Her Capturing Magic “minnie” Trip Report

I've asked team members to start doing “minnie” trip reports when they return from a visit to the parks and share some of the Capturing Magic that worked and didn't work on their trips. I think all of us can gain insight and ideas that might help us on our own vacations. This is the first “Minnie Trip Report” and it's by team member, Heather Joyce. It's the “HER” version of her first trip to Disneyland with her husband. Watch for “HIS Minnie Trip Report on Saturday.

Memory: Our first trip to Disneyland and our first trip as a married couple.

How it was captured: We stepped into California Adventure and I wanted to grab a quick photo of us before we started our day. Being just the two of us I snapped the photo myself.

What Worked: This was the real life memory. It was cold and bright. I wish we had taken off our sunglasses and pulled down the hood from my jacket, but the photo exists and i remember the moment perfectly.
What didn't: It's not the most iconic background, and even though that wasn't the overall feeling of the photo it could have been a nice surprise.

Memory: Cars Land.

How it was captured: We took a photo of us waiting in line, a few on the ride, and some in the general area. Also a photo Photo Pass plus ride photo from Radiator Springs Racers.
What Worked: Cars is probably one of our favorite movies and it felt like we walked into it. I could probably compare walking through cars land as some people may consider meeting a celebrity or seeing a set of a movie/tv show… because everything was there. We also grabbed a photo of our lunch we grabbed from the cozy cone (ps. it was delicious!)
What didn't: I wish I had more photos comparing day and dusk/night. That is digging pretty deep though because I am pleased with the photos we have!

Memory: Photo Walk.

How it was captured: Several iPhone photos from me and then sharing photos with others after returning home.
What Worked: It got me to look at the park in a totally different way. I also got to speak photography while in one of the most photogenic places. Seemed pretty win win.
What didn't: Not having a DSLR limited some of my shots. I'm really into shooting a wide aperture and having 90% of my photos blurry. I was really only able to get one successful photo like this and I wouldn't have minded more.

Memory: Tower of Terror.

How it was captured: Love makes you do crazy things. I snapped a photo of us waiting in line for Tower of Terror. Its dark and blurry and overly pixilated, but it sums up our personalities 100%. Tower of Terror is one of Wes's favorite rides and I was ok with riding it as long as he held my hand. With a 45 minute wait I began to regret my decision. I needed to find something to distract me from the inevitable and I'm glad it was this photo.
What Worked: The memory was captured.
What didn't: The quality. This is a great example of memory is greater than the quality. It almost fits the theme so it's alright too.  Also, I wish I wan't such a baby in the PhotoPass+ ride photo. I was so scared and didn't keep my eyes open for most of the ride, in fact this was the position I kept the entire ride.

Memory: Pin Trading.

How it was captured: It wasn't.
What worked: We did take a photo at the end of our first night with our lanyards.
What didn't: I wish we took photos with some people that we traded pins with. One night we spent about 30 minutes talking with some cast members about pins because they saw I was really close to completing a collection. They even gave me some pins I was missing. But no photos. Next time we go, I'll try to get some photos with case members that I trade special pins with.
I'm so glad that we had a day to ourselves and then had a day with friends. It was a great way to do it. Also I am really thankful we had someone with PhotoPass+ on our trip (Steph). We were able to get a lot of group shots captured that otherwise we may have missed. I'll never do Disney without one! I'll also always bring a phone charger. I was worried at time I would be out of battery and miss a memory later in the day, this way I could have charged in line and not missed any photos.
  • I just have to say that I LOVE that Tower of Terror ride photo! I think it is perfect because it captures exactly how you were feeling– plus I can totally sympathize… If I even got on that ride, I am sure I would be in the exact same pose!! 🙂

    • Steph

      That ride makes me have panic attacks!