Taking Character Selfies!

I have a couple friends on my Instagram feed that just LOVE to take selfies of themselves with all the different Disney princesses around the parks.  I have always thought this was a cute idea, but (and I know this makes me sound like a weirdo) I am not a fan of meeting the Princesses.  So I decided to give it a shot with any of the other characters I happened to meet on a daily visit to Disneyland.

One of my main concerns was how to go about getting the selfie.  Yes, we all now HOW to take a selfie, but how do you bring it up to a character that doesn't speak?  This turned out to be my FAVORITE part of taking character selfies.

Step 1 – Ask Nicely =):  Once I get a normal photo with my normal camera, I pull out my phone and look at the character and ask “Would you like to take a selfie with me?”  I have yet to have any of them say no.  Every single character has actually been super excited about it!  I also ask if they have ever taken one before.  Some say yes and some say no.  It is just one more way to interact with the character and make it fun!

Step 2 – Flip the Camera and Get in the Frame:  Turn on your front facing camera and make sure you and the character are in the shot.  This can sometimes be a little difficult depending on the height difference between you and the character.  All the characters, even the taller ones, were really good about bending down a little bit to make to easier.  I even managed to get a selfie with Hades and he is like 9 feet tall!!

Step 3 – Don't Take it Too Seriously & Have Fun!: Remember, these photos are NOT going to be perfect.  You are using your front facing camera so the quality is gonna be poor, you will have at least one photo where you are making a ridiculous face and there will be plenty of times where part of you and/or the character will be cut off.  Who cares!!  You and all your friends are still gonna love them!

****BONUS FUN****

Heather was smart and started capturing photos of me taking the selfies!  Even had a photopass photographer or two take them as well!  Now I have these fun behind the scenes shots!


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  • Laura

    The princesses can actually be pretty fun to take selfies with if you tell them you want a “magic mirror” picture. I’ve seen Rapunzel get super into, and Alice once photobombed a selfie with the White Rabbit – it just varies with face characters. Also, I have a friend who regularly selfies with the characters, but when we don’t have autograph books he’ll usually selfie between the hugs and the posed shot, allowing photopass to get a fun shot. One the greatest shots of him selfying was with Lightning and Mater – the excitement on everyone’s faces was hysterical.

    • Maggie

      So fun! I’d never think of trying a selfie with such large characters like Lightning & Mater. Sounds like the PP pic of that would be super fun!

  • Sara S

    Such a cute idea!

  • Beth

    You know I LOVE this! And how fun is that gallery posted in the article?! Thanks for all the tips. Cheers from your character-selfie-stalker on IG. heehee ;o)

  • Maggie

    Oh, I love this idea! Thanks for sharing this great way to get a fresh perspective! I really love the one with Pluto.

    I’m ashamed to even ask, but I LOVE the size and style of that cross body bag you’re carrying, Tanya. Any chance of getting the brand and style name?

    • Tanya

      Absolutely! It is a LeSportSac Small Cleo. I also have the larger version, which is called Cleo Crossbody Hobo. I LOVE these bags. Just got another one in the mail today actually! LOL!