Three Tips for Getting Your Disney Albums DONE!

Over the last five years, I've been to Disney World three times. I've taken literally thousands of pictures. I have millions of priceless family memories from each trip. I've purchased more Disney-related scrapbooking products than I care to admit to. Despite all this, I have a dirty secret. I have never finished a Disney album. I've tried after each trip, but I have never succeeded in creating a full, printed book. I am happy to report that I am *thisclose* to righting that wrong and finishing a full Disney album.

So what changed? Well a few things really, things that really helped me move past what was keeping me from finishing this task. Today, I'm going to share the three big things that helped me push ahead and finish this book.
  1. Use one product, and stick with it. In the past, I'd search for products to use for each individual layout. So, I'd need a Rapunzel kit for when we met Rapunzel, and a Magic Kingdom kit for time in the Magic Kingdom…it goes on and on. I used to think that if I didn't find the right product, I couldn't get the layouts done. For this project, I committed to basically one product line.  By doing that, I eliminated the time I would spend looking for and getting a new product AND I was able to create more unity in the book.  Did I use other products? Sure, but they became more secondary pieces to support the look of the main pages.
  2. Keep it simple. If you've ever seen one of my scrapbook layouts, you know that I am not a “clean and simple” scrapbooker. I like to layer, cluster, and basically throw things on a layout until I think it looks done. For this project, I used the cleaner “pocket style” of scrapbooking. I used very few additional elements, and I really tried to stick to having simple layouts. Doing layouts like this really left the focus on the pictures and memories, and the big bonus: it's a lot quicker to get done!
  3. Accept that not EVERY memory will make the cut. In the past, I had been focused on getting every single memory from our trip into the pages. Would that have been great? Yeah, but it was taking me absolutely forever to get them all done. When I started this project, I let go of the idea that everything needed to be included. I could include the big memories, and if I really wanted to explore one further, I could do a separate page on it. Memory keeping doesn't mean every memory.
So by making these few shifts in how I was approaching my Disney albums, I am happy to report that I am about three or four pages from having a complete album. If you want to check out the pages I have done so far, you can see them in the Project Mouse Flikr group.  Once I get the pages done, I'll be sending it off to be printed, and will share that whole experience with you in my next post!
*Title card from Project Mouse: The Basics with the fonts Impact and Waltograph
  • Becky

    I took a break from prepping for my first Disney album and this post was in my email! We just got back Saturday from our first family trip to Disneyland and I’m anxious to preserve the memories while they’re still fresh. Your post and the ones mentioned in the recent podcast are all floating through my head as I define the right style for me. Most important is to get it done! So each of my kids is getting a Becky Higgins mini album to do pocket style scrapping and I’ll do a similar version digitally. I’m so excited to get started! Now back to selecting photos to use! A big job made easier knowing what I want the end product to look like. Thanks so much for sharing your approach!

    • Steph

      Becky, this sounds like a GREAT solution and similar to what I am doing. I’m ordering the Project Life Honey Edition Core Kit (coming in May) for my kids to put together Project Life Disney albums (it’s so much less expensive to print cards, when the core kits are so affordable). I will do some digital pages of my favorite photos and events to fill that need/desire I have for the digital creative outlet. The awesome part is that we will have the magic captured and the memories documented! I would love to see your progress as you get going!

    • Aaron

      This is a great idea Becky! When my two girls are a little bit older, I hope to be able to do this with them.

  • I’m SO proud of you!! It is brillant to take a look at “why” you didn’t finish any albums in the past…. so that you can use those to come up with solutions to actually completing a book!! Wonderful job! I can’t wait to see photos of your finished book.

    • Aaron

      Thanks Krista! Project Mouse really helped motivate me. Now I can’t wait to start another album with all the NEW goodies that have come out.

  • Jennifer Fredericks

    Thank you for sharing Aaron- your album is wonderful so far and very inspiring!

    • Aaron


  • Gab

    Thanks for this great post Aaron – I’m in the same boat as you … feeling terribly guilty for not scrapping but at the same time, scared to even start! I think I’ll copy your idea and also try ordering some Project Mouse stuff. I’m a paper scrapper, but I love the look of these digi products and think they will make it easy for me to actually commit to scrapping!