When your photos don’t fit the Project Life Templates


This layout was working great in my head until I got to the bottom right photo.  It was vertical, but I didn't have any more vertical spots left on my layout.   Well, technically there was that small one (the black card) but the layout seemed unbalanced when I put it there.  When this happens I usually “fix” it using a collage app:

I am using Big Shot #7 Bonus Pack #5.  As you can see, the bottom right spot is a horizontal 4×6:


I am going to put a “collage” of 2 “photos” in that spot using a collage app.  But I really wanted to use the spotted Project Life 3×4 filler card from the Honey collection.

So first I started a new collage inside Project Life:  4x6C.  Unfortunately if we use Project Life to create the collage, the white border between photos will be missing.  But we can use it to “export” our favorite Project Life cards.  Place the card you want on one side and anything you like on the other side (maybe another card you want to use later?)  Export the collage and save it to your camera roll.


Open a collage app on your device.  I prefer PicFrame for several reasons, but most importantly the ability to export hi-res collages.

Place your photo and cards into the collage.  Position the card collage so that only the card you want is visible.  Place the photo so that it is slightly off center toward the middle*.  Export the collage/save to your camera roll.


In the Project Life App, load the collage as if it were a photo into the 4×6 spot.  When you first add it, you will see the white borders all the way around the photo.


Enlarge the photo until the middle white border matches the thickness of the other white borders on the page.  *This is why your photos needed to be slightly off centered.  Ta Da!  A Project Life Template that fits my photos and the layout in my head!


Credits:  Project Life app, Bonus Template Pack #5, Honey Edition, Pluto title card, red, & black cards by Chelle's Creations


  • Gabrielle McCann

    You are so clever! Love that LO!