Making a Facebook Cover Picture Collage

If you love posting pictures to instagram during your Disney trips like I do, here's a quick way to show off some of those pictures after your trip as your Facebook Cover Picture.

First, sign up on the site Statigram. It's a fun site that will show a lot of instagram stats, such as which of your pictures have the most likes, the first person who followed you, and whose pictures you like the most! Once you're signed up, click on the “Promote” tab

Then, scroll down to where it says “Profile Cover”

Click on “Create Cover”. You may have to wait a bit for the collage to finish, so don't click away!

Your collage is now complete! Can you tell I just got back from Disneyland?

Save the image, and now you have a collage of your last 50 pictures on instragram. If you don't like the picture placement, you can make a new collage every hour. For my current facebook cover, I actually combined a few of the collages in photoshop, to pick and choose what I liked (but that takes away the quick and easy part of this tutorial, so don't be as picky as me!) Just upload it to Facebook, and you're done! It's fun to make the collage even if you don't want to use it on Facebook.