Visiting Monsters University

Have you all had the chance to see the new Monsters University movie in theaters yet?  I am a HUGE fan of Monsters Inc. and I was so excited for this movie to come out that I made sure to see it opening week.  It is soo cute and soo funny!  Seeing the movie made me even more excited to check out the new Monsters University meet and greet over at Disney's California Adventure!  For those of you that visit Florida more often than California, you can also meet these characters at Disney Hollywood Studios.

This particular spot of the Hollywood Land back lot area at DCA has always been a meet and greet area for random characters throughout the day, but for the summer (maybe even longer!) it has been transformed into a awesome Monsters University dorm building creating the perfect backdrop for meeting the Monsters characters.


So perfect right?  The details of the area are fun enough to photograph all on their own!

The characters themselves alternate coming out.  30 minutes each with a 10 minute break in between.  First up was Sulley!  He is one of my favorite Pixar characters and I almost couldn't even contain my excitement when I saw him.

So cute right?  Once I was done meeting Sulley I kinda just hung out in the area to wait for Mike Wazowski to come and say hi.  So of course, I snapped a couple more photos of the area =)

There was also a nice little merchandise setup for you browse some Monsters University merchandise as well.

Once Sulley was done, I hopped back in the line to wait for Mike.  I used this time as a opportunity to have the Photopass Photographer snap a photo of me by myself in front of the building which she was more than happy to do!

After about 10 minutes it was time to meet Mike!  I was almost NOT looking forward to meeting him since when I was in Florida a couple years ago his arms were stationary which led to me getting scolded for leaning to much on him which then led to a even more awkward photo.  But not this time!  Mike is now fully moveable and was soo fun to interact with!

In total, it took me about 30 minutes to meet both of the characters since I caught the tail end of Sulley and the beginning of Mike.  I love meeting characters, but I also love to meet them fast so this meet and greet wasn't bad at all.  The area they meet in is kinda hidden in the back so the whole time I was there the line was never more than 10 people long.  There was also a Photopass Photographer available to take photos the whole time.


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  • Your pictures are amazing!

    • Thanks so much Katie!

  • Mike’s arms still don’t move at DHS at Disney World. 🙁 I’m going to have to meet him again out there! The queue at DHS is adorable with lots of fun things to take pictures of, but I think the area at DCA looks even better.

  • Jamie Dattoli

    Is Monsters Univ still there?