PhotoPass and MemoryMaker Save The Day

On our most recent trip to Disney World, my youngest got sick during the night one night, so she and I spent the next day relaxing in the hotel (she mostly slept). I was happy to stay with her, but couldn't help wonder what I was missing out on with everyone in the park. I logged into MyDisneyExperience on my iPad and was so happy to see photos in there with my older two kids and some of the fun things they had been doing! I hadn't even reminded them to get their MagicBands scanned! The PhotoPass photographers were taking care of it for me and the photos were being added, almost real time to MyDisneyExperience! I felt like I was able to be a little part of the fun!

I carried my iPad mini with me in the parks quite a bit. I found a lot of great uses for it (NOT for taking photos though 😉 )! One of those uses was looking at our PhotoPass photos while we waited for shows, parades, meals at restaurants, and more. My kids were thrilled to be able to check out their photos for the day while we waited:

Do you see Olaf in the photo on the iPad? He made an appearance with my girls in that photo at Hollywood Studios.

  • Smealiea

    i am going to DIsney for two days in July – is the MemoryMaker package worth the cost for that short of a a visit?

    • I’m not Steph, but in my opinion, no, 2 days isn’t worth it. Maybe if you are riding a lot of rides that have photos, do a lot of character meets, are constantly taking pictures every time you see a photographer, and maybe even one of the meals where you get a picture. The price is so high I’m just thinking it would be difficult with just 2 days.

      • Smealiea

        Heather. Thanks for replying! I was thinking the same thing but wanted a second opinion. ;-). I appreciate you taking the time.

  • Gabrielle McCann

    That is so cool to be able to use it that way!