Using Our FREE Autograph Book as a Printable

In one of our first posts here on Capturing Magic, I talked about using the autograph book printable that is free when you subscribe to our newsletter, on a smartphone or tablet. Today, I want to share how easy it is to use it as a printable.

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I always say that I am a passionate memory keeper. I am less interested in HOW the memories are preserved than I am in them just being preserved. I typically choose digital scrapbooking and photobooks as my method of preservation. My youngest daughter is following in my footsteps and loves to document her memories, but “not on the computer.” Knowing this about her, I knew I needed a physical autograph book for her to use on our most recent trip to Walt Disney World (I used the digital version on my iPhone and iPad for my trip with my sister to Disneyland). If you are like me, you can understand how I always have more ideas than I have time to create or implement them. As time marched ever closer for us to leave, my autograph book became more and more simple. I had planned all along to print the autograph book that Brittney created, but I went from having it pre-bound before we left, to what it became because of time constraints. In the end, I was super happy with what it became and will probably repeat it next time.

I uploaded all of the pages in the printable autograph book to Costco and ordered 3 – 4×6 copies of each print. It was just under $8 total to print. I knew this would be way more autograph pages than we would need on one trip, but I wanted my daughter to be able to choose the same design more than once. After printing, I stopped by the craft store and purchased a small clipboard for under $3 and a package of Jumbo Sharpies for around $5 (more than I wanted to spend, but they didn't have that size as individuals). That's it! We were ready to go! I figured when we got home, I would print photos of her with the characters and put those with the autographs in a 4×6 photo album.

At the parks, I put the folder of Costco prints, the clipboard, and the markers in my bag that we took the with us each day.  As we were waiting to get characters' autographs, I had my daughter pick out the style of page she wanted to have the character sign.  Then, I attached it to the clipboard and had her pick a marker color. It was really easy for the characters to grip the big pens and use the clipboard to write on. The second-to-best part was all of the compliments we got about how cute the pages were and “Wow, Mom! How much time did you spend on that!?”  All while I knew I spent hardly any time or effort at all! 😉

The best part?? Well, seeing my daughter's face light up as the the ONE character she wanted to meet this trip (Alice in Wonderland) signed her autograph page! Magic!

The above photos were taken at the character breakfast at 1901 Park Faire in the Grand Floridian, a perfect character breakfast for a child who is more timid with the characters.

  • I’m probably being overly emotional, but that last photo chokes me up. I’m SO happy you were able to use the autograph book and collect autographs with your daughter. SO FUN for her. Good job, Mom!!

    • Steph

      It makes me a little emotional too! Thanks for making such a great printable! 🙂

  • Amanda

    I love this idea however iam having trouble opening it to print them can someone help me?? I would love to have them for our trip in april.

    thanks much for your help!!

    • Steph

      Hi Amanda! Did you unzip them? Do you need help getting them unzipped?

      Once they are unzipped, you can open them in whatever program you use for printing photos or upload to your favorite photo printing site directly.

      Let me know if I missed the mark. You can always click on the contact button at the top and I can help you troubleshoot.

  • Amanda

    It said i have to pay to unzip???

  • Amanda

    Is there maybe some other way you can send it to me??

  • Jill P

    Great idea. We were at a breakfast and the 2 1/2 year old was afraid of the people. One of the character gave my granddaugther a kiss on her forehead. She left lipstick and the photo was priceless. We called it her princess kisses.