Have Official Disney Characters in Your #Disneyside @Home Celebration Photobooth

When I found out I was going to be a host for a #Disneyside @home Celebration, I KNEW I would do a photobooth! I had created a backdrop and had it printed for a DIY wedding photobooth last fall, and I knew it would work for the party too. I also remembered this post I had done on the Disney Memory HD app (available for Android and iPhone) and wanted to combine them all into a fun, memorable event for my guests.

I marked off a spot on the carpet, where the guests could stand and took their photos with my iPhone as they arrived. Then, I listed off the character in the Disney Memory HD iPhone app and asked them which character they wanted to appear in their app. It was a quick couple of taps to add the character frames to the guests photos.

I then printed the photos using my Canon Selphy printer, which prints wirelessly (no wi-fi needed), directly from my phone, and it prints in a full 4×6.

I purchased a photo album at Target for each guest for $2 each. They have carried some really fun glitter photo albums for a couple of years, down the scrapbook isle in red, blue, silver, black, and pink. They don't always have all of the colors though.

I printed the character photos, as well as photos that I took through out the party for each guest and at the end of the party, they added the photos to their albums.

As they started putting the photos in their albums, they started coming up with some fun and creative character photo ideas, and I was happy to take their photos as many times as they wanted. Some of the kids went home with quite a few photos in their albums. I think this turned out to be a favorite for sure!

I can't help but share my very favorite photo of the day though. This little guy met his mom at the party (dad dropped him off) and he insisted on wearing Carl's aviator hat from UP. Mom had no idea he was going to have it on. It was ADORABLE!!! Be still my heart!


  • Gabrielle McCann

    That looks like so much fun!