Updates from a recent Disney trip

I recently got back from another magical Disney World trip, and thought it would be fun to update some past Capturing Magic blogs.

Last month, I wrote about the difference between Photopass and Photopass+. This was the first trip where I've used Photopass+ at Disney World. When I used it at Disneyland, the Photopass photographers seemed more excited, and took more pictures than usual. Steph left a note in the comments that she did not notice this happening at Disney World, and I have to agree. There were only two Photopass photographers that even commented about having the Photopass+ card, and neither went out of their way to take more pictures. There were a few Photopass photographers that did more interesting shots with us, but it had nothing to do with having Photopass+ vs Photopass.

With Photopass+, it was great being able to get our ride pictures and character meal picture included! We had several pictures with Donald at lunch at the Tusker House (2 pictures of both of us with Donald, and 2 pictures of just myself with Donald.) I finally got a ride picture on Space Mountain (a strange moment was even though we were getting the ride picture, the cast member refused to let us take a picture of the screen that was showing our picture.) We also got a ride picture on Test Track, and we rode Buzz only because the ride picture was included! So, I feel like Photopass+ was worth it because we never would have bought these 3 ride pictures and the character meal pictures otherwise. We would have had more Space Mountain pictures, but we had the bad luck of getting to Space Mountain just as it was closing, twice!

Meeting Donald before Tusker House lunch

Can you tell I'm still getting used to riding Space Mountain?

We went out of our way to get as many Photopass pictures as possible, and ended up with over 730 pictures! It helped that we met 65 different characters (103 in all), and many of these had Photopass. While there were some very good Photopass photographers (including one that recognized us days later while we were both in line for the Tremaine family!), there are always ones that don't measure up. This is another reason why you should try to stop at as many Photopass photographers as possible, so you'll have a better chance of ending up with at least some good pictures. We even took down the names of the good Photopass photographers we ran into, so we could compliment them later. On the Character Tips from a Character Hunter podcast, Steph mentioned asking the Photopass photographer if they could take more pictures of the interactions. As we were in line for the Three Caballeros, I noticed the Photopass photographer was not taking many candid pictures for the people ahead of us in line. So when I gave her the Photopass card, I asked her to please take a lot of pictures of the interaction. Well, it didn't work. We had a TON of interaction with these characters, and there were only a few pictures that were taken. Photopass photographers that don't take pictures of the character interactions is something that always bugs me. When we met Buzz & Woody, the Photopass photographer took over 30 pictures, but during a very interactive meet with Rapunzel, the Photopass photographer took only 2 pictures, of us posing at the end. So it's always up in the air.

A candid with the Three Caballeros, who were out for Limited Time Magic

A few months ago, I showed all the Disney Photopass Magic Shots that are available. There were 3 magic shots I was never able to find…until now! On my first day, we were getting pictures at the entrance of Epcot, and the Photopass photographer had us hold out our hands. Then he said, this isn't for Tink, it's butterflies! As I wrote in the post, not only had I never been able to get this magic shot, I had never even seen a picture of this magic shot, so I was pretty excited! Since it was new-to-me, I made sure to get a picture alone of this magic shot.

Butterfly Magic Shot

At the end of my last day, we had stopped for one final Photopass photographer on Sunset Boulevard at Hollywood Studios. She had us hold out our hands and said it was a surprise. I then realized that we were in front of the Beauty & the Beast show, and said, it's Chip! Again I had to get a picture alone with this magic shot!

Chip Magic Shot

I started chatting with the Photopass photographer about how excited I was to get this magic shot since Chip and Sebastian were the only magic shots I had never gotten. I even mentioned the blog post I did with all the magic shots for this blog! So she moved me over and waited a bit, and then set it up so I could get the Sebastian magic shot! Now I've gotten all of the magic shots, thanks so much awesome Photopass photographer!

Sebastian Magic Shot

I left a comment in the magic shots blog post about a recent prop addition some Photopass photographers now have, a frame. We found this at Epcot and Animal Kingdom. It made for some really fun pictures!

Frame Prop at Epcot

Fun pic with the Frame Prop at Animal Kingdom

Tanya wrote a blog post last month about changing up your photos by posing like the characters. She used several examples from when I've done this, but her post reminded me to ask for more of these poses on this trip. I definitely got a ton of cute character pictures this way! Since my Photopass CD just arrived today, I'm still working on updating my character site from this past trip, and all of these cute character poses will be posted soon! But here are a few of my favorites:

Warrior pose with Mulan

Tea Time with Alice and the Tweedles

Cinderella and I show off our heels

Every Disney trip brings something new, and I hope you enjoyed a few of these updates!

Heather is an annual passholder that loves coming up with excuses to take a trip to the World. Follow her adventures at Disney on twitter and instagram. Visit her website, I Love Characters, to see pictures of the almost 200 characters she's met at Disney World and Disneyland.

  • These are fantastic tips! I am going to definitely look for the frame props when I head back up to Disney World in a couple of weeks.

  • This is a fantastic post! I’ll be sure to look for the frame props when I head up to Disney World in a couple of weeks.

  • Laura

    The Sebastion shot is ‘officially’ available over at Hollywood Studios near Voyage of the Little Mermaid, so if you see a photographer over there, they should be set up for that; however, I have no idea how often someone is over there. Those shots with a little character in hand are supposed to be taken in front of greenery, so if there’s some nearby the photographer might be able to sneak it in. The photographer right in front of Tower of Terror can always take the Chip shot, but if people are lined up in front of Beauty and the Beast they may not offer it all the time but you can check back or ask anyway.

  • Gab

    Great post and such fun pics!
    I loved seeing the Space Mountain pic – Space Mountain at HK Disney looks really different!

  • Mbf

    I got the frame shots over in magic kingdom in march. I think it was on the left side of the end of Street, facing the castle.

    • I just got back from a quick trip and got the frame picture there, too! It was in the photopass spot near Crystal Palace

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