-


Steph: I know.


Heather: The other good thing I'll mention is if you're a member when this whole thing first started with the Magic Bands, and there was always a problem with Magic Bands not working with the scanning, but now it seems to work great, to the point when I go to Disneyland for the first day, I'm sticking my arm out for them to, and I'm like, “Oh wait, I'm not at Disney World.” That's definitely worked a lot better. It's nice not to have to pull out a card.


Steph: I agree, and especially for the ride photos; those automatically show up, you know don't have to do anything at all if you have a Magic Band. They still have places to scan your card, right, if you just have a card?


Heather: Yeah. I know they do on Test Track, and probably some of the others where you just scan it – Space Mountain – so you can scan those things, and it gets added, but if you have your Magic Band, it goes right onto it.


Steph: Yeah, but the ride videos don't get added at all unless you have Memory Maker, even if you scan a card. Sorry, Memory Maker and a Magic Band combination, is my understanding. Is that yours?


Heather: Yeah, I think so, because I've only had- I've never not had it. Having it on the annual pass is the greatest thing, because you know me, just like you, would always buy it.


Steph: Yeah.


Heather: That adds up, especially the amount of times we go.


Steph: It does add up, and in fact I did a little price analysis, and I'm glad you brought that up, because it's a great segue into this. If you're going to buy a seven day Park Hopper pass and you are by chance driving a car and have seven days of parking and a Memory Maker, it's only forty dollars more to upgrade to an annual pass. From a seven day Park Hopper pass to an annual pass and then you get those seven days of parking included, and Memory Maker, and all of your photos are included.


Heather: You get discounts now.


Steph: You get discounts, yeah. It's kind of a no brainer if you're going to be there for that many days, or longer, it totally makes it worth it.


Heather: The only problem with having all the pictures, because when you get your annual pass, they give you your pictures from a year before, which is great, but then if you're like me and at the end of the trip you and you say, “Download all,” and you're having thousands of pictures that show up in twenty five-


Steph: It's a pain.


Heather: Different files, and have to try to figure out, “Okay, I have to go from the bottom up,” and “When do I stop,” and … takes forever. That's the only issues, but can't complain about having too many pictures.


Steph: I totally agree, you can't, but it is a pain, because you either have to select them one by one or download them all, and then go through them. Those are your options on the website which, I mentioned this on our Disneyland podcast, I think they need to add a date feature where you select everything between this date and that date, and just download all of that.


Heather: The other thing with the Disney World version is that, if you have friends hooked up with your account – because you can some friends – and they have it that you can see their pictures, because most people don't change the privacy setting, so the automatic thing is that other people can see your pictures.


You have people that are your friends, but you're getting all their pictures too and you've got to download them all, and … I mean, I like my friends, but-


Steph: You don't want their photos. You can't go in and change the setting? It's something they have to do on their own end?


Heather: They have to do it so that you can't see their pictures- You can set it up to have different people like, you have it that your friends, and then you have family. Your family I think is set up to see it, or you can still change it. Whatever it is that I can see my mom's, and she can see mine, but for anyone else, I always go in and say they can't see it, but if the other people do it-


There's a button on top to say, “Show Friends and Family,” so it's automatically checked on, so if you just want to see your own, you have to check that off, but when you go to download it, it still downloads everybody's pictures.


Steph: Oh, really? Do you still download them all instead of doing them one by one? See, I always go through and go one by one, because I'd rather do it there than on my computer.


Heather: I'm not going to download hundreds of pictures, because again, I take hundreds of pictures each time, and I don't want to make sure I miss one, and so I just say “Download all,” and sometimes it takes forever for it to show up that you can download it, but then, like I said, I just started from the highest number, and go backwards, and I keep unzipping it until I see pictures from another trip, and I'm like, “Okay, I'm done.”


Steph: Then you just delete everything else.


Heather: Yeah.


Steph: That's smart.


Heather: I think the site for the Disney World is much better than the Disneyland one. I don't have a Disneyland PhotoPass, but I have looked at it to see the picture, and I can even see- The Disney World one, it's much better, which is really strange to say, because in Disneyland things are better than Disney World versions. It's weird that it's not the same.


Tanya: Yeah, I forgot to mention that in the Disneyland podcast. The way you download is different.


Steph: Oh really?


Tanya: Yeah, I had to download the photos three different times, and all three times, I got a different number of downloads.


Steph: You know what? [inaudible [00:26:02] We're all going to have to add notes to the Disneyland podcast, because I forgot to mention too, I had problems with downloading too, and there were about a hundred photos I could not download no matter what I did, and so I actually had to call them, and they had to do something special on the backend and send me a totally different link via email.


Tanya: Interesting.


Heather: The Disney World one, you just say, “Download all,” and then you go to “My Downloads,” and they're all listed, or if you're downloading a separate picture, then you can go in the same thing, but I noticed it wasn't there. Especially when Tanya was saying she was having problems downloading, I'm like, “Well, look in My Downloads section-”


Tanya: I'm like, “There isn't one, what are you talking about?”


Steph: Yeah, and I worry, if you selected to download them all with thousands of photos out, it would freak the Disneyland site right out. I really worry about that.


Tanya: You'd literally get one photo out.


Steph: I think I'd break it. It's been working for you?


Heather: Yeah. That app, it's been great. Again, strange to say, because there are certain things that don't work with the app, but the PhotoPass generally has worked really well. I did a post a while back about how to download from the app, and it's changed a little, but it's the same basic concept. It's pretty easy to just download it.


Sometimes – you were talking about that on the Disneyland one – that sometimes it just doesn't reload, and even though you pull it down-


Steph: To refresh.


Heather: Yeah, it's not doing it, so I'm standing there and I'm pulling it down with both fingers, trying to do it, to try to get it [crosstalk [00:27:39] Yes. Eventually it works, but you said to log out-


Steph: Log out, and log back in. I would try that. Yeah, when I was at Disney World and using the PhotoPass app, it works really well. They've been doing it longer at Disney World too, than Disneyland has, and even though you would think that it would all be the same system, and all the same everything, it's not. They're totally doing their own thing.


You know, Disney World's been doing it for a little big longer, and had more time to work the bugs out, than Disneyland, I guess. We'll give them that. Yeah, try logging out and logging back in, let me know how it goes, Heather.


Heather: Okay, because so many other things sometimes do not work in that app, but that seemed to work well, and I really like that. Like I said on the Disneyland one, it's great too, because there's so many more inside Meet and Greet areas, and this lighting, it's just horrendous. It's nice to just be able to download …


Sometimes, theirs don't come out either, but if they do, just to be able to go and download it, and post it right away.


Steph: Yeah, I have to give kind of a little shout out to Disney on their PhotoPass and Memory Maker stuff, because I've been to a lot of other parks and places, attractions; different places where they offer a PhotoPass kind of a thing, and I never get as many photos for the same price as what I do with Disney.


Walking away with four or five hundred photos, and if you're buying Memory Maker, you're a hundred and fifty dollars, you aren't going to get that anywhere else. No where. I think it's totally worth the money, even if you're paying for it every time you and don't have an annual pass. I've always felt that way, so I guess that's nothing new.


It's just now I have comparisons, I have things to compare it to. You're getting the biggest bang for your buck definitely at Disney, if you're willing to stop and get the photos. If you're not going to stop and get the photos, then it's not going to be worth it to you, but if photos are important to you, and documenting that vacation is important to you, you need to get it, and you need to stop every time you see a photographer.


Heather: I've seen a lot of people who say they haven't really stopped for photos, but now they're annual pass, and now that it's included, they stop for a lot more pictures, just because now they can get it and and they won't have to pay.


Steph: Yeah, I wonder how that's going to affect lines.


Tanya: Yeah.


Steph: With more people having it, but I think it's great, because it does allow them to be able to do a better job. Now what about photographers? Have you noticed a difference with the photographers at Disney World like we have Disneyland?


Heather: Not really.


Steph: No? Same?


Heather: Like I was saying, I was talking to this one at the Nemo photo spot, and she was saying how since they had added the Norway photos, that they didn't add any more photographers, so they were stretching them thinner. I think that was kind of obvious.


I was seeing a lot of photographers in different places. I had a really great one at closing, or after closing, that was – the park had closed at midnight, and it was way past midnight – on Main Street, and she was taking pictures, all these pictures of people in front of me, and they were laying on the ground, and so I asked if she could do that for me, and she, “Yeah,” so I have nobody around me-


Steph: I saw those. They're amazing. It's so …


Heather: Of course, those were pictures that originally didn't show up on my photo app.


Steph: Oh no.


Heather: It was one few times I didn't have it on my camera, and I was like, “Ah, please find it,” but they did. That's a success story.


Steph: That's great.


Heather: There's just some really good photographers like that, and I think it's like anything, sometimes ones that go over the top, and then other ones who are just like, “Yeah, I'm here. I'll take your picture and that's it.”


Tanya: “I'll give you your castle shot.”


Steph: Yeah, exactly. All right, I think we're good on the Disney World front then, right? Was there anything else?


Heather: I don't think so. I think that seems about right.


Steph: Okay, perfect. I want to ask our listeners, tell you “Thank you for being here,” and then also ask you, if you enjoy this show, please be sure to give us a review in iTunes, that helps us out and makes us more visible so other people can find us, so we can keep going and doing this.


Heather: Yay!


Steph: It's nice to know people are listening. Yes.


Tanya: Leave lots of comments so Steph knows we need to keep doing it.


Steph: So Heather and Tanya don't go through withdrawals.


Tanya: Yes, my gosh. It's boring when I have to talk to just Heather.


Steph: I'm glad to know that I'm that special in your life. All right, Heather, reminds our listeners where to find you please.


Heather: On all the social media, I'm HeatherW25, and my character site is “I Love Characters!” and it's


Steph: Okay, and Tanya?


Tanya: Also social media, TanyaH666, and


Steph: Thank you, and we will see you next time on Capturing Magic.


  • Ashley Kell

    I had an animated shot from the Doug and Russel meet and greet at Animal Kingdom from my trip at the beginning of September