Great Movie Ride Photo Spot

Great Movie Ride Photo Spot

When Turner Classic Movies became a sponsor of the Great Movie Ride at Hollywood Studios, along with updating the montage before the movie, they also added a fun photo spot next to the ride! I realized last month that I somehow hadn't taken a picture since it was added, so I made sure to take some pictures there this trip.

The photo spot is to the left of the Great Movie Ride. A side note, the Chinese Theater looks beautiful when entering the park!

Great Movie Ride Chinese Theater

You can't miss the photo spot after walking up to the theater. There weren't any other guests when I first walked up, but there was a short line after we left. There is a place to put your hands in “cement” for an adult, and a lower podium for a child.

Great Movie Ride Photo Spot

There was a Photopass Photographer when I was there. However, I liked the pictures on my camera better, since Photopass had the flash on, and it bounced off the background, creating a glare. You can get a picture with just one person.

Great Movie Ride Photo Spot

Or you can get a picture with two people. My mom had to use the lower podium, haha!

Great Movie Ride Photo Spot

A small but fun addition that's a great photo opportunity for your next trip!

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  • Gabrielle McCann

    Love that photo spot! Great pic of your and your mum!

  • Roxy

    Great photo. Great spot.
    I have been missing that spot too. I am a super fan of the Great Movie Ride, and in my mind there is no explanation why I have not seen it. Now this spot is added in my Must Do Photos. Thanks.