What to Wear

I had an email from a friend the other day asking about how my family coordinates in our Disney photos and it got me to thinking: I may be a little… um, obsessive compulsive when planning a Disney trip, but one of the first questions I always consider is: What are we going to wear?

First, let me say that if I had young children, I'd be going broke buying custom Disney clothing from Etsy sellers. That stuff is the cutest, most adorable clothing I've ever seen and the pictures would be amazing.

With my teens, however, I really can't pull that off. So when I planned our most recent trip, one of the first things I did was look back through my albums from past trips. This is what I saw:

We look like we're ready to attend a funeral, don't we?

Or how about this one?

My eyes. All those stripes and colors.

One thing I knew I wanted for this trip was for our photos to look good. I wanted us to coordinate and not make me want to turn every group photo black and white to keep my eyes from bleeding.

When we got back, I actually had a Facebook friend coment on a photo and ask if I planned for the family's wardrobe to coordinate.

Um, yes. Yes I did.

I began by picking a set of colors I thought would mix well for photos, no matter what the background or where we were in the parks. I'm a classic Mickey fan, so my color were red, yellow and black. I allowed accent colors of khaki (for pants only), gray and some blue. When we shopped for clothes for the trip, everyone was limited to that color palette. It helped not only with pictures, but my color blind husband and my fashion careless son could mix and match without worrying about clashing colors.

Our photos this year? So much better. Here's some of my favorite combinations:

Fun picture, and I love how it all works together.

Really bright background, but it all looks good together, doesn't it? Love us some Phineas and Ferb!

Waiting to go in for Tusker House brunch. Love that we all work together even though I have one daughter in athletic clothes, a son wearing a shirt from his college and me wearing the most comfortable tank/dress ever.

What I love about this idea is that it will work for my friend with a toddler and 2 adults to dress, as well as for our family of five who all wear adult sizes. It works for extended family groups. It doesn't require a huge investment of money in order to look good.

Maybe I'm a bit over the top when it comes to thinking about pictures long before we even get to the parks, but I will tell you this… we're starting to plan our next trip and I'm already thinking colors. We may just stick with this scheme because it worked so well. I think oranges and greens and pinks just don't flow as well together. But how about all blue shirts — aqua, royal, navy, baby — with khaki or black shorts? What do you think? Any other suggestions?

  • Nicole

    With our 4 young kids + the extended family bringing our group up to 13 people, we tried to make life easy, my husband made all 13 of us light blue shirts that said “Powers Family Disney Vacation 2012” , I made shirts just for the 6 of us on bright green shirts with a Mickey silhouette, we made sure that the kids all had the same color (even though my 6 year old insisted on wearing his Jack Sparrow costume when we were in Magic Kingdom)and for our travel days we all wore the bright green to make it easy to spot each other in the airports. Even though we were matchy matchy I love the pictures, although I learned light blue polo shirts are NOT a smart idea since many Magic Kingdom Cast Members (and Animal Kingdom too) had the same color shirts as us…next trip definitely will be avoiding that color.

  • SharonS

    I so wish I would have thought of this before we went to Alaska! I brought a bunch of BHS softball shirts because they were long sleeved but had no idea that the printed fronts would be so *jarring* in my photos. Never again!

  • Great advice. After wild and crazy photos from our first trip, I limited our palette to red, black, & gray solid shirts & jeans/shorts. Unfortunately it was a little cold, so my 4 year old wore her bright lavender jacket in every photo. 🙁 So think about your color palette for outerwear as well.

  • Laura

    I usually try and theme my colors not so much to coordinate over the entire trip, but with specific things that we do. So the night we do 1900 Park Fare – pretty pastels that don’t class with Cinderella. Animal Kingdom – floral prints in earth tones. Ohana – Hawaiin print dress. Dinner at Coral Reef – blue lace dress. Hollywood Studios is usually bright, bold reds and blue, while Epcot gets classy grays. If I have a character that I really, really want to meet and know which day it will be on, I might to Disneybound based on that. I’ll usually try and coordinate at least similar tones with my sister so we don’t clash too badly. Luckily, I picked silver sparkly Minnie ears that go with everything! They tend to tie my pictures together pretty well.

  • UnapologeticallyTracey

    I totally thought about this for my last trip! When packing, I knew I’d like my photos best if we both wore bold, bright, mostly solid colors. And I was right! We’re not princess people, so I left the pink at home assuming most of our photos would be full of primary colors. As a scrapbooker, I also (of course) kept the Disney papers and embellishments I had purchased in mind.

  • Laura

    Cute post! We are headed to Disney again soon, but we’re trying the personalized Disney tees this time. I will keep stripes and bold colors in my mind for our following trip 🙂 Thanks!!

  • Audrey

    Go Shockers! 😀 Stumbled across you on Pinterest. I’m planning our first trip to WDW and have been struggling with what to pack for all of us. Thanks for the tips!