a photo scavenger hunt

supplies used in graphic are by Cindy Schneider and Meghan Mullins from their kit “Meet and Greet” Fonts are Blackout and DJB Coffeeshop Espresso

For my most recent trip, I really wanted to involve my children in capturing the memories. One thing I knew I could do was give my oldest daughter, who is 16, a point and shoot camera that she could use to take photos.

Knowing myself, I figured I'd take a ton of photos between my big camera and my iPhone. I'd take the usual photos and cover a lot of our memories. What I wanted my daughter to do was find her own perspective and her own unique memories.

I actually thought about this a bit and decided that maybe what I should do is give her a photo scavenger hunt she could follow while in the parks. I quickly discovered that I'm not the first to think of this idea and google was definitely my friend while I put her list together. I wanted her to take photos that would show her Disney experience rather than our family's experience. It should be uniquely her. Instead of “find Peter Pan” it was more “take a photo of your favorite _____.” I really loved the list I created.

I used some Project Life cards I had in my digital files, added the list to them using Photoshop Elements, printed on white cardstock and trimmed. If I was really organized, I would have laminated them and put them on a book ring. I wasn't, so I didn't. I just had her slip them into her park bag.

In the end, I probably had way more fun creating the list than she did actually using them. She did take a ton of photos in the parks… until a tropical storm came through and I used the point and shoot as our main camera because it fit in a plastic bag. She never quite got back into using the point and shoot after that. The lists? She didn't refer to them often, but she had read them several times and they might have influenced which pictures she took and which she didn't.

My conclusion is that a photo scavenger hunt could be a really fun thing to do if you've been to the parks several times. If you're a new visitor, you probably want to focus on experiencing the magic and trying new things. If you're an experienced visitor, however, definitely give a photo scavenger hunt a try. You could even make it into a friendly competition by having teams and a time limit.

I think Mickey would approve.




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