Tips for Better On Ride PhotoPass Photos and Videos

Let's face it, there's nothing worse than getting off your favorite ride and finding out that the picture they took came out awful. Maybe your eyes are closed, maybe you can't see someone in your party, but for whatever reason, it's not a picture you want to keep as a memory.  I have scoured the internet and studied ride photos and found that there are a few tips, that will help ensure that you have an on ride photo that you want to keep forever.  While I can't help you keep your eyes open, these are a few things I've noticed that may help.

Ride photos are included with your Memory Maker purchase at Disney World, PhotoPass+ One Day at Disneyland, and Annual Passes that include PhotoPass at both parks.

Disney World

Frozen Ever After

Frozen Ever After Ride Photo Op

  • The best spot to be seated for a great photo on this ride is the front
  • Be careful about raising your arms, so you don't block those behind you
  • It's a great closer up photos, but we are hoping they will improve the view of the boat. We would love to be able to see the whole front of the boat, so it's instantly noticeable that it is different from Splash.
  • Maybe let the babies sit this one out 😉

Mine Train




  • This ride has two photos, one from the side and one from the front. It also has a ride video.
  • If possible, try to keep your group on the same mine cart (four people per cart).
  • If you put your hands up, you will block people behind you :(.
  • Put children or shorter riders in the front of the mine cart, if possible.


Tower of Terror


  • Smaller people need to sit up front, otherwise, they are lost in the photo.
  • Watch your hands. If the person in front of you puts their hands up, you won't be seen in the shot.
  • Best seats: anything in the front row, or the back row right in the middle.
  • This ride has a photo and a video.

Ride Video:


Space Mountain

  • The picture is taken from the side.
  • You ride single file, so make sure you are in an order you are happy with.
  • Smaller kids should sit in the front, otherwise they may be blocked in the shot.
  • Keep your head up!  Otherwise, you risk a shot of the back of your head.

Splash Mountain

  • 2 person seats in the log
  • The second row of people is at the most risk to get lost. Keep small children out of this row.
  • Watch the hands! One person with hands up in front of you can block your face entirely.
  • Keep your head up!  Otherwise, you risk a shot of the back of your head.

Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin

  • Play the game! If you aren't playing, you'll look bored in the photo.
  • This is usually a pretty close up shot, so plan accordingly.
  • Sit in your separate seats. If you scrunch together, you may block each other.

Rock n Roller Coaster

  • Front riders take center stage in the photo.
  • The person sitting in the back row on the left side is the one that faces the possibility of being blocked.  Keep small children out of this seat.

Expedition Everest

  • This is more of a distance shot.
  • Again, the person in the back row on the left may be blocked.  Keep small children out of this seat.
  • Ladies: this shot will show your legs if you are in the front row. Short shorts or skirts may “disappear” under the lap bar. Plan accordingly.



  • This is a reaction shot.  It's captured as you are reacting to something on the ride.
  • You'll be reacting to something on your right hand side, and that's the side they take the picture from.
  • If you are sitting on the end on the right hand side, you maybe be cut off or less visible.
  • Best seats: any row, all the way to the left.

Test Track

  • Keep small kids in the front row. If they are in the back, they tend to not be visible.
  • The front row all the way to the left also tends to be a problem for children.  Keep them out of this seat to make sure you can see them in the photo.


Space Mountain

  • Double person ride vehicle.
  • Photo is taken head on.
  • Smaller people in front ensure they'll be seen.

Splash Mountain

  • Single rider logs
  • Five/Six to a log
  • Smaller person in front
  • Keep your head up!

Tower of Terror

  • Smaller people need to sit up front, otherwise, they are lost in the photo.
  • Watch your hands. If the person in front of you puts their hands up, you won't be seen in the shot.
  • Best seats: anything in the front row, or the back row right in the middle (possibly the best seat)

California Screamin'

  • Double rider vehicle, four people to a shot.
  • Sitting in the back on the right hand side may result in a blocked view of person. Keep smaller children from this seat.

Radiator Springs Racers

  • The challenge here is the windshield.  Children should sit in the backseat of the car to be totally visible in the photo.
  • Watch the hands!  Again, hands can easily block the person behind you. Pay attention to the hands around you.

If you have a preference on where you want to site, kindly ask a Cast Member what they can do. Be respectful and if they can accommodate you, they will. If for some reason, they can't put you where you want to be, be respectful and follow directions. You can always ride the ride again! 🙂

 See our tips for coordinating your look for better photos at the parks  


  • Awesome tips!!! I have another one for Splash Mountain DL. I wanted my 5 year old daughter to sit by me in the back in the little 2 seater they have. Make sure you put them on YOUR RIGHT so they’re in the photo. I made the mistake of putting her on my left and you can’t even see her in the photo. She hated the ride and wouldn’t ride it again, so I couldn’t get another photo with her in it! Super bummed.

    • Steph

      Great tip!! Thanks for sharing!! I think I remember them telling me where my little one had to be, but I could totally be wrong on that! :s

      • Yeah, after we got off the ride I was trying to think if they actually made her sit on that side because I know on a lot of other rides they make the small ones get in first. I was trying to remember, but I really don’t think they said anything. HAHA I’m going again in September and am making her go on it again, so we’ll see what they say! I really want her in a photo! I’m that mom! hahaha

  • Sara S

    I’m so glad you wrote this article, I just wish it was 2 months ago! I HATE Tower of Terror but it was the first trip that our youngest could ride and my husband insisted we needed a family portrait on there. The first time she was in the back row and you couldn’t see her, the second time someone in the row in front of her had their hand up, the third time the photo was “lost in the third dimension”. UGH! The fourth time my husband asked the cast member for the front row so we finally got the photo. After that, I was allowed to explore the park on my own and take photos while the rest of my family rode without me! I know that your tips will help others.

    • Steph

      I’m so sorry you had to ride the ride so many times to get that photo. I’m good for one time on that ride and that’s all I can do. It scares me!!

  • Fantastic post Aaron! I’m so happy to find out these tips. 🙂

  • Stacy

    So the pic about space mountain Disneyland did they do it right? Also where do you find the pics?? Do they have the pack ground and logo when you find the pic?

    • Steph

      Some of the examples are done right and some of them wrong. You can get the photos a few ways: 1) purchase a PhotoPass+ ahead of time or in the parks (quite a bit more expensive for this option in the parks) 2) buy the Attractions+ PhotoPass to just get ride photos 3) buy each individual ride photo at the ride location.

      If you think you will ride a lot of rides that have the photo option, I would recommend ordering a PhotoPass+ ahead of time. You can use the drop down menu in the sidebar to find all of the posts we have here about PhotoPass, there is a lot of information!

    • Steph

      Yes, all of the photos come the way you see them here.

      • Stacy

        Just wondering about the example od Disneyland Space Mountain….it is my family in the pic lol.

        • Steph

          That’s really funny! I would be happy to email you a copy if you want to click on contact and fill out the form.

        • Steph

          I actually have your email address. Is it the Disneyland Space Mountain photo? It’s my husband and son in the back.

  • Stacy

    It is the Disneyland Space Mountain photo. I have my glasses in my hand wearing a Train for Autism shirt. My son and husband are sitting behind my daughter and I. I my son has Autism and loves the ride..once it is over.

    A friend actually sent me this page and said isnt that you. I was surprised to see us lol.

    • Steph

      You know what’s interesting? As I was working on the photos for this post I saw your shirt and wondered about you and who you knew with autism and how has it impacted your life. I wondered if that was the rest of your family behind you and if you were local to CA or on a vacation.

      I didn’t think I would get answers though! You need this photo!! I’ll jump on my computer and email it over! So nice to “meet you”.

    • This whole conversation make me giggle! How awesome that you’re in it! hahaha

  • Jodi

    I love the tips – thank you! Just got back from DL but ours all turned out great, thankfully. You should see my 15 y.o. son on some of them, lol! Keep up the good work with the blog & Podcast – you are one of my top favs!!

  • An Nguyen

    I don’t know if you’re partial to your own pictures, but I have pictures on the rides you’re missing if you want to use them.