Minnie Me is Joining The Circus

MANY of you guessed where Minnie Me was this past weekend! It was fun for me to read your guesses and some of you even made up little stories about what Minnie Me was doing in the Casey Jr. Splash N Soak area of New Fantasyland in the Magic Kingdom. Others of you had no idea, but took a guess anyway and even made those fun!  Such a joy for me to read! THANK YOU for participating and having so much fun with us!

Jeanne was the random winner of those that guessed correctly.  Karen was the random winner selected by Rafflecopter for this Pin.  Thanks so much for sharing!  Thank you to everyone that joined in, we almost had a record number of people guessing where she was and almost had a record number of entries via Rafflecopter! THANK YOU!

I wanted to add that I'm sorry we didn't get a Minnie podcast posted on Saturday. We had miscalculated and numbered the shows wrong, so it will be out THIS Saturday instead. We WILL be back with a brand new episode that I can't wait to share, tomorrow!

  • Karen K.

    Thanks so much Steph! What a great prize! And it comes with great timing with iNSD this Saturday!!! 🙂