To Affinity And Beyond! – CM121

Heather is FINALLY documenting Disney on a device! I was so excited to share the Affinity App with Heather when I learned about it. I knew that it addressed her main roadblocks in getting pages done and it definitely has. Heather is getting a lot of her Disney pages done because of the portability of an app. What does Heather like about the Affinity App? What does she feel is missing? She is sharing those details as well as her process and workflow in this episode.


Steph Clay: Hey everyone! Welcome to “Capturing Magic.” I am Steph Clay, and I am here today with, I don't know why I say here today, because it's the same almost every single time, as always, Heather Winfield, who can be found at Hi Heather.


Heather W.: Hi.


Steph Clay: Then heatherw25 on social media.


Heather W.: Yeah.


Steph Clay: Okay, perfect. We also have Tanya Hickman, who can be found at and tanyah666 on social media. Hi, Tonya.


Tonya Hickman: Hello.


Steph Clay: Okay, today we are talking about or Heather's going to talk about how Heather's been documenting lately, because she's been getting a lot of pages knocked out to have printed in her albums and books and so we're going to hear a little bit about her process, because it's new, right Heather?


Heather W.: Yeah.


Steph Clay: It's a change.


Heather W.: Now I'm nervous.


Steph Clay: It's a change.


Heather W.: Well, it's an addition to my normal scrapbook stuff through Photoshop and everything, but, yeah, I've been using the Affinity app, which is like Photoshop for the iPad. That's the one who texts us all excited about it.


Steph Clay: Yes. They did.


Heather W.: And I'm the one who's using it, but the interesting thing is, I'm pretty sure I mentioned this on the podcast before, I don't really like paying for apps if I don't have to. If there's some other kind of app that I don't need, I won't pay for it, but if it's something I need, like my Twitter app I pay for and everything. This app though, it was $20. I think it's more expensive now, isn't it?


Steph Clay: Yeah. It was $25, but I think the normal price of it is $10 more than that. Or maybe it was $19.99 and it's $10 more than that.


Heather W.: Yeah. I think it was $20 when I –


Steph Clay: Yeah. I think you're right.


Heather W.: I was kind of iffy on getting it since there wasn't even a trial so I said like what if it doesn't work, or what if I don't like it? It's only for the newest iPad and iPad pro. Is that right?


Steph Clay: Yeah.


Heather W.: I had just gotten a new iPad because I had the original iPad for a really long time and it wouldn't even update anymore. I pretty much only used it to go on the web and stuff, and my mail, so it didn't really bother me, but my mom finally convinced me like, get a new one that actually works. I did that, and I'm glad I did so I was able to get this app. I think I found an iTunes gift card that I had from something so I was like, “Oh okay. Now I can get the $20 app.”


I love it because to go even with my laptop you have to have the laptop and go into … It's just so much more of a process of, okay, I'm going to go scrap now. With an iPad I'm sitting there and it's just been so much easier for me to say, “Well I can scrap using my iPad.” That's why I ended up saying, “Okay. I'm going to get this app even though it's $20, which is $20 more than I would normally spend on an app.”


Steph Clay: I knew that that was a lot for you when I recommended it and actually I was a little surprised when you decided to go ahead and do it, but I was happy.


Heather W.: Yeah, I was the guinea pig out of all of us, cause I think out of the three of us, I would be the least likely one that was gonna get it. I think I'm not only, cause I don't think … Tonya did you get?


Steph Clay: Yeah I got it.


Tonya Hickman: I didn't get it.


Heather W.: Okay. I got it, and it's a learning curve like with anything. What I love about it is that I can bring … 'cause I use templates, 99.9999% of the time when I scrap. I can bring in any template that I want from any designer or anything and I can use that. I also, when we've talked about project life and stuff, the big thing from me is being able to control my shadows on the page. With this, you can make shadows with it, but you also, since it layers and it will keep the layers once you even take it out of the app, then I can go and fix the shadows on Photoshop, so I love that and that's the reason I will continue to use it even if I have anything. It's really great to be able to have those two things of controllable layers, I think.


I mentioned on the podcast we just did about with the [Nuss [00:05:05] scrapers marathon, [inaudible [00:05:08] marathon, so I did 11 layouts in three days, which is probably more than I've done in-


Steph Clay: A year.


Heather W.: Probably six months before that, yeah and so I don't think I would have been able to do it if I did everything solely on the computer. I did a couple layouts completely in the app. You bring the template in there, I brought the pictures, I brought papers and elements and everything in there. The only thing I didn't do in the app journaling, which you can do all this stuff but I find it easier to do that on the computer, just so I can get it exactly the way I want 'cause I'm kind of picky with everything, even though I shouldn't to try to be able to finish these things quickly, I should just be like, “Okay, it's done,” but I'm a perfectionist when it comes to these, so I like being able to do that.


Then the shadowing. There is a way to shadow in it and you can even save shadows files but the weird part of it is if you have shadows in Photoshop, no matter what size the element is, it will stay the same, so I actually use … Tanya, when she was a designer, she made shadow styles, so that's still what I use. So a certain one for paper and it doesn't matter if it's a small piece of paper or paper that's almost as big as a page, the shadow will look the same, but in this app, it depends on the size of the element, so it won't keep it the same, so it's really strange. So I just not worry about it, I just do the shadowing, I bring it back into the computer and do it that way.


Other than those two things I can do everything in the app. I can recolor elements, which I've done, which I think is really cool 'cause I think that's a big part of the digital scrapbooking for me. I'm trying to think how many layouts I've done, just completely in the app, probably maybe around five or six and then I have ones, like I said, during this speed scrap marathon, I had times where I would bring in a template and then I would just put the pictures in there, which shouldn't seem like it takes a long time, but for me it still … again, so to be able to just do that when I'm busy sitting there, like watching TV and just have the iPad on and just doing that kind of thing and just having stuff set up to be able to work on later, that was a great thing.


I definitely think that was a big reason why I was able to get so many things done. I've done a couple even since then and I think it's a really great thing. It is a learning curve 'cause when you bring in something, it really makes it … like your picture, it will bring it in really big or you bring in an element and you don't really see it. So, at first it's confusing, like, “Where did it go?” [inaudible [00:08:06] but if you know … there's a Facebook group you had told me about Steph.


Steph Clay: Yes.


Heather W.: I don't know what it's called … App Scrapers Affinity and Beyond … something like that?


Steph Clay: App … which I think is a great name. When they decided to name it that, I was like, “That's perfect for a Disney fan.” App Scrapers Project Life to Affinity.


Heather W.: Yeah.


Steph Clay: So Affinity is, A F F I N I T Y.


Heather W.: Yeah, there's a ton of tutorials there. When I first started, actually it had part of another group, but then it started overtaking it so they made their own separate group.


Steph Clay: Yeah.


Heather W.: So there's lots of video tutorials and that's how I started being able to find things out. That really helped so I recommend doing that 'cause they have tutorials on the app itself and so you can see how to do certain things, but it's not specific for a digital scraper type of thing and it's so easy to look on YouTube for digital scraping tutorials for like Photoshop or whatever other program, but this, right now it's still hard to find anything.


Steph Clay: Yes.


Heather W.: That's why I recommend that group for sure. That's how I was able to find it, like you have to touch on the screen somewhere else but then you can bring it in, so once you know that it's not like, “Oh, it's just randomly there,” 'cause I remember the first time I tried it, I'm like, “I brought something in but I don't know where it went.”


Steph Clay: Yeah, it is a brand new app so there's not a lot out there for it yet, but it's getting there. Definitely joining that group, there's tons of tutorials in there and that will get you running.


I'm a huge believer that there is a method of memory keeping for every person that will fit their life and fit their style and that they will find joy and happiness from doing, it's just figuring out what it is and I think that part of figuring that out is figuring out what's preventing you from getting it done.


I knew I've really been trying to get Heather to do some Project Life but she didn't like Project Life because she loves her drop shadows and she loves to be able to add additional elements and things like that, but like you said, Heather, getting to your computer was difficult and that was a bit of an obstacle. So I knew if I found Heather an app where she could have all of those things and be able to do it on her iPad, I knew that she would have success once again and that's what I wanted for Heather, so when I saw this Affinity, I was like, “Oh my goodness, this is gonna be perfect for her,” and I was so excited.


I've been in there and I've used the app, but for me, that's not why I left digital scrapbooking. It wasn't because of the portability. For me it was the amount of time that it was taking, so me doing the … 'cause it takes the same amount of time really because when you get in there, whether you're in Photoshop or Affinity and you start messing around with stuff, you could go on forever and I love doing that but I don't want my pages to take me an hour anymore. I want to be faster than that, so that's why I moved to Project Life and to my phone, so that I could do things much quicker than what they were before, which the Project Life affords me. Yah, I'm so happy that we found you something.


Heather W.: Yeah, I still have a habit of going between the two, but to have something even just like a starting thing to be able to do it. I kinda feel like if I ever get to the Paris trip, I would just take-


Tonya Hickman: If? If I ever get to it?


Heather W.: Well, I really want to finish this cruise album and it's gonna take me a while, but I've gotten … like I had … I want to say I had like five or so done up to July and now I have 18, so I'm getting along faster but I'd like to finish that. I said that on another podcast, that and run Disney thing that I keep going back to, that's what I'm working on. So maybe once if I get a cruise one done or close to it, then I can go and do the Paris one, but I feel like I would take one set of templates, like a project like type of a template. I use that a lot 'cause I do love doing that and that does always take me faster than the layering, so I still do both and using that app, it actually makes the Pocket Scraping, that's even easier than doing a layered look, I think.


So, I still do both of them, but if I had that I would use a pocket style one, like just one or two sets of it and just do it that way. I feel like that, I would get done faster and try not to make everything perfect and have a lot of elements and stuff on there. Still with this cruise thing, I still have a whole bunch of stuff.


I moved the kits and such I want to use, so I have it one folder on my computer and then when I use the app, you can use Dropbox … I don't have an unlimited Dropbox so that would make it way easier. I mostly use Project Mouse but I have a couple of other kits and such I use but I put a bunch in there and then they have a cruise one and I have another cruise kit that I use, those are my main ones and then a couple other Project Mouse ones.


I bring it in easy but then if I needed something else, I go on the computer and move it over to Dropbox or whatever. That's how I'm able to bring all the elements and such into the app and then when you save it you export it and you can export it to Dropbox, so that's how I use it. You also can do it from your iPad album thing, but then you have to have everything on there but I do that a lot with the pictures but it's also with the whole, when things are transparent sometimes it doesn't really bring that over, it crackly, so I just keep bringing it in from Dropbox.


They have a couple of other Cloud-type things you can use but I use Dropbox, so that's what I stick with. That's the easy way to bring it in and then take it out and … it's also an actual program like on the computer before they got this app so there might be some people who are actually already familiar with it from using it 'cause it's like a Photoshop.


Steph Clay: Yes, it's very much like Photoshop with its capabilities.


Heather W.: Yeah, like I said, once I figured out how to recolor things and I figured that out by myself, it wasn't from a tutorial. I was like, “Woo, it's even better.” You can edit your pictures in there since I still like doing things the way I know how to do it, I still edit the picture in the Photoshop app or if it was already done on the computer and bring it in but you can usually do in this app also.


Steph Clay: Yeah. Can you edit them after you've added them to the page.


Heather W.: Yeah, 'cause it keeps everything in a layer so you can still just do something on that layer and just edit the picture and everything like that and it's also then the nice thing since it keeps everything in the layer, when you export it … I export it to Dropbox but wherever, then once I'm able to bring it and to Photoshop and if I wanted to still edit anything more, I could or I can move things around afterwards. I know that's the exact opposite of what you want 'cause you want it and then it's done and then I'm done but again, I try not to do that but it still happens, I'll move things around.


Something like the pocket style type of thing did take me quicker on the app 'cause I think it was the first one I did with the layout I did-


Steph Clay: Yeah, 'cause you had a template.


Heather W.: Yeah and I'd be like, “Okay, I'm doing this now,” and timing it and it was a pretty … I feel like it would be about the same time but since that wasn't still me learning it was [crosstalk [00:16:45]


Steph Clay: Yeah, I was gonna say, you gotta-


Heather W.: Yeah, so I feel like that kind of layout I would still do faster than I would on the computer.


Steph Clay: Yeah, whatever is helping you get it done, that's what matters. It's okay that you would prefer doing this and I would prefer doing the Project Life app, that's totally okay, as long as you're getting it done, which I'm really happy to see you're getting it done again because you're really good at it and you create beautiful pages. I love to look at your pages.


Heather W.: Thank you.


Steph Clay: I'm really happy that you're getting your memories recorded.


Heather W.: Yeah, I feel like I have … it's [inaudible [00:17:23] but I feel like I want to be able to … like when I'm on the plane and scrap or if I'm not in the park and I'm away, I'll be able to scrap because I have it there in my hand, the iPad instead of big, heavy laptop.


Steph Clay: Yes.


Heather W.: So I can get stuff done even more like that, so hopefully-


Steph Clay: Especially since you can't sleep on the plane.


Heather W.: Right.


Steph Clay: Which I wish that was a thing for me. I'm like narcoleptic, once they start the engine, I'm out.


Heather W.: Yeah, I mean even if … 'cause most of the time normally I'll take the earliest flight and so then I don't sleep before I'm going out and I still can't sleep on the plane. Even when I'm flying to California, which is a long flight, I still can't sleep.


Tonya Hickman: I can't sleep sitting up. That's my problem, I can't sleep sitting up at all.


Steph Clay: I can't sleep comfortably sitting up but I still have that narcolepsy issue when they start their engines. Where can people see your pages, what's the best place, is it Flicker?


Heather W.: I have a gallery on my site. Well my character page, I always put the layouts if I worked on a character layout, so that's always at the bottom of each character page. The link for my gallery on my site is kinda a long thing 'cause I have on my, I have a link to my gallery but I used to have other kinds of pictures in there, so it's like you have to go to the gallery, and then go to other, and then go to scrapbook, then go to digital scrapbook, and then Disney. If I came up with a quick URL thing, it could probably make it easier but I didn't expect when I had started that … my site actually started in the '90s so I didn't expect … it took me 10 years later when I started digital scrapbooking so that wasn't in the plan.


I have some on Flicker. Well, all my Disney ones are on MouseScrappers.


Steph Clay: Okay.


Heather W.: So on snowdrop on MouseScrappers.


Steph Clay: Maybe you could send me a link?


Heather W.: Yeah, I'll send you a link to that.


Steph Clay: Share notes?


Heather W.: And I'll send you a link too for the gallery on my site also. Also, if you went to, like I said, on my character site, if you clicked on a layout on any of those pages, once you did that, you can get to the gallery 'cause then on the top it says, “Disney” whatever, and then you can click on that and it's all there. I have everything by trip 'cause on MouseScrappers or wherever else, everything is in there together but on my gallery I keep it separated by trip, so I have all my cruise layouts together and that kind of thing, so it depends on how you want to look at it, I guess. I keep them also on Pinterest, so I always pin my layouts. I'm heatherw25 on Pinterest, so whatever way-


Steph Clay: Whichever method you like.


Tonya Hickman: Literally, just Google heatherw25, you'll find them.


Steph Clay: I was gonna say that. That's the truth. Yeah, also on Capturing Magic, there's a link to our Flicker group, which the name of the Flicker group is documentdisney and so you can also click that link and Heather puts all of her pages in there too.


Heather W.: Yeah, I put them there, I put them up there on Pinterest, I put them on our group on Pinterest.


Steph Clay: You're so good.


Heather W.: Whatever. Sometimes I'll look at a group that's like … for not just me but so many in a row are mine 'cause I'll always go and it's just like a thing that when I upload layouts to places I do that and then I copy it over to this place, you know? I just do it all at once.


Steph Clay: Yeah, you've got a lot of pages in our group and anyone can contribute to that group as well. If you are on Flicker and want to contribute your pages to our group, go ahead and do that. That have to be preauthorized before, I have to go in and authorize them and I used to not be that great. See, here's one from Heather right here.


Heather W.: Update.


Steph Clay: I used to not be as good but I am getting better and then also those pages now feed onto a gallery on our homepage at Capturing Magic as well.


Heather W.: Is that the Peter Pan one?


Steph Clay: Yes.


Heather W.: That one was completely done in the app, other than my journaling.


Steph Clay: So cute.


Heather W.: Yeah.


Steph Clay: Is that a British designs [crosstalk [00:22:12]


Heather W.: Yeah, that's a-


Steph Clay: So cute.


Heather W.: Some of it is, I think is Never Grow Up that was like before Pocket Scraping.


Steph Clay: Before Project Mouse, yes.


Heather W.: But then some of it is from Project Mouse, it's from Fantasy, I guess, or just random little pieces too. I do that a lot, which also is another reason why it takes me a long time to scrap. if I start pulling things from random kits. Like I know I have the perfect flower that goes here, whatever.


Steph Clay: Yeah. I know, I get it. I don't have as many supplies as I used to have 'cause I lost one of my hard drive and so I lost about a terabyte worth of supplies.


Tonya Hickman: Oh God, that is horrifying.


Steph Clay: I know.


Heather W.: Yeah.


Steph Clay: I know. I'm just glad I didn't lose any photos.


Heather W.: Yeah.


Steph Clay: I don't know if I've talked about it here. I lost … so I had all of my, everything, back up to two external hard drives and then my laptop as well and I lost all three of those within a couple months of each other. I was being diligent about making sure that my photos were in multiple locations as the drives died but I didn't do that with my supplies, but I'm just happy about the photos. The supplies, I can go buy those again, a lot of them I got for free, I probably will never replace a lot of them, sadly, but as I need stuff, I go buy stuff.


Tonya Hickman: Keeps the digital community going, right?


Heather W.: Yeah, I used to be really good at having that stuff organized and then the longer the more you get and then I would forget.


Tonya Hickman: Oh my gosh.


Heather W.: So yeah, that's why I think another reason why I love with Project Mouse I just have everything, the different themes and stuff, it's pretty much everything what I need until the next one comes out and I need that too. That's why a lot of my stuff just keeps pulling that even though I have so many other kits. I don't have it on my laptop.


Tonya Hickman: [crosstalk [00:24:11] I need to purge. I need to purge soon. I actually just stumbled across a folder a couple days ago that probably has 1000 zip files in it that I never opened.


Steph Clay: What?


Tonya Hickman: 1000.


Steph Clay: Really?


Tonya Hickman: Yeah, that it just kept building up.


Steph Clay: Oh my goodness.


Tonya Hickman: I'll throw them in here and I'll throw [inaudible [00:24:30]


Steph Clay: Yeah.


Heather W.: Yeah.


Tonya Hickman: Yeah, and I didn't even know it was there.


Steph Clay: Yeah. We oughta mention where people can find these designs that we're talking about. Project Mouse, if you're not familiar with it, it can be found at and then at That's your URL … I can talk?


Heather W.: Yeah.


Steph Clay: She has lots of Disney themed stuff there too, outside of the Pocket.


Heather W.: Brit is pretty much the reason why I started digital scraping because going back to the way that Project Life is, I know I talk about wanting the shadows. The reason why I didn't start it at first was 'cause most of the layouts I saw didn't have shadows and I'm like, “I don't like that. I like it to look real,” 'cause I was a traditional scraper for a long time. I still have so much regular scraping stuff everything, it's awful, but once I found her stuff and her layouts and she used to have challenges at one of the Disney sites, that when I was like, “Oh, I can make my things look like that.” That's how I started. I went in all her kits and then bought them all.


Steph Clay: Yeah.


Heather W.: I own everything she has.


Steph Clay: Yeah and Project Mouse is Disney themed pocket style scraping cars.


Heather W.: Yeah, and it's with her and Krista-


Steph Clay: Sahlin.


Heather W.: Sahlin Studios. Yeah, I knew I would pronounce it wrong, but yeah, S A H L I N.


Steph Clay: Uh-huh.


Heather W.: So they do that and it's always so exciting when they have a new … I'm like, “Yah, new kit.”


Steph Clay: Yes.


Tonya Hickman: Yeah.


Heather W.: I begged them for, what, a year, two years … I don't know how long to have a Run Disney one.


Steph Clay: Yes.


Heather W.: So they finally did and she asked me 'cause they don't run so I gave them like, “Do you have any suggestions?” and of course I gave them five pages of suggestions type of thing. It's funny 'cause I sent them a lot of pictures and stuff too and they kinda based it off some of the pictures so the colors match perfectly.


Steph Clay: Oh yah.


Heather W.: So yeah, it's really good. I love their stuff and it's easy again, if you're doing Pocket Scraping. It's one of the reasons why I probably do more of it, is because it's just so easy to be like, “Okay, I can use the cards,” and by the time this comes out, it'll probably be out, but they have a new one coming out soon too.


Steph Clay: Mm-hmm (affirmative). I know in just a couple days. I'm really excited about that one too. It's fun. It's so fun and Disney is my very, very, very, favorite thing in the world to document. I love documenting travel but above that even is Disney, it's just the best.


Heather W.: That's why I think I'm so particular about having my pages come out the way I want because it's like … there's like three times. You go on the trip, you take your pictures and then you scrap it, so you're reliving it when you're scraping it. Like, “Oh I remember this,” when you journal and everything and then when you can go back and look at it, you're reliving it again. So that's why I love doing it 'cause it always makes me happy. I randomly look through old layouts.


Steph Clay: It's the truth.


Heather W.: Yeah.


Steph Clay: It's the truth.


Tonya Hickman: I've been-


Steph Clay: Go ahead, Tonya.


Tonya Hickman: Sorry. I was gonna say, I've been … because when we were in Paris, when we would watch the shows, Heather would take all the photos and I would take all the videos, so I've been editing videos of those shows lately and taking all my snippets and putting them all together into longer videos and whatnot and I have those songs stuck in my head again and they just make me happy. You know, just going back, even like you said, taking the photos, scarping the photos and then looking at the photos. Just taking the photos and then coming home and organizing those photos is like living it all over again and those videos and it's fun.


I have all those videos, getting them all up on YouTube and then I'll be watching YouTube, just random YouTube videos on TV and I will go through, I'll be like, “Play Princess Starlet Waltz” so I can hear the music again. I love doing that.


Steph Clay: Yes. On Modern Photo Solutions I was gonna mention that I have a podcast over there, an episode about five research based reasons that it's good to document your memories and one of them is that revisiting happy times helps us to feel happier in that moment and so that's definitely I think what Disney does for me and I think you guys are saying that as well. That when you create the pages, you're feeling happy, it makes you happy and then you get them printed and keep them in a book and you can look at those anytime and it's awesome.


I have all of my newest photo books have the QR codes in there and I went through all of my Disney books the other day and scanned the QR code and instantly it pulls up the firework show from Halloween, HalloWishes.


Tonya Hickman: Yeah.


Heather W.: Yeah, I've been putting a lot of … if I have something, a video, I'm putting the QR codes in it 'cause it's so much fun.


Steph Clay: It is.


Heather W.: I love that.


Steph Clay: It is. I want QR codes on all the pages.


Heather W.: Like I should take more video just so I can use more QR codes-


Steph Clay: I know.


Heather W.: Like when I was on the cruise, when you come on the ship and they announce your name … I'm so emotional thinking about it now and I feel [inaudible [00:30:17]. So I had a couple pictures but I took the video of that and so when I scraped that … I think it was one of the first things I scrapped from the trip and I made sure I put the QR code for that. They had fireworks, I did stuff from that and they have these animated pictures on this ship and a couple of other things, so I have some videos and everything I have I'm like, “I want to scrap that just so I can make my QR code and stick that on there.” It's just so much fun.


Steph Clay: Yes, so there the best. I love them. It just adds that whole extra, like you said, that whole extra dimension, I guess, of sights and sounds and everything that you can't have with just the photo. It's the best.


Okay, thanks, Heather. Do you have anything else to share?


Heather W.: I don't think so.


Steph Clay: I'm excited.


Heather W.: Yeah.


Steph Clay: I'm really excited that you're getting it done again.


Heather W.: Yeah, it's fun and especially it's just something new and it seems like they updated a lot and hopefully there will be even more things that come in handy as a scraper, like finding out how to bring a couple pictures in at once, the net helps one of those issues.


Steph Clay: Yes.


Heather W.: So hopefully as different things come out, it'll be even easier.


Steph Clay: Yeah, I think so too and I'm confident that and this is kind of what my philosophy has been. So Photoshop released … I guess we'll go into this for a minute. Photoshop released big, heavy-duty apps when they first came out with apps but were just a little bit watered down versions of their desktop but I think people had a lot of problems with them because of the memory on the phones, it wasn't really equipped to handle those and people got frustrated with it because they didn't know how to use Photoshop and so they couldn't use the apps.


So then, Adobe abandoned all of those apps and came down with even more watered down versions that only have a of couple of functions, which is what mainstream people want, but I was excited to see this app and I think we're going to be moving more in that direction, where bigger companies are going to have full-functioning apps of their software versions, app versions of their software and I think it's exciting.


The problem is, like Heather said, you have to have a newer iPad or the iPad Pro to use it or it'll just crash and I don't even know if you have the option to buy it on older iPads in the App store just because of how it's meant to work. I think we're going to see more and more of that. It is expensive for an app, however, it's a lot less expensive than Photoshop is.


Tonya Hickman: Yeah.


Heather W.: Yeah, 'cause I … the longest time I had a really old version of Photoshop 'cause I didn't want to get the-


Steph Clay: Subscription.


Heather W.: Subscription thing but I ended up, I had to 'cause it was just it would crash anytime I brought in phone pictures and it was just not using things. So I finally had to, about a year or so ago, get Photoshop and I got Lightroom and I use it a lot but I hate the whole subscription thing.


Tonya Hickman: Yeah, I'm not a fan of it either.


Steph Clay: I'm not either but yet they have to be profitable and the only way, especially for apps, the only way to be profitable is to either charge a bunch up front, do a subscription, or in-app purchases. I don't know of many apps that are inexpensive or free and don't have any, either in-app purchases or subscriptions within the app that continue on for longterm. They just gotta have a way to pay for development.


Tonya Hickman: Yeah.


Heather W.: I use both their apps too. I use, on my phone, the Lightroom and Photoshop, even though, like you said, it's more watered down, but it's so when I just need to edit lighting wise or when I have to edit out hair strands that are flying all over the place. I'm able to use those apps, which is really nice versus a couple years ago there was-


Steph Clay: Nothing.


Heather W.: Not really, yeah.


Steph Clay: Yeah, it's just gonna get more and more … I think we're just gonna have more and more options. I have in mind that I would love to see created and I think it would turn documenting, storytelling, memory keeping on its ear if someone were to create it and I think we'll get there. Someday that app will come out, which I'll be excited about and I'll tell everyone, “This is the app I've been waiting for.”


Tonya Hickman: Yeah.


Steph Clay: Okay, Tonya, remind everyone where they can find you.


Tonya Hickman: You can find me at and tanyah666 on all social media.


Steph Clay: Heather?


Heather W.: My character site is and I'm at 275 characters right now.


Steph Clay: Wow.


Heather W.: Yeah, see if I can get to 300. There's always that hard thing of once you get so many, it's harder to get a new one.


Steph Clay: Yes.


Heather W.: So yeah. Then my social media, I'm heatherw25 and my Facebook characters page is ilovecharacters.


Steph Clay: Perfect. You can also find me at and modernphotosolutions on social media. Thank you so much for being here with us and letting us share part of your day with you. If you have a moment or if you would mind taking a moment to go leave us a review in iTunes, we would really appreciate that. Come connect with us on social media, we'd love to hear from you. Tell us how you are documenting your Disney vacation. We would love to hear about that and that's all I think. Yeah.


Come connect with us, we love to hear from our listeners and if you have an idea that you would like to talk about on the show, let me know that too. You can send me an email, you can go to and click on contact and send me a message through there or on this show notes or social media. We will see you next time on “Capturing Magic”.