Project Life App Hack: “Rotating” the Templates


I like big photos.  Always have.  That is probably why my favorite templates in Project Life are the ones with big photo spots.  I find myself gravitating toward the big shot templates, mostly #7 & #8.  While many of the templates include “rotated” versions, some “rotations” are not included.  I want to share a “hack” I’m using when I need that big photo in a different spot.

I am using Big Shot 8 from the Bonus Pack #5.  But I want the big photo in the bottom left hand corner.  I like how it anchors the page in that spot.


Rotating templates is not an option in the Project Life App.  However, creating your layout in a “rotated” position, exporting it, and then rotating it IS an option.  Here is an example of how I used this hack recently:

I want the big photo to end up in the bottom right, so I am going to create a layout that is rotated 90 degrees counter clockwise–we'll call that position “turned“–and then rotate my finished product.

I usually start with the photos.  Add them as you typically would.  Then tap the “adjustments” icon.  The rotate icon is on the right.  Tap that icon until your photo is in the correct orientation, zoom and position the photo as you desire.


Use the same procedure for any “outside” cards or art you plan to use.  I loved this artwork I found through the Capturing Magic Pinterest board. Add it as if it was a photo, then rotate it to the “turned” position.


Journaling:  One of the big advantages of using Project Life App journaling cards is how they are formatted so the journaling “fits” in and around the blank space on the card.  But, you can't rotate them.  So here's how to rotate your journaling.  Close out the layout in progress (Love how PL automatically saves your layout in progress).  Open a collage, but choose either the 4×6 A (or 4×6 C if you want a 3×4 card).  Then open your card and add your journaling.  I prefer to type my journaling in the Notes app so if I change my mind later, I can copy and paste it into any app.


When you've adjusted your journaling to your satisfaction, export the finished product & save it to your photos (camera roll).  Then open your layout and add it as you would a photo.  A low-resolution warning may appear before the card is rotated.  If you have exported a card that is the correct size for the correct orientation, you do not need to heed this warning.  After it is rotated, it will be satisfactory resolution.


Don't forget to rotate it into the “turned” orientation:


In the end you can either rotate the finished product back to the correct orientation or print it and add it to your album in the correct orientation:


Credits:  Project Life app, Bonus Template Pack #5, Honey & Midnight Editions, Pluto Wallpaper


  • Gabrielle McCann

    You are so clever! Love how you did that!