a photo countdown to a magical trip

supplies used in graphic are by Cindy Schneider and Meghan Mullens from their kit “Main Street Parade” Fonts are Blackout and DJB Coffeeshop Espresso

One of our favorite things to do to build excitement for a Disney trip is to do a countdown. We usually start at 99 days (our double digit day… trust me, after counting down from 300+ days, it's huge when you get to the double digits).

This past year I mostly used an iPhone app called Big Day  to countdown but as we got closer and closer to our “big day,” I felt the need to do something more.

As a fun activity during the last few days before we left on vacation, we did a countdown photo activity. Every day, we'd try to find something fun to do and take a photo of ourselves doing that activity… while holding up fingers to show the number of days left before our trip.

The girls and I had a lot of fun coming up with new ideas and ways to keep ourselves busy as we counted down the days. Usually, the activities involved something we were doing to prepare for our trip — like new haircuts or shopping — but sometimes it just involved doing something to keep busy so we weren't thinking about our trip. We went to the lake, to the pool, basketball camp… you name it, we did it.

at the pool

a day at the lake

shopping for sunglasses at Target

Equinox packed and ready to go!

The finished product is in a page protector from Project Life and at the front of my Disney album. It's fun to look back and remember how much fun we had coming up with ideas for things to do, and how excited we were knowing this trip we'd planned was so close. Honestly, I don't think we believed we were really taking our dream trip until we were in the rental car on the way to our resort. With children who are getting older and not believing in the magic quite as much, it makes me happy to look back at this time before our trip and know we were making our own magic.

photo countdown project life

Project Life photo countown

Have I sparked your idea for a photo countdown? Please share your ideas with us!