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Photo book printed by AdoramaPix


Scrap Your Year Class

Easy Disney World Photo Book

Easy Disney World Photo Book

Easy Disney World Photo Book

Easy Disney World Photo Book

Easy Disney World Photo Book

Easy Disney World Photo Book

Easy Disney World Photo Book

Easy Disney World Photo Book

Easy Disney World Photo Book

Easy Disney World Photo Book









My Disney Photo Book Using Project Life App

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Episode 69: Tips for Creating Fabulous Disney Photo Books

Photo Books


Steph: Hey everyone. Welcome to Capturing Magic. I'm Steph, from and I am here today with Heather Winfield from Hi Heather.


Heather: Hi.


Steph: Thanks for being here again today.


Heather: Always. It's so much fun.


Steph: Thank you. Then Tanya Hickman is also here today and she can be found at Hi Tanya.


Tanya Hickman: Hi.


Steph: Thank you for being here today too. I appreciate it.


Tanya Hickman: Oh, we love doing it so.


Steph: Yeah.


Tanya Hickman: We're a package deal in case you couldn't tell.


Heather: It's the truth.


Steph: What a good package deal you are. Okay today we are going to be talking about ways that we're documenting our Disney trips. Things have changed a little bit, not so much maybe. For some of us it's changed a lot more than others. I guess I'll put it that way over since the show very first started. Tanya.


Tanya Hickman: Yes.


Steph: What have you done in the past and what are you doing now?


Tanya Hickman: Okay. In the past. I've always posted to social media. That's my main way of documenting I guess, is sharing. I don't really document for myself. I document for others. I like to share my photos, but I did, after I made my … I made an AdoramaPix Disney World book of my 2011 Disney World trip and after that, I've been on kind of a photo book kick. It's hard for me to get the time to get a book done. It's the most difficult thing ever for some reason for me. Just sitting down and organizing is actually what the hard part is, not putting the book together. That's easy. Sitting down and organizing photos, but I've gotten on this thing where I want to try all the different photo book companies to see how they look. I know Adorama's the best. In my opinion, that is the best for a sturdy, is going to last forever book, but sometimes I'll see advertisements on Facebook and stuff pop up for these cheap photo books and I'm like, I could try that out. I have day trips from Disneyland that I can do small books on, you know?


Steph: Yeah.


Tanya Hickman: I've been doing that a lot. I've tried Chatbooks. There's a couple of other ones that I can't even think of the names of now. I'll have to find out what they are and link them up, but most of them have been pretty good. I mean, I try to get stuff into books as much as I can, but for the most part … I've been doing that for, I don't know, the past couple years I guess, and then this last trip I'm mainly just doing on Instagram right now, but I will definitely make a book in the future. We had some good photos this time around. It's a lot-


Steph: [crosstalk [00:02:46]


Tanya Hickman: Sorry.


Steph: Go ahead. No.


Tanya Hickman: I was just going say it's a lot easier to get the photos together to make a book with having PhotoPass now. Having PhotoPass included in my annual pass so I have a lot more nice photos. I don't have to kind of sift through icky photos.


Steph: I know. I almost only want to do just the PhotoPass photo book for that kind of … I don't want to put my not as good photos in there up next to the PhotoPass photos.


Tanya Hickman: I'm a sucker for scenery shots, and so I probably always end up having way more scenery shots than I do photos of people, so that's always kind of a difficult thing for me too, because you'll go through my photo books and be like, “Oh, here's four pages of just rides”. There's no people in any of these photos. So that's something I have to work on. It's fine if I have 10 pictures of Big Thunder Mountain, but maybe I should throw one of me on the ride, that might tell the story a little bit better.


Steph: (laughs) I think it's all good.


Tanya Hickman: Yeah.


Steph: It's all good. So you've done a photo book though that you made with some templates and…


Tanya Hickman: Yes…what was it called? It's called how to scrap 1500 photos…


Steph: Scrap your year…


Tanya Hickman: Yeah, Scrap Your Year. I'm trying to think of how to describe it…(laughs)…it's a system really, a series of videos that you can go through and it comes with paperwork and all this stuff for you to organize. It's to scrap your year which is nice, but I use it as…the tools that they gave me to scrap a Disney trip, and it worked out beautifully. They give you videos on how to organize your photos and what photos you should be choosing and all this stuff. I don't know, it was great. I had a coupon for Adorama that I needed to use, I had one month until the expiration date and I was like I got to get it, it's a great coupon for an 8 by 8 book, I need to get it done. So I literally sat down, and if I followed the rules of the 1500 photos in a weekend, I think is what they said you can do it in, I probably could've gotten it done in a weekend but I spaced it out a little bit more to not completely burn myself out, but I had that book done in less than two weeks for sure.


Steph: Yeah.


Tanya Hickman: And that's amazing to me.


Steph: Yeah, it's pretty amazing, and it actually… so it's called Scrap Your Year and it's at the Daily Digi and it's actually a class. There's tons of templates included in it.


Tanya Hickman: Yeah.


Steph: I've used her system before in the past and you can really get things done very quickly, and it's on sale right now for $15 dollars.


Tanya Hickman: That's really good. (laughs)


Steph: That's a really good deal.


Tanya Hickman: It's absolutely worth the $15 dollars, you guys, absolutely.


Steph: Yeah. She's getting ready to clearance it out and I think she's gonna be taking it down, from my understanding, so you'll want to go to and then click on classes, and go to Scrap Your Year and grab it really quick, because there's at least probably $30 dollars worth of templates alone.


Tanya Hickman: I actually love those templates so much that when I started my Scrap My Year last year, I was doing it per week, per…you know, as I was going I was using those templates. I love those templates.


Steph: Yeah they're great. Did you fill any of the photo spots with papers or anything like that?


Tanya Hickman: Um, not for my Disney…


Steph: Or did you just do photos?


Tanya Hickman: Just photos, and then it has a long section on it for you to put the date because you're supposed to be Scrapping Your Year, I filled that with journaling for my Disney World album. Because I was smart enough, right when we came back from Disney World, I wrote everything down.


Steph: That's so good.


Tanya Hickman: I went day by day and wrote everything so, two or three years later when I actually got around to completing the album I just had to copy and paste everything. So that made it a lot faster as well.


Steph: That's really good.


Tanya Hickman: When I do my weekly layouts I've been adding papers and cards into them.


Steph: Okay good.


Tanya Hickman: Yeah.


Steph: Because you easily could.


Tanya Hickman: Yeah, very easily.


Steph: Very easily. You could use pocket cards, journaling cards, filler cards, all that good stuff, you could use those.


Tanya Hickman: Yeah. Oh my gosh I love [inaudible [00:07:08].


Steph: I know!


Tanya Hickman: Really good.


Steph: Yeah they're great. They're really great, and she has a guide and instructions and everything, so if you're…


Heather: And we ought to mention, it's Photoshop.


Tanya Hickman: Yes it is Photoshop.


Heather: Or Photoshop Elements.


Tanya Hickman: It includes paperwork for you to organize each page.


Steph: Yes.


Tanya Hickman: It's amazing, I was able to say on this page I wanted this many photos and I had this many horizontal photos, and I had this many vertical photos and then you match up a template that's closest to it. There were instances where I had more photos than spots and I, because I know the basics of Photoshop I was able to make more spots on the pages, very easily.


Steph: Yeah I did that sometimes too, I kind of mixed and merged, because it's totally editable.


Tanya Hickman: Yeah, and I seriously couldn't believe how fast I got that album done.


Steph: I know.


Tanya Hickman: And I was so excited to actually have a Disney trip album done.


Steph: Yay!


Tanya Hickman: Glorious.


Steph: I'll be honest with you, out of all the trips that I've been on, out of all the documenting that I do, and that I have done, Disney trips really are the most difficult to complete.


Tanya Hickman: They are. Yeah.


Steph: Because there's so much and yeah, there's just so much.


Tanya Hickman: (laughs)


Steph: (laughs) Yeah.


Heather: The last photo book that I did was for 24 hour day, so I had a whole book of just one day…


Tanya Hickman: (laughs)


Steph: Oh wow!


Heather: And it was hard even to kind of not rip some of those pictures down, and so to think to do a whole trip in a weekend, there's no way I could do that. And I don't even know how long that took me. But that's the problem, is I take so many pictures, if I scrap a parade I have to do a layout for each section of the parade.


Tanya Hickman: Oh no, no, no, no.


Steph: Oh my goodness.


Heather: Because I take so many that yeah…now you see why I haven't really finished a book for a trip. I have my very first trip…


Steph: Yeah, I am.


Heather: I have a couple of layouts I still haven't finished but I was like almost done, but I still haven't finished that one.


Steph: Wow.


Tanya Hickman: They don't even make photo books that big Heather. (laughs)


Heather: Yeah, I have. Because I had started that, that was back when I was paper scrapping, so a lot of that was paper scrapping and then I started in Digi so it's both, so I was printing it as, you know, 12 by 12 pages and putting them in several albums. And I have a whole stack that I haven't even put them in an album of I don't even know where I was, because I was like “This is 2007″…can I say that was the trip I'm talking about, so yeah. (laughs)


But I've done photo books for flower and gardens, so like just that part of a trip, or that kind of thing, that's the closest I've gotten.


Steph: That's really funny. You have done some really good stuff though, why don't you share with everyone how you've been doing your stuff. (laughs) How


Tanya Hickman: (laughs)


Steph: How you've been documenting Disney.


Tanya Hickman: Your stuff…(laughs)


Heather: How do you do your stuff? (laughs)


Steph: How do you do your thing? (laughs)


Heather: I mean, you know, again, when I first started…I still love scrapping even though I'm not doing it as much as I was, though I'm starting to get back into it, but it's hard for me to do just a photo book like in that theme sense. Because I did do an Adorama one, that was a couple years ago, the trip I took to Disneyland with Tanya and I wanted to get everything in there and I did an Instagram book where it just mostly uses pictures, so it was the closest I had, but I still like doing the whole, you know, using the papers and Elements and layering them up and everything, so it's harder for me to just say “Okay, I'm just gonna do a photo book”, you know?


Tanya Hickman: Yeah, yeah. I always want to do that but then I'll get a couple pages in and I'll be like this is gonna take me a millennium… like…(laughs)


Heather: Yeah. That's the problem. I mean that's why when I'm taking the cruise and I really, really, really want to be able to do a book with that, so I don't know if I'm going to go back to doing sort of how I had…I used to after every trip I would go and I would write…I'd have a list of every single thing we did. Is it like a parade, a show, a character, what we ate, and by the park, by the la…really you know OCDish type of way of doing it, and then just crossing it off when I scrapped it and when you mark things off it feels like you're accomplishing something so I think then it makes you want to do more. But I feel like I'm gonna have to do that for this kind of book, but right now, same thing, I'm not posting on Instagram as much as Tanya because I usually like to do it while I'm on the trip and I'm kind of getting away as much. I don't feel like I'm posting as much as I had been, but I don't know, maybe people who follow me don't feel that way, but…


Steph: (laughs)


Heather: (laughs) Then once I come home and I want to post pictures I don't have an excuse. What do I use to post the picture. One of the things I do use is the Chatbooks, I know Tanya mentioned it before, and basically what it does is take your pictures from Instagram, it makes a book, it's like sixty pages and then they send it to you, you have your credit card on file or whatever. You don't have to do anything to it but then you can go in and you can edit it so if you want to edit your captions. Like I always go in and I edit the billions hashtags I have.


Tanya Hickman: Yeah.


Steph: Yes.


Tanya Hickman: Gotta take those out.


Heather: But the cool thing to is that you can do a book just by hashtag. So I have…I'm trying to remember which hashtag, but it's one of my run Disney hashtags, and it's one of my own. I think it actually might be the capturing magic one.


Tanya Hickman: Yeah.


Steph: I was gonna say it's your cnrundisney, I know it.


Heather: Yeah, I'm pretty sure that's the one that I used, and then it pulls all my run Disney pictures. So I'll have a book sometimes of just that whole race weekend, sometimes depending if there's less pictures. But it's a fun thing and it's a nice little book, I don't know what size it is. What do you think it is, like 6 by 6ish?


Steph: Yeah I think so.


Heather: I mean, I think the quality is pretty good and they're cheap. I have a code that people can use if you want the first one free to try it, I don't know if you want to put it in the show notes or anything?


Steph: Yeah.


Heather: [inaudible [00:13:36] that, so…


Steph: For the price they're pretty decent quality.


Heather: Yeah, and since it's a small thing you can skim through it, the only thing is you have to make sure when you get to the sixty pages they send you an email and they say, “You have three days to edit”, so make sure you go and you edit if you want to do that because once or twice I'll forget and then I get the book and one page is just my caption…(laughs)…because the hashtags take up all that space, so you know you have to do that, but otherwise it's good and you can go in, even if you have pictures that are excluded because they have hashtags you can still go back in and put it back in. I know they have other kinds, that you can go in and use your own pictures that aren't on Instagram, but this is I think just a really easy way to just have something, so I have a book at least with some of my run Disney pictures.


Steph: Yeah, okay. One of the features that I love about Chatbooks that I think we have to talk about, because if you don't want to post your pictures on Instagram. And you can even do this while you're in the Disney parks, you can set it up to connect with your favorites, so you favorite a photo, just in your photo stream, and it will automatically go into the Chatbooks book.


Tanya Hickman: That's nice.


Steph: Yeah, I think that's pretty cool.


Tanya Hickman: That's one of my main issues with Chatbooks, at least getting from Instagram into Chatbooks, because I am a stickler for things being in order, I want my books to be in order and a lot of the time…When I'm at Disney I'll maybe for the whole trip post, I think this last year I posted maybe fifteen photos while I was there, and now I'm posting everything once I'm home, so if I were to have that printed into a book it would be completely out of order and that would drive me insane. I don't know why, that just irritates me. So that's the one thing I didn't like about the subscription based part of Chatbooks. But if you can go through and add them through your favorites, then you can put them in in order.


Heather: You can also turn it off and then turn it back on the actual picture if you go through and I'm sure it takes time, but if you want to put it in order, because I did that once.


Tanya Hickman: Oh okay.


Heather: Because I'm kind of like that too, I like…


Tanya Hickman: Yeah.


Heather: I like to have it in order. Just, you know…


Steph: Oh yeah, absolutely.


Heather: Once I do the post then it's like whatever.


Tanya Hickman: I made a normal book through them for a trip because I wanted to get everything, and I wanted to have exactly sixty photos because that's another thing. (laughs) I wanted to have the one trip in one book. I like the idea of Chatbooks but sometimes it doesn't work for me.


Steph: Okay, so have you…because you can make a book from scratch to and that's what you're saying you did to…


Tanya Hickman: Yeah.


Steph: Okay. Yeah. It's a great thing and I just recently tried them. I had seen other people's Chatbooks, and I'll be honest, the quality that I saw from other people's books wasn't that great. But I decided to try…


Tanya Hickman: It's not the best.


Steph: Well, I decided to try my own with my own photos…


Tanya Hickman: Ah…


Steph: You know…


Tanya Hickman: (laughs) Yeah.


Steph: Yeah.


Heather: (laughs)


Steph: So I did that and actually I was pleasantly happy.


Tanya Hickman: Yeah.


Steph: And surprised with the quality. And so you know, you can only get as good out as what you put in right? But…


Heather: Yeah.


Tanya Hickman: That's one of the problems with using the Instagram photos.


Steph: Right.


Tanya Hickman: Sometimes those aren't…


Steph: …the best quality…


Tanya Hickman: …the quality of those just aren't quite as good as using an actual photo.


Steph: Yeah, I uploaded some layouts that I'd done in a project like that just so that I could quality-wise to see what it did. For the price especially I would say I was happy with the quality.


Tanya Hickman: Mm-hmm (affirmative)


Steph: It was good for the price.


Tanya Hickman: Yeah, oh yeah, for the price totally.


Heather: Yeah.


Tanya Hickman: I've had some books that were just a little bit more expensive and the quality is so bad, like so bad.


Steph: I would agree with that.


Tanya Hickman: Yeah.


Steph: Essentially I would say if I was comparing it to Shutterfly, I would prefer Chatbooks over Shutterfly.


Tanya Hickman: Yeah.


Steph: And maybe a lot of people will disagree with me on that but I've not been happy with Shutterfly quality.


Heather: I disagree, but…(laughs)


Steph: Ha ha, there you go.


Tanya Hickman: (laughs)


Heather: (laughs) Well I mean I'm trying to remember the last time I did a Shutterfly, maybe it was that 24 hour day book, and I mean it's fine, I think Adorama's the best of the…


Steph: Absolutely.


Heather: The books that I've tried, but I still think…


Tanya Hickman: You can't beat those…yeah….


Heather: …Shutterfly, that when I've done it, I think it's pretty good. And they've been really good if there's an issue, you know, fixing it quickly and painlessly. (laughs) I think that's important because I…I'm trying to remember the name of the company, there was some company years ago, and I tried through them because you know how you're always getting coupons for things so I'll try it.


Tanya Hickman: Mm-hmm (affirmative)


Heather: And it was horrible. I mean it was like if I had printed it at home on draft…(laughs)


Steph: (laughs)


Heather: Right away I just went and got it printed again at Shutterfly because it was just like, I'm not… I can't deal with that, that was awful. That was my trip that I had pictures from 1985, my first trip to Disney, and I actually finished that, so I guess I can use that trip, but that wasn't make pictures.


Tanya Hickman: Was there like five photos? (laughs)


Heather: There was a little more but it was like a whole thing because I thought they were lost.


Tanya Hickman: Yeah.


Heather: I can still see the photo album that they're in, but I don't know where it is but we found the negatives one day.


Tanya Hickman: Aww.


Heather: We were able to go and bring them in and they made prints from it and then the next day almost that camera store closed, because you know how hard it is with these camera stores now.


Tanya Hickman: Yeah.


Steph: Yeah.


Heather: So thank goodness they didn't close when they had my negatives.


Steph: Yeah.


Heather: So I did a thing, like real scrapping you know from that so I have that book at least. Not that I remember that trip, but…(laughs)


Steph: Yeah, so did we mention the price on the Chatbooks?


Heather: No.


Steph: $15 dollars, that's at least…I looked it up, that's how much my book was, $15 dollars for a sixty page book, and really you can't get better than that.


Tanya Hickman: They used to be cheaper than that.


Heather: Yeah, I thought it was like $6 dollars.


Steph: Maybe if you have a subscription it's cheaper.


Tanya Hickman: Oh, the subscription, yeah.


Heather: Yeah because I have a subscription, and I don't even know, it just takes it out. But I know when I first was doing it it was $6 dollars.


Tanya Hickman: Yeah it was $6 dollars.


Steph: Yes it was.


Heather: And then I know they changed over to something and they were like, we'll grandfather you in if you had that…


Steph: Yeah.


Heather: So I did that, so I don't know what I'm getting but the code thing I have is a dollar off.


Steph: I think they're [crosstalk [00:19:57]


Heather: Or no, it's free


Steph: I think they're free.


Heather: Free books.


Tanya Hickman: They're either $8 dollars or $10 dollars now, I forget, because they're subscription.


Steph: Then why did I pay $16 or $17? What the heck?


Tanya Hickman: Probably because it's different with you.


Steph: Because I'm me.


Tanya Hickman: Well yeah, that too. (laughs) I think it's different when you, something about the adding the pictures from the phone and not from Instagram.


Steph: Oh okay.


Heather: Yeah.


Tanya Hickman: It makes the price.


Heather: Yeah they have several different kinds of things and the one that just pulls it right from it is the cheapest one, and then they have different, you know…


Steph: Levels.


Tanya Hickman: If you want to have control over the book you have to pay a little bit more.


Steph: Which I did.


Tanya Hickman: Yeah.


Steph: Yeah. Which is what I did. I think Chatbooks also has like you said about adding the pictures from your favorites, they also have, I thought they did at least, where family members can contribute photos and stuff too.


Tanya Hickman: Yeah.


Heather: Yeah.


Steph: Like a shared album right?


Heather: Yep, there's also, if you do the hashtag thing and you can add other people who are contributors.


Steph: Using hashtags?


Heather: Yeah, so like if I had…I could add Tanya and then I could say we could use our hashtag from the trip and then we can make a book. Although that would be like fifty books from the two of us, but…(laughs)…so that's the cool thing that you can do. And I think that's still for the thing like we're talking about, the series thing, isn't it.


Tanya Hickman: Yeah. Yeah I think so.


Heather: Yes.


Steph: I, just to give a little background history, I don't know if you guys remember several years ago when I talked about the family, the Just Family App?


Tanya Hickman: Mm-hmm (affirmative)


Steph: I've talked about it on this podcast and on other websites and podcasts and stuff. So Just Family, the people that started Just Family kind of started Chatbooks as well, and it kind of integrated into one whole company. So…


Tanya Hickman: Oh!


Steph: If you were set up with Just Family then you automatically started getting emails and stuff like that for Chatbooks. Because my husband and kids were like, “Why do I get these emails?”


Tanya Hickman: (laughs)


Heather: (laughs)


Steph: So I explained it to them, it's because we were on Just Family. So…


Tanya Hickman: That's funny.


Steph: Yeah. Alrighty, does that cover all your stuff Heather, that you're doing? Did we miss something?


Heather: Yeah I mean…


Steph: Scrap-booking too.


Heather: Yeah I mean that's mostly what I do is I guess is the digital scrap-booking. I do a lot of the pocket style scrapping.


Steph: Yeah.


Heather: But I also do layers. Like I can't really say I just want to do this or the other, I just whatever I feel like doing in the moment, I guess. You know, but I'm mostly scrapping my run Disney stuff.


Steph: Yeah.


Heather: Because, again, I have it my head to have a book for that, and we'll see if that ever happens, but that's pretty much what I'm working on right now. I have a lot of lists that I keep, I have character lists, I have a book with the bids, and then I have on the other side I have a whole thing that I write out. You know, like the race, the race weekend, characters I met, all that kind of stuff and then the notes from it, and I write out everything and I try to do it immediately that I get home or right after a race because I keep it for non-Disney one's too, and then this way I have a documented sort of the race, and I can go back and see. How did I feel when it was…you know, the weather, how did I run that kind of thing, so it's kind of a sort of scrapping it, without the pictures I guess. But it's a way to document it. Also because some non-Disney races don't have medals, so in this way, that's the only way to have something concrete from it is with the bib so I keep that book. I guess that's kind of documenting.


Steph: It is.


Tanya Hickman: True.


Heather: (laughs)


Steph: It is, yeah. I just thought of another show, so I'm going to promise our listeners right now we're gonna do this and then you guys can help me remember too. I think we need to do a show on how…what kinds of things we document and how we do it, like writing…because I have a system in place every time I go on a Disney trip. For, because you mentioned the weather, for different things that I want to make sure I document and take notes of and then the different ways that I do it. So, we'll do that next time. Or another time we record.


Tanya Hickman: Yeah.


Steph: Probably not the next time after this show because we're recording them a little bit out of order. But…


Tanya Hickman: (laughs)


Steph: Okay, Tanya did you have anything else or were you still digi-scrapping?


Tanya Hickman: Um…yeah…kind of…no, yeah. (laughs) I am, but not with any rhyme or reason of getting anything done. I just scrap for fun at this point.


Steph: Yeah.


Tanya Hickman: Like if one day it all comes together and there actually is an album, hooray for me. (laughs)


Steph: Yay!


Tanya Hickman: But if I want to get an album done I have to work on solely an album.


Steph: That's how I have to do it too.


Tanya Hickman: Yeah.


Heather: Yeah, and I need a deadline.


Tanya Hickman: Yeah.


Heather: Just like you were saying about having the coupon code, that's the best kind of deadline to have.


Tanya Hickman: It is, absolutely. It gets my butt in gear.


Steph: That's the truth. Okay so we…my…I've been doing photo books for all of my Disney trips lately over the last several years. I haven't gotten all of them done, but any trip that's been done has been in a photo book. Whether it's been digital scrap-booking recently I'm kind of a Project Life App [crosstalk [00:25:26].


Tanya Hickman: The App is so easy to use.


Steph: Yeah, I don't even know what the word is for what I am, but I'm something. (laughs)


Tanya Hickman: (laughs)


Heather: (laughs)


Steph: That's how I'm doing everything, and my goal is by the end of the year, right now I have 850 pages that I've done over almost a two year period, not quite two years…


Tanya Hickman: Wait, in the App?


Steph: In the App, yeah.


Tanya Hickman: Oh my gosh. (laughs) That's a lot of pages.


Steph: It's a lot of pages! The thing that's amazing about it is I'm not setting aside big chunks of time, I'm just doing it…


Tanya Hickman: Yeah.


Steph: …here and there, but my goal is to have 1000 pages done by the end of the year.


Tanya Hickman: Easy. (laughs)


Heather: (laughs)


Steph: Oh yeah, easy peasy, just 150 more to do, that's it. But I posted on Instagram on my Regarding Steph account, and I will also be posting it on the Capturing Magic Facebook fan page and whatever they call it, and on the Capturing Magic website too. I did a photo book of my December 2015 Disneyland trip with my sister and her daughter, and my daughter, and it was so fun and it turned out to be 82 pages, yikes.


Tanya Hickman: Yeah, that was a big book.


Steph: It was a big book, but there was a lot to document it was such a fun trip, and so many fun memories with those girls. It was a surprise trip, my daughter didn't know that she was going until the morning when I woke her up. Then they didn't know that they were going to have their cousin and aunt there until we actually got to the park.


Tanya Hickman: How fun.


Heather: I just saw that video.


Steph: So fun. Did you see that video?


Tanya Hickman: Yeah


Heather: Yeah, that's cute.


Steph: Yeah. I posted also on my Instagram a video of how the QR codes, how you scan them and the videos pop up because I've been including tons of video in my books too, I love doing that.


Tanya Hickman: I like it, I included video in my Disneyworld book too, except for my videos are linked to Youtube so anybody can see them if they want to. (laughs)


Steph: (laughs)


Tanya Hickman: I love Dropbox and I really need to pay for the upgraded storage because I use Dropbox more than anything, and I see that you link your photos to Dropbox right? Or your videos?


Steph: I do some in Dropbox and I've just started using Google Photos too.


Tanya Hickman: Okay. Yeah I don't…


Steph: It's good stuff.


Tanya Hickman: I get scared with Dropbox because if I fill up Dropbox and I have all those videos in there and I have to move them, I don't, again and I also don't paper the QR codes that you can change…


Steph: Yeah I don't either.


Tanya Hickman: Yeah, so if I were to have to take them out of Dropbox then they wouldn't work anymore.


Steph: Yeah. I totally get that. So I mean it's what works for you. You can set Youtube videos up so that you have to have the link, the direct link in order to access them.


Tanya Hickman: That's true.


Steph: If you wanted to. Some people it doesn't matter to them one way or another. Some people want them to be private, so if you want them to be private I would suggest going with Youtube and setting it to a private link or Dropbox or Google Photos too.


Tanya Hickman: Yeah.


Steph: Any of those is a good way to go. But I'll be doing a full post on Capturing Magic about my book, I've shared a lot of the layouts as I've been creating them on Facebook, on Capturing Magic, on the Capturing Magic Instagram. I found, though, that most of our Instagram followers really aren't interested in seeing the layouts, so I've really tried to just do them on the website and on Facebook because that's where people tend to like them the most.


Tanya Hickman: Mm-hmm (affirmative)


Heather: Whenever I post a digital scrapbook layout on my Instagram I always get people saying, “What App did you use to…”


Tanya Hickman: Yeah. Yeah.


Heather: “…to do this, how did you do it?” And it's just like, I can't start explaining all that on here.


Steph: Yeah.


Tanya Hickman: Wait, what collage App is that?


Steph: Yeah. No, hmm-mm, no. In that post, when that post goes live I want to give everyone a heads up that there will be an Adorama pics coupon code too…


Tanya Hickman: Woo-hoo!


Steph: So start…if you want to do an Adorama pics book start working on it so that you can have it done. It should be ready to go like the second week in October sometime. So that's kind of fun. I did a 10 by 10 photo book which I love, love, love the 10 by 10 size, so much.


Tanya Hickman: I don't know if I've ever gotten one that size.


Steph: You have to try it.


Tanya Hickman: Wait, is my book 10 by 10 or 8 by 8? I don't even know now.


Steph: I don't know either.


Tanya Hickman: Oh man. (laughs) I'm gonna have to go measure it because I only have…I'm not sure… I think it's 8 by 8. I think it's 8 by 8 we'll just go with that.


Steph: Hold a piece of paper up to it and then you should know.


Tanya Hickman: Oh that's true. (laughs)


Steph: But I do need you guys to send my photos too so we can put photos in the post.


Tanya Hickman: Yes.


Steph: Of your projects and stuff that you're working on. Heather actually does send me, or you upload your layouts. People can find them on Pinterest on the Capturing Magic team layout board, and also the Capturing Magic Flickr group, because you upload them there too.


Heather: Yeah, I upload them everywhere.


Steph: Yay! I love seeing them.


Tanya Hickman: (laughs)


Steph: I love seeing them. [crosstalk [00:30:35]


Tanya Hickman: I can barely remember that they're on my computer, let alone to upload them places. They make it into my photo bucket and that's pretty much it. (laughs)


Heather: I go and when I post them I do it everywhere at once.


Tanya Hickman: Yeah.


Steph: It's awesome. It's incredible. Okay is there anything else you guys are doing that you want to share? Did we cover it?


Tanya Hickman: Yeah, I think for that…


Heather: Yeah.


Tanya Hickman: I think that's it.


Heather: I think you need to somehow keep my accountable to do this cruise album because I really want to be able to have something concrete.


Steph: Something to show.


Heather: Yeah. (laughs)


Steph: Okay, we'll have to figure out what will work for you then because… (laughs)


Heather: (laughs)


Steph: I kinda, you know, I've tried that before.


Tanya Hickman: Yeah.


Steph: Heather you may not go to Disney again until your cruise album is done. (laughs)


Heather: Oh well, I'm going in January for the reunion.


Steph: Yeah, see. That trip will be cancelled and Tanya and I will be going in your place.


Tanya Hickman: (laughs)


Steph: Right Tanya?


Tanya Hickman: And we won't be running.


Steph: And we won't be running. And we won't even go pick up your shirt and medal. (laughs)


Heather: (laughs) So I'll finish it in 2 months.


Steph: Yeah. It all depends though on how you want to scrap it.


Heather: Yeah.


Steph: You can get it done in that amount of time, but you're not going to be able to do all the bells and whistles.


Heather: Yeah I want to do all the bells and whistles.


Steph: Yeah.


Heather: I have all my lists of kits and stuff I want to buy on Black Friday when I know the stores have sales.


Tanya Hickman: Then we will see your book next year.


Heather: Yes. Did I mention my 2007 books not done yet?


Tanya Hickman: Yeah. (laughs)


Steph: So you know what you need to do, I think, this is how I think you should try doing it so that you can get done. Go through and scrap a layout and then come back and add embellishments, do all of that back to process that. Get all your photos on the layout…


Tanya Hickman: Yeah.


Steph: I've done that before and it actually is a lot faster. If you just go through and create Photoshop canvasses, put all your photos on the layout for all of them that you're gonna do, save them by their names, and then come back and add your papers to all of them and then come back and add your embellishments to all of them, it really speeds things up.


Tanya Hickman: That is like a Becky Higgins way of…put all the photos in their pockets and then come back and then add the cards and add the journaling and all that stuff, I like that process personally.


Heather: Yeah


Steph: I think you should try it just to see if it speeds it up for you. You're sitting here laughing…


Heather: (laughs)


Tanya Hickman: She's not laughing she's eyerolling, we just can't see it.


Steph: We can't see it, we can hear it. I can hear something.


Tanya Hickman: Yeah, we can hear it.


Steph: (laughs)


Tanya Hickman: We can hear your eye roll.


Heather: I'm thinking I should have Tanya do that for me.


Tanya Hickman: Mm-mm.


Steph: Oh!


Heather: Put the pictures in the stuff for me.


Steph: Maybe you should hire someone on fiverr.


Heather: Yeah, right?


Steph: (laughs) Okay, thank you girls for being here, let's remind our listeners again where they can find you. Heather?


Heather: My character site is, I love characters, and on Instagram and Twitter and Pinterest and whatever else is out there I'm Heatherw25 and on Facebook my character page is I Love Characters.


Steph: Perfect, thanks so much. And Tanya?


Tanya Hickman: You could find me on all social media at Tanyah666 and my website is


Steph: Okay, thank you very much. And we will see you next time on Capturing Magic.



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    • Yay!! Exactly the biggest reason I’m doing transcripts!

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