My Disney Vacation Photo Book I Created On My Phone

My Disney photo book created entirely on my phone!

I am SO HAPPY with how my latest Disney photo book turned out! The best part is that I made the whole thing on my phone! I did need to jump on my computer to upload it to AdoramaPix for printing, but that's it! It was actually a couple of days before I was able to look through the whole book because my family members were hogging it! Even though only my youngest daughter was the only member of my immediate family on this trip with me, everyone enjoyed looking at this beautiful book!

Here's a closer look of the whole book:

The Project Life App (ios and Android) is the workhorse and I created a lot of pages using the in-app purchase supplies as well as Project Mouse, Believe In Magic Series, and One Little Bird.

When I shared my book on Instagram, I promised a tutorial showing how I added bleed to my app pages right in the AdoramaPix book builder. Here is that tutorial, as promised (this video is closed captioned):

Coupon Code

AdoramaPix was SO generous and sent over a 15% off coupon code PXMAGIC15 15% off any size book, good through Nov 30th, 2016. If you want an amazing autograph book that everyone will rave about (especially the characters), grab this book and then be sure to use this coupon code to get it printed! Magic memories that will last a lifetime! My daughter has had so much fun keeping track of what autographs she still needs.

AdoramaPix will be closed for Sukkot – which is October 17-23. You can still place orders during this time, but they will not be printed until after they are open.



  • Breon Randon

    aww the video of your book doesn’t load! I can’t wait to see!

  • Christina Bauman Dieselberg

    The video didn’t work for me either. Maybe because I’m on mobile?

    • Thanks for letting me know. It’s fixed.

  • Dinee

    Wooohooo!!! I love your video for adding bleed to the pages!!! I’ve just pinned it too!

  • Krista Sahlin

    WOW. SO SO awesome!! It looks so wonderful! I love the color in here, so happy. YAY for a finished book!!

  • Eloquence

    Another really cool idea is to post pics to instagram as you’re going around and then when you’re done, you can make a Chatbook out of them with no effort. Have you tried their photobooks? They’re super cheap and easy to make AND you get your first book completely free! You can even earn credits by sharing with friends.