Listening to your Memories

Just like a song from those high school days can take you back to a specific moment in time, sounds play a great part of our memory experience.  Realizing this Disney put so much time into your ‘sound’ experience that the new Fantasyland has many sound layers creating a more “Enchanted Forest”.

Sound really plays a big part of our memories, and you can capture those memories easily with Tape-a-Talk Voice Recorder for Android.

Tape-A-Talk Voice Recorder is an easy to use program that allows you to record voice notes and memos.  I have used it often for recording presentations, so that I can go back and review points.  But it is a wonderful addition to your toolbox of memory preservation.  Just press the record button and “let it roll”.


Just press the Red Dot to begin Recording. The Ads are only in the free version


In the park, meal times are great to tape.  For us, that is when we talk about our recent adventures and plan our new ones.  And get the giggles.  Not to mention all the fun added by the Cast Members at restaurants like 50’s Prime Time Café, or Whispering Canyon.  And then there are the character interactions.  Just image listening to the first time your little one saw Mickey Mouse at Chef Mickey’s or Belle at Cinderella’s Royal table.  Another great time to tape is when someone comes off a ride.  The joy or craziness of the ride gets replayed for you and the recorder.  Then you have it forever.

And because you are using your phone it is easy to tape conversations all around the park.  While you are walking from one land to another, while you are on a ‘chill’ ride, or even a ‘thrill’ ride (provided you secure your phone well.)  Anytime you want to tape but don’t want to chance an incoming call interrupting you, set your phone on Airplane Mode prior to taping and you are set.

Tape-A-Talk creates a wav file that can be edited with sound editing software and shared easily.  The files are generally too large for email, but can be shared using cloud services.

Do you like recording sounds?  Let me know… I would love to hear your ideas!




Note from Steph: If you are on iOS, you can use the Voice Memo app that comes installed on your i-Device.

  • Gabrielle McCann

    Alison this is such a great post and great idea. I’ve never thought to do this. We have some friends coming soon – I might pull my phone out and record their reactions to their first ever Disney park experience! Thanks!